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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL16 Black $112.43 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Prices keep dropping on memory, good price for what should be an excellent overclocker (Micron Rev E).

Red has been a couple of bucks cheaper before from the UK.

3200MHz is about $8 less, the popular Corsair 3600MHz C18 is currently about $10 less.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Which Ballistix kits are known to have the Rev E chips? All of the 3200 and 3600 MHz CL16 kits?

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      Yes, and the 3000MHz, there's very little information on the lower speeds, most likely because their prices make no sense.

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    PSA: I ordered these from Amazon US during the last deal, and they never shipped. In fact, I had completely forgotten that I had bought them!

    Just cancelled and re-ordered so hopefully they'll ship this time.

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    Why choose these sticks over the Vengeance 3600Mhz, that are currently $99.87?


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      CAS Latency - C16 vs C18 on the Vengence. I'm no expert, but apparently makes it more stable for overclocking.

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      Faster timings on these, C16 vs C18 on those.

    • True, didn't notice. Cheers

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    Dang, these are technically not QVL supported for ASUS TUF x570 motherboard :(
    I'd totally buy 2 kits of these

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      QVL is just marketing, never looked at it ever for any motherboard and never had ram issues.

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        I've personally had issues myself hence why I actually take it a little more seriously now.
        Most of the time it'll work no problem, but it would still be a lottery at the end of the day.

        I decided to buy it anyway, but sell or return if it doesn't work, or use for a different build.

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        Most of the time it's not actually "because it wasn't on the QVL list". But because the CPU simply cannot keep up with the RAM. 3600MHz is hit or miss even on Ryzen 3000's IMC, while it's mostly hit you can definitely get a few misses.

        • My new Ballistix wouldn't boot on my 3900X but I dropped the XMP profile from 3600 to 3533 and it was fine.

          • @kamykazi: I'm doubtful that your system is stable. You might get black screens and freezes every now and then.

            • @Void: Thanks, i'll keep an eye out but not a single issue so far after 2 weeks.

          • @kamykazi: I have experienced exactly this! Considering returning this but the effort is almost not worth it - just a bit of frustration…. running Ryzen 3600 with AsRock B450m Pro4.

    • Crucial's website says that they won't work with the TUF Gaming x570-PLUS

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        I wouldn’t take much notice of that, it says this kit is incompatible with my motherboard as well (MSI B450M Pro-VDH MAX) yet the 32GB kit of the exact same RAM is compatible. Go figure?

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      These are all Micron E dies

      They run stock at 2666MT/s and XMP all the way up to 4400MT/s with overclocks getting close to 5000MT/s
      They are better then B dies - from my experience with both.

      They are also ROCK Solid on AMD Systems…

      MSI B450 Mortar Titanium Ryzen 3700X can run 4x 16GB sticks at 3600MT/s no issues. 64GB's at 3600MT/s is not easy on the CPU memory controller .. Other brands would fail

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    Great find, awesome price considering its CL16!

    • yes CL is often overlooked, doesn't make vast difference but if the price is right, why not tak advantage.

  • This is an amazing price. I paid $152 for this in June, 2 months ago! I have it paired with a 3900x and have tightened up the timings a bit. Very good and stable kit.

  • Slowly stockpiling parts to build myself a Rig as things go on sale. Couldn't pass this up. Thanks OP!

  • Are these much different than ballistix elite 3600mhz? i currently have 16GB of that; might get this and upgrade to 32GB

  • Price jumped up again :(

    • Clicking the link defaults to the AU store. Amazon US still has this price. Make sure you look at the different sellers and choose Amazon US. The delivery window has blown out a bit since I bought yesterday but this price is still available.

      • Defaults to AU store at $149. The 3200mhz is still $103.97 at the US store though. Other sellers just gives me the UK and US store, I think US ran out of stock

        • When I posted my comment this morning I could still see the US price for the 3600 @ $112.43 but you're right, it's gone now.

    • Red is now cheaper than black fyi