Nvidia 3000 Series (Ampere) GPU Pricing in Australia - According to Nvidia.com

Hey Guys,

Here is a link to the screenshot I took: https://imgur.com/gallery/SMOpHQw
Here is a link to the product page: https://www.nvidia.com/en-au/geforce/products/store/

3070: $809 Coming in October
3080: $1,139 Coming Sept 17th
3090: $2,429 Coming Sept 24th


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    $130 more than US pricing for 3070. Not complaining but reckon how much would third party cards be cheaper?????

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      What a rip hey. Should be $677 at current exchange rate.

      Might have to buy via Amazon US

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        $677 *1.1 for GST = $745

        It's really only ~$60 more than USA pricing.

        Nothing to see here folks.

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          Wouldnt the US listed prices have US taxes on them for the US public. And those taxes wouldnt be included if its being sold in Australia as we have our own taxes?

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            @lonewolf: No, the US don't have tax inclusive retail pricing.

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            @lonewolf: In the US, it's not customary to advertise retail prices that include sales taxes as the rates vary across the country. There's no federal goverment sales tax. In some locations it's possible to be charged three types of sales taxes - State tax + County tax + City tax.

            Americans pay between 2.9% and 7.25% of the price of the goods they buy in the majority of states. A few states, however, levy no sales tax whatsoever

            In addition to state sales taxes, local governments can charge their own sales taxes, which can average as high as an additional 5% in some states, and are nonexistent in others.


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            @lonewolf: No, it always peeves me off in the US when you buy something only to get tax added at checkout. can be a real WTF moment the first time you get caught with that. For me it was for a Bose set of headphones on my first trip to the US 20 odd years ago getting ~10% added at checkout is a shock. sales taxes their differ from state to state and even city to city, generally somewhere between 0 and 10%, it is a really screwed up system.

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              @gromit: I was in a burger place in the US and the tills were all offline for some reason so they were trying to do cash sales.

              Problem was that all the menus only have the before tax price, and no-one had any idea how much anything actually cost haha

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                @trapper: nice lol, I always found it amazing how in some areas the US was so advanced yet in other areas they seem 50 years behind the rest of the world, sales tax and, up until recently, credit card signatures were some of the obvious examples.

                • @gromit: I know in retail they don’t always have the taxes included (some places do add it on to their menu) but they don’t do it online too? That’s annoying . I used to hate having to add on taxes myself whenever I went there but then again some other countries are like that too. But online you would think it would be different, automatic.

                • @gromit: Yeah I'll never forget the look on the cashiers face when I asked them if I could pay with pay pass on my travel card which is funny because they have apple and samsung pay!

                • @gromit: a lot of states in US dont even have paypass yet

                  my friend in Florida got really confused when i told him about paypass

          • @lonewolf: jeez people neg you for asking a question.

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              @lonewolf: yeah it can be harsh lol, FYI, I didn't neg you. also the problem in the US is they can't really state the retail price as it differs from state to state and city to city.

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      These prices would be listed without their taxes. Our prices have GST included.

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        Price increases are ~20% though, rather than 10%

        • and you're using today's exchange rate where the AUD has been performing since the weekend? They likely would have decided on these price bands months ago.

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            @fulltimepanda: Yep and they, like all companies, need to factor in shifts in the exchange rate so they use a conservative rate to cover themselves.

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          The price variations would be to factor in exchange rate volatility, distribution chain costs (we have higher wages here so the cost to go from manufacturer to distributor to retailer) would be different to the US, shipping costs (shipping to the US might be cheaper than Australia due to volume).

          A good example would be why a Tesla didn't move on price for so long and then one day it moved a bucket load. The currency exchange caught up with them.

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      To be fair, the 2080 Ti was around $1800 just before the launch, so you're quite literally getting more performance for less than half the cost. The 3070 IMO is going to the smash hit the 1070 was back in Pascal where it completely hit the 980 Ti for 6.

    • Why not just order through Amazon US.

