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Mechpro Blue Trolley Jack 2000kg $79 @ Repco


I purchased one of these for $125 during Repco's mid-year sale and am very impressed with it considering its:

  • it's small enough to not take up too much room in the garage
  • it has an integrated handle/jacking lever
  • it has a decent weight and feels premium.

30 minute click & collect at Repco.

2000kg Working Load Limit
130-465mm Lifting Range
Height lowered : 130mm
Height raised : 465mm
1 year Warranty
Gross Weight : 28.9kg

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  • I love that they have this description:
    "130-465mm Lifting Range"

    Followed by this:

    "Height lowered : 130mm"
    "Height raised : 465mm"

    And no, I don't know how to do quotes on here!

  • only if it were a low profile…

  • I like the general quality of Mechpro Blue, but how does this jack compare to others on the market? What's a good brand for trolley jacks?

    My old cheapo 1800kg one shat itself, not keen to experience that again.

  • Does anyone know where is it made? I tried to find something online but no information

  • This or the ProLift brand is better?

  • Looking to start doing my oil changes at home. I drive Accord Euro and she drives VW Polo.

    As per Accord Euro specs, its kerb weight is around 1600 Kgs, so should I be getting a trolley jack around 1800-2000 Kgs mark?
    Secondly, I want to get car stands as well, but I am not sure appropriate weight?

    In addition, does one require a creeper to go underneath or is there another way ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • As long as the jack can support weights heavier than the weight of your car, it will be fine.

      Most jack stands should also do the job as they are individually load-rated, and typically you would only be lifting/supporting one corner of a car to perform an oil change.

      Whilst a garage creeper is a nice to have, it's not necessary, especially since you'll just removing the sump plug and oil filter via the front of the car.

    • Maybe also a nice big sheet of cardboard like you make from boxes at back of Harvey Norman etc. to put on the ground, (electrical retailers are also handy for washing machine hoses if they have old ones out the back. Just ask first if you can). Roll of toilet paper is handy for cleaning. Degreaser to clean up under sump etc. Filter removal is likely to be your biggest problem. YouTube is good to check out for this sort of stuff. Filters may vary between countries. Hope that is helpful.

    • this jack would be good for the accord euro, join the AusEuro group on facebook for advice/help on the car! Im one of the admins there
      creeper isnt neccesary just crawl underneath, make sure you use jack stands

  • Do you know this one can be used for RAV4 2012? Thanks

    • Should be fine. The 3.5L version (assume it's the heaviest) comes in at 1655kg and has 200mm of clearance well within specs of the Jack.

  • For who ever owns this jack - do you find the cup depth a good or bad thing? looks really deep and put me off buying last time.