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2x TP-Link Tapo C200 $69 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Mwave


Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

  • High-Definition Video: Records every image in crystal-clear 1080p definition
  • Pan and Tilt: 360º horizontal and 114º vertical range
  • Advanced Night Vision: Provides a visual distance of up to 9 metres
  • Motion Detection and Notifications: Notifies you when the camera detects movement
  • Sound and Light Alarm: Trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.
  • Two-