      • To put it simply because you will be waiting several months when you factor in the stocking and overseas postage during covid and also it makes warranties an absolute pain

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    Just finished watching Jensen pull graphics cards out his pants.

    RTX3080 up to twice as fast as the RTX2080 at the same price. RTX3070 faster than the RTX2080Ti starting from $499 USD, Funny wording by Jensen starting at $499 USD add a few hundred bucks to that.

    From the sounds of it they where running ray tracing on the 10 series cards to compare performance with the 3080. The 10 series cards have no ray tracing cores? I know it can run it but why bother comparing them when its not made for it.

    • I felt like they showed 1080 with rtx off had same performance as 2080 with rtx on and then showed 3080 with rtx on as well showing twice the performance of 1080 with rtx on. Not 100% sure tho!!!

    • to make money

    • They shows rtx off for 10 series and 30 series with rtx on.

    • They showed this to say it's time to upgrade from the 10 series as many people didn't bother with the 20 series due to price vs performance increase. By running Ray Tracing on the 10 series they are basically saying it's going to have to do it at some point now and look at crap it is compared to our shiny new product.

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    Thanks for the info! Looking to get the 3080, anyone know when the 3rd party cards are likely to come out?

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      No doubt they will begin with very small quantities on 17th Sep. If you're fast you might be lucky.

      I would expect at least Oct/Nov in Aus before wide availability.

    • no preorders so be free on the 17th if you want one lol

  • So the question is…do I need to upgrade my 2070 Super?

    • Depends on what games, what resolution,

      But given a 3070 is claiming to be faster than 2080Ti, I’d say yes upgrade!

      • Yeah i think its definitely going to be on my wishlist. Gaming at 1440p at the moment with no issues. But these are sounding too good to resist. Might wait for a good deal one day.

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          Definitely G.A.S.

          It'll be like buying a Ferrari and driving around inner city roads. You'll just look like a posing (profanity) not using it to its potential.

          IMO the games currently out don't call for the extra power. I'd wait out the "first" models of this new gen given your card is very current and/or will also lose a significant amount of value. In short, you won't see the gain (in gaming).

          • @db87: Depends on your monitor and the frame rates you want.

            If you want to run raytraced games above 1080P then yeah, upgrade from the 2070 Super.

            I'm running 4K monitors, as my work machine is also my gaming machine, so the 3080 will let me have a lot better experience @ 4K.

            • @Scrobo: In your case it would be warranted. In mine and I can safely assume OP's and other's cases, we're mostly on 1440p displays hence my comment about the new cards being over powered for the content that we consume.

              I think for people in the 20xx camp, they'd benefit the most with a revision/generation jump and waiting for the next models, again, given the majority of content we consume isn't capable of stressing the cards as they are.

        • 2060S @ 1440p here, would be nice but let's face it its a luxury and I have 144hz as well. Is turning Ultra down to High such a massive issue lol.

          The kicker will be how much of a difference + how many games have lots of ray tracing, with DLSS 2.0 even Turing might cope esp if you don't insist on ultra everything.

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      im still rocking a RX470 4GB card :) and its still playing all the games i want it too.

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        Same I usually wait for around 3 gens to pass nowadays before upgrading

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    Did anyone watch Jensen Huang's countdown? It's on youtube.


    Aggressive pricing. Will be an oversupply of kidneys soon!

  • Realistically what are the resale prices for the 2080ti now?? Or worse the 2080…

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      Well in my eyes you really wouldn't be able to sell a 2080ti for more than $850 now, unless you found someone that didn't know about the new gen.

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        Gumtree flooding with 2080ti ads

        • Yeah if you want a 3070 but dont want to wait months for them to be in stock a high quality 2080 ti could actually be a good buy right now if you dont mind used cards.

          • @Reuben: Depends if you want raytracing and the new IO stuff, as the new RT cores are supposedly much faster, and the IO could beaming if it is supported.

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      They're dropping pretty hard in the states https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-used-market-...

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        I regret scrolling down to read the comments on that article… my god.

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          … and I thought console wars were bad

    • Realistically what are the resale prices for the 2080ti now?? Or worse the 2080…

      Bad. However, I do think that you'll be able to get more than the cost of a 3070 new by getting rid of your 2080 Ti used.

      It might be a side-grade right now, but I bet that in two years time, the 3070 will dominate the 2080 Ti. If it makes you feel better, you have better performance and you didn't spend an extra cent.

      • Eh depends on where computing goes. 2080 Ti will still have more VRAM.

        Also unlikely to be able to sell a 2080 Ti for the price of a 3070 now that the pricing has been released.

    • 800-900 according to recently sold sales on ebay

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    I'm actually pretty excited, currently on a gtx1070 inside of my 3600x build.
    Will be aiming for 3080 on special and this will be a huge upgrade.

    Although I may need a new PSU already to support the new 12pin power connector?
    I guess more info to come about that

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      Won't need a new PSU (unless yours doesn't supply enough power) as the 3rd party cards will likely keep the same connector OR include an adapter which is what Nvidia is doing with the founders edition cards.

    • If you're like me, also check to see if your monitor also supports the new cards. I have a 1070 with a BenQ 144hz monitor but it only supports Dual-Link DVI (at that refresh rate), which the new cards won't have.

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        most people should be at DP already lol

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    Wait until the benchmarks. Their comparisons lacked a whole lot of info so we're not going to know how they really compare.

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      DF already published one. Apparently he was sent a rtx 3080 ahead of launch to make video. Looks impressive. 85% more performance than a 2080Ti.

      • link?

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        Woah, this is wrong, he was comparing the 3080 to the 2080 (non-Ti)

        • Yeah my bad. But It cant be that far off though given. 3070 can outperform 2080Ti according to Nvidia

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        The RTX 3080 is about 30% to 40% faster than the 2080ti.

  • I really hope games don't utilize all their performance just yet and leave older GPUs in the dust, otherwise I'll have to upgrade too soon.

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      You obviously wouldn't be upgrading for the ray tracing would you. Hehe

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        I don't really care for ray tracing as it is since it's difficult to notice in anything but Minecraft, though I'm keen to see what happens with it in future. I'll have too much to upgrade if I'm forced into it if games utilize the full power of the next gen GPUs:

        • CPU because my 3500X is already semi-struggling with my RX 5700. SMT makes a huge difference.

        • Motherboard because my B350 board won't support Ryzen 4000, but I'd be going B650 for 5000 anyway.

        • RAM if DDR5 becomes a thing.

        • GPU.

        That's going to cost more than my initial system!

        • Mate, I am still rocking an i5 4460 with DDR3. Not many GPU bound things run into CPU bottlenecks. RAM is a non-issue. Your CPU is fine.

          • @Hardly Normal: It depends on the GPU you're running, I find in a fair few games it does max out. Most notably Assassin's Creed Odyssey (CPU hog), Battlefield games and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It's not in all games, but it's enough for me to care.

            • @Void: I am running a 1060 and will get a 3070 when it comes out.

              Horses for courses. It doesn't effect me enough to care for R6, BFV or VR. Your CPU will be ~40% faster with more threads.

              But your rig, your choice. In the world of PCs, everything is outdated a year later. For cost to performance, a GPU will excel. A new CPU & supporting components won't, especially when your CPU ~1y old.

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    Time to wait for benchmarks… and then for a deal.

    • I think lots a RTX-2000 buyers are going to be Super salty. So expect them to upgrade fairly quickly. That means we might see some decent deals on the used market as they flood it all at once.

      Finally, tightarses can get rid of their $150-$300 old RX 580's (Level: 1080p/60fps/Ultra) and upgrade to RTX 2070's (Level: 1440p/60fps/Ultra) on a similar $200-$300 budget. (I expect the RTX 3060 to be about AUD $600 and perform similar to a RTX 2070-Super).

