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ZEISS Lens Wipes - Pack of 200 $13.89 + Delivery ($0 with Prime over $49) @ Amazon UK via AU


Haven't seen them this cheap!

Excellent wipes both for glasses and camera lens cleaning.

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  • Free shipping over $49 with Prime international.

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    Ist ZEISS ist gut?

  • $12 for international postage for me

  • hope they're as good or better than these (https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/81152/clearwipe-lens...) which are pretty expensive.

    my glasses get dirty pretty easily, so been waiting for a decent deal. Thanks OP!

    • Have tried both and I prefer clearwipes. If these don't work for you maybe try isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre lens cloth. I would also recommend next time you get glasses, you can get a coating on the that prevents dust and crap sticking. It's the same as the antireflective coating (green tint) but has a hydrophobic component that helps. I know specsavers do it, but it's still very new. I find i use to clean my glass twice a day, but with the coating and my new glasses, once every 2 days now

    • I've used both over a few years, and the Chemist Warehouse ones tend to be too dry and leave smears on my glasses, so I often need to open a second packet to properly clean them.

      After switching to the Zeiss ones I've had no issues, so I'd highly recommend then.

      Edit: I clean mine at the end of each day. If you clean yours more frequently then the difference might not be as noticeable.

      • I do agree with what you are saying, somewhat. I had a box of clearwipes that were a little dry last year. More recently they have been very wet. We have had some complaints about this, but your pharmacy will refund you if faulty or contact kobayashi (owners) and they will pretty much send you a replacement or a cheque.

    • In my experience, yes, these are much better than Clearwipes.

      Less streaking, gets my glasses cleaner quicker and easier. Cheaper. Win.

  • lens wipes $5

    "ZEISS LENS" wipes $14

    • At least I can sleep better at night knowing the same company responsible for half my lenses is also making the little cloth to clean them.

    • These are good quality lens wipes though.

      As someone who've used this exact wipes for ~8 years, there's obvious difference to no name wet wipes.

      I bought their 600 pk box, still got enough to be a bit spoil with it.

  • Just an FYI, these are the exact ones used by the Apple Maps team for cleaning the camera lenses on their street mapping cars. (at least in Aus anyway)

  • These are great!
    I don't want or need $50 of UK Amazon stuff though. $6/50 at woolies currently fyi

  • Bought 4. Thank you.

  • Nah. Delivery charge kills it. Chemist Warehouse here I come instead.

  • I clean my kids glasses with soap and water every other day. Mine once in two weeks. They have a coating which minimises dust.

  • New product which works wonders for cleaning your glasses check it out https://bambooeyes.com.au/

    • Thank you for that notification. I have just purchased all of your inventory. I hope it works!

  • I recommend my patients steer clear of Clearwipes. Anecdotally they tend to destroy lenses. Look at the conditions on the pack - it says "do not use on scratched lenses".

    Nothing beats soap and water, and organise a gentle alcohol based wipe every now and again. Using harsh cleaners on any kind of plastic/resin, no matter what coating, will eventually scratch/scuff/damage the lens.

    Disclaimer - independent Optometrist with 25 years experience

    • Thanks!
      More insightful comment than the one that its used by the Apple Maps team!!


    • Just for clarity, are you recommending we steer clear of the Clearwipes or alcohol based wipes in general? I'm using the spray ones with a cleaning cloth so if that's considered 'harsh' for the lenses as well I'll take that into consideration.

      • I've seen otherwise "unexplainable" damage to multiple patients' lenses and the only common link I've found is Clearwipes. Especially polycarbonate lenses.

        I recommend nothing harsher than soapy water for regular cleaning, and I'd recommend save the alcohol wipes for now and then.

        • Thanks for the advice!

        • For polycarbonate plastic lenses this makes sense - isopropyl alcohol has the potential to interact with plastics and become cloudy, and in severe cases, make them brittle.

          Most people should be fine when using these wipes for glass (e.g. many camera lenses, telescopes, binoculars etc.) but should avoid them for plastic lenses (some glasses, VR headsets etc). That being said, the isopropyl content is quite dilute, so the occasional wipe shouldn't be an issue.

          In other words, yes it's possible that these are used to safely clean the lenses of Apple cameras but cause damage to eyewear!

          • @akaakmdm: I think the issue is more that any dirt particles already stuck to the lens can cause scratches when rubbed with a wipe. Better to clean glasses under a water stream rubbing very gently with soap, and then dabbing dry with paper towel. I also find the results are better with the soapy water method, as a final microfibre cloth polish is usually required after the Zeiss wipes to remove streaks.

            For camera lenses however cleaning with soapy water is less of an option.

    • Yeah but the hubble telespcope gets cleaned with them

    • I have used this wipe for my camera lenses and eyeglasses for 8 years.
      This particular brand is quite good. Yes, you'll need to be gentle when wiping.
      The good thing is this wipe chemical can clean glass very easily.

