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Kingston 500GB A2000 M.2 2280 NVMe $84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I have this in my Amazon shopping list and just noticed the price drop. Cheapest ever delivered? Shopping Express have had it for $79 plus delivery.

The 1TB hasn't dropped yet.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Argghh, must… resist… the urge… to buy… more NVMe drives!!

    Seriously, they've all become so cheap lately, I think I have NVMe drives coming out my ears!

  • noob question , is this good for the recent L380 laptop deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/557708 ? to upgrade from 256 gb

  • Nice, will wait for Samsung Evos to drop in price

  • Hi guys, I have xiaomi air 13 which has one nvme slot I believe and I SATA ssd. Now only want to replace a nvme SSD with bigger one. But problem is have windows installed on it. So it needs some kind of process to copy it all to new one. Has anyone done similar replacement like I mentioned? Is it easy ?

    • The easiest method (requires extra hardware):
      1. Buy a cheap USB to NVME adaptor to mount your new NVME drive.
      2. Use a free HDD mirroring program to copy your boot drive data across to the new drive.
      3. Remove the old boot drive drive and replace with the new one.
      If done correctly, the PC won't even notice the change.

      Alternative, with extra steps (doesn't require extra hardware):
      1. Backup all your data off the SATA SSD and wipe it.
      2. Use a free HDD mirroring program to copy your boot drive data across to the SATA drive.
      2. Remove the NVME drive, which will force the laptop to boot from the SATA drive.
      3. Once that's confirmed working, plug the new NVME drive into the old slot
      4. Use the drive mirror software to replicate the data onto your new NVME drive.
      5. Remove the SATA drive, which will force the laptoop to boot from the new drive.
      6. Once that's confirmed working, plug the old SATA drive back in again, erase the boot data, and restore the backup.

  • Could be some handy extra storage for the PS5 until PCIE4 drives drop in price

    • I was just thinking today, Sony is really being stingy with the 800GB drive in the PS5.
      They should have bumped it up to a flat 1TB. And it sounds like they're going to be greedy with the launch price too, smh.

      Heck if the problem is finances, well, they should just announce the PS5 is cancelled.
      And then do a re-release of it alongside the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. We already know the developers aren't in any hurry, and won't abandon the PlayStation platform. The PS4/Pro platform is so strong at the moment that they could survive another year without the PS5. Besides, money is tight all around with the recession and the pandemic. But yeah, the extra year would allow them to provide a full-1TB storage, bump out the shared memory to 32GB GDDR5, improve the thermal profile, and reduce the launch price to regular levels to win the consumer mindshare.

      Such a move would put MS and the Xbox on their butt.
      Why? It's cause they're is poised to launch their next-gen console at a high price during limited consumer spending, without any must have exclusive titles, and with a really constrained system/shared memory (4K-HDR textures ask more, and poor ageing for +6 year lifetime).

      • The SSD has 12 channels of data transfer for faster speeds, 825GB is the most feasible storage capacity as the next highest amount with 12 channels would be 1.6TB which would cost way too much. 16GB of RAM should also be enough since games don't need to store everything needed in the next minute or two in RAM as they can pull assets from the SSD on the fly.

        • I don't think that's how it works. But feel free to post links or explain how the storage modules are setup.

          • @Kangal: "The 12-channel controller also leads to unusual total capacities. A console SSD doesn't need any more overprovisioning than typical consumer SSDs, so 50% more channels should translate to about 50% more usable capacity. The PS5 will ship with "825 GB" of SSD space, which means we should see each of the 12 channels equipped with 64GiB of raw NAND, organized as either one 512Gbit (64GB) die or two 256Gbit (32GB) dies per channel. That means the nominal raw capacity of the NAND is 768GiB or about 824.6 (decimal) GB."


  • Bought the 1TB version already twice which now allows me to retire my SATA SSD and use that instead as an external backup (doing the whole keeping your back ups in two separate places deal).

    Now I am ready to download MS Flight Sim and NBA 2k 2020 and make it fit in the one drive alongside my existing Steam library!

  • FREE delivery: 17 Sep - 1 Oct

  • With all these NVME deals, it might be time to replace my 850 Evo instead of using it in my new build.

  • Newb question - I have a SATA at the moment with OS and all my data and was thinking of chucking in a cheap NVME drive for additional storage for gaming. I CBF putting the OS on the NVME drive at the moment, so my question is can I just install this without formatting my existing drive? Use them side by side?

    • Yes that should work… how do you plan to connect the NVMe drive? Using a cheap enclosure or a slot on your motherboard?

      Personally I'd consider migrating the OS over though since most drives (including this) comes with migration software which make it easy/quick, and you'll appreciate the speed benefits if it's your boot/OS drive vs just as a gaming drive.

      • On the motherboard.

        Yeah I know migrating the OS to the NVME drive is recommended/preferable. But this is an older pre-built mini ITX that I'm sort of just putting up with until next year when I can build a new PC entirely, hence the laziness in not moving over the OS immediately. If I don't have to move it and just have the cheap NVME readable by Windows for quick games storage, all the better.

  • How's this compare with kc2500?

    • The KC2500 is a high end NVMe drive while the A2000 is an "entry level" one, whatever entry level means with SSDs lol. The KC2500 has a better controller allowing for faster sequential speeds and a better IOPS rating. It also uses DDR3L instead of the DDR4 on the A2000, but that sounds like more of a downgrade to me.

  • No longer available at that price. Cheapest price now is from Amazon US @ $105.30