  • Lucky I returned my 2080ti

    3090 here I comeeeeeeeee

  • Sorry for the n00b question guys but im still new to this. I have a 2080ti that i bought in a prebuilt machine from Pax last year. Is it worth upgrading to the 3080? also i have a z390f motherboard, would i have to change that as well?

    Thanks in advance

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      Probably not unless you want to game at 4k high refresh. Your 2080ti will be roughly equal to the 3070.

      • I only use a 2k monitor at 165hz. So probably don't need to upgrade in that case. Thanks heaps man!

      • 2080ti will be roughly equal to a $700 card? If you that's crazyyyyy

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      depends if you want to keep up with the braggers or simply game.

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      3070 is 8gb of VRAM*

    • +2


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        Sorry guys my bad, but the statement is still true, some games getting awfully close to that at 1440p

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          my MSFS uses 9.5GB at 1440p

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            @vee124: Regular reminder that your computer will show you how much RAM is in use, not how much you actually need.

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    Selling my 1080 ASAP before the value drops. Hopefully there will be enough supply when 3080 drops.

    • Whatcha think a 1080 is worth at the moment? I've got one I should probably part with.

      Haven't decided yet as I might decide for whole new build and pawn the current PC off to a family member for Facebook gaming/Malware collection.

      • I have a Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1, hoping for about $500. Paid $650 about 3 years ago so fingers crossed.

        If you just jump on eBay and search whatever card you have, and then filter to see recently completed items, you'll hopefully see the prices that your card has recently sold at.

        • Good call thanks. I'll watch the market but unsure if I'll sell since my current system is Xeon-based, so no integrated graphics.

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            @SenpaiAndre: Luckily for me my dad recently upgraded from my old GPU that I gave him, so plan is to go grab the old one this afternoon, test that it's still working, and then if it is, list up the 1080. Hopefully I'll actually be able to get a 3080 at launch so I won't have to use the old card for too long haha.

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          Already some 2080ti's for less than $1000, you'd have to get pretty lucky to get $500

          • @kille745: I can see one on eBay that sold for $550 a week ago, so fingers crossed.

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              @matictac: May have missed the boat of pre-announcement value, but good luck lol.

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              @matictac: A MSI RTX 2070 Super Trio sold for $500 on eBay a couple of hours ago.

              Good luck in getting $500, but I think you'd be lucky to get $400 now that the news on pricing is out of the 3000 series cards

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              @matictac: A week ago we did not have confirmed pricing and specs. A week ago you would have had no chance of seeing a 2080ti for around 1000, now their are lots. A few 1080's have sold for around $400 today. I think this market is only going to get weaker as well since the 2080's and supers will also be party crashing the 500-700 mark

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          i’m really curious how selling second hand gpus on ebay works. what if it gets bumped around the post too much and is DOA. does the buyer get a refund? what if the buyer just claims it is broken… i always felt it would be super risky selling/buying such a delicate piece of equipment used, but it seems to be fairly common.

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            @shanghaistar: I've never had any issues. Typically for my peace of mind when I sell an expensive/fragile item I'll try take photos/videos before hand showing what condition it was in before I packed it and show how I packed it etc., however I've never actually had a situation where it was needed. I still have the box/packaging from when I bought my GPU, so I'm not too worried about having to pack it carefully.

          • @shanghaistar: I sent a motherboard huge one to Western Australia, anything could have gone wrong, the seller was happy to receive it since I sold it $100 less then full retail, sadly blood droped onto the board after cutting my finger, it wasn't noticeable.

            The reason for selling it was due to intells shitty bios compatibility to CPU's.

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          you think your card devalues only $50 per year? tell em their dreaming.

          • @Jugganautx: Basing the $500 figure purely off of cards recently sold on eBay. Exactly one week ago my exact card sold for $550.

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          I have a Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1, hoping for about $500.

          No chance at $500, you'd be looking at closer to $400. You could get a new 2060 Super for $560 which will leave the 1080 for dead.

          • @p1 ama: Like I said, purely going off a completed eBay listing that went for $550 this time a week ago. My plan is to start bidding at $400 and see how far it gets.