      It would be great to clean my eyeglass using soap and water.
      Drawbacks are:
      - Often my lenses get dirty while outside. Therefore, I always keep these wipes in my bag and car
      - The microfibre cloth gets dirty easily. I think you can only use it only for ~6-8 times.
      After that, often it smears, so you tend to wipe it even harder and cause micro scratches.

      Even if alcohol can destroy lens, this process takes sometimes at least in my case.
      Most of our health insurance covers new eyeglasses annually anyway.

  • I bought these a while back and to be honest, I don't rate them. They tend to leave droplet marks on anything that you clean, requiring another wipe over with a microfiber cloth.

    • Where can I buy a pack of 200 tiny microfibre cloths for camera lenses? I hate using the same cloth twice, I always imaging little grains of crud or whatever scraping against the lens.

      • I've been buying packs of small MF cloths from aliexpress and ebay for peanuts. They last a long time, as you're no longer wiping 'gunk' off the lenses, just excess alcohol - so they don't become useless so quickly.

    • Thanks for the tip. This thread has had some really good feedback and steered me away from buying these as I was wondering what would be good both for glasses which always seem to need cleaning, and my DSLR lens.

  • This brand and product has been around for a while, very good at what they do. I'd have no hesitation buying if it weren't for the $49 spend requirement for free shipping.

  • Anyone got a LPT for glasses so they don’t fog up when wearing a mask? Tried the soap, tried the shaving cream… got some rainx stuff I’m going to try next (waiting for it to come back in stock at SCA)

    • Try scuba mask or motorcycle visor products.

    • My workshop goggles use to fog up like crazy and I thought it's my eyes been extra airy or something. I've tried multiple home made solutions but they are all useless, and I haven't got already to try commercial anti-fog solutions.

      Here's what I've learn so far, I'm happy if anyone can chime in further info/tips!

      • My eyes are not extra airy! It's very much caused by the warm air pushed out of nose, exit from above mask/respirator and went under my glasses/goggles. Thus there's 2 point of failures
      • With mask, try to shape the metal bit as tightly to your nose as possible, test out the mask so that you can feel the air exist anywhere but to above.
      • With respirator, find a right fit and really tighten that elastic band. Be ready to replace the elastic band often as everyday respirators rare gear with quality ones. I now have a sundstrom and I can finally stop mocking around with this.
      • With glasses, I pre-fog it to warm up it up, so that when I have it on there's lesser of a temperature change. Depends on how much warmer air goes under your glasses, you may still need to wipe it down every now and then.
      • With goggles, just use https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-concealer-safety-goggles_... . It's highly regarded for its safety and sealing features.
      • It’s an easy fix. Get some toilet paper and roll it in to a line about 5mm-1cm thick. And place it over your nose then put the mask on. Now the misty water air that comes upwards will stop.

        I did this the other week. Worked a charm.

    • Just put a tissue at the top of the mask. Works a treat. The chemical solutions and wipes for fog are crap. Go to the video below and around 1 min mark and you will see how to do the trick.


  • under $49 prime, still need to pay shipping :(

  • Get corrective laser vision instead of continuously buying glasses and items to clean said glasses.

  • Great deal but I find these attract the fluff to my lenses and they leave smeer lines when they dry. It's okay when you're inside but if you spend a good amount of time outside (like I do) I find it makes the lenses extra glary.

  • A tiny bit of liquid hand wash and water is what i use for cleaning glasses.
    And then a lens blower to get rid of the excess water off instead of wiping the lens.
    I have some spec saver lenses with hydrophobic coating, but it is pretty rubbish compared to my Maui Jim sunnies which the water beads right off.

    • Thanks, that's the first time I heard of a lens blower. When you use it to blow the water off the lenses, does the water still leave steaks or mineral deposit stains? Whenever I tried blowing water off my glasses with my mouth, then the water left streaks, so it still had to wipe them dry.

  • Dish washing liquid and water. Most hydrophobic coatings will remove dirt and grease using just that. But if you don’t coat your lenses. These wipes are a ripoff.

  • I ordered these on the 26th and still haven't received shipping confirmation. Just a heads up.

  • I just use warm soapy water, the same kind we should be using to wash our hands with.

    Kills off corona, and keeps your glasses clean.

  • 4 boxes come to $76 so if people want it for free shipping buy 3 boxes instead. Also from my experience Amazon usually sells inferior zeiss lens wipes. I'll probably buy some as the Kobayashi clear lens wipes are rubbish for my glasses here.

  • I bought a 400 pack from Amazon AU for $30 some time back w/ free prime delivery. . this is a good price tho.
    Zeiss lens wipes are the schiznit. They are very very good. The best I've ever used (hence the 400 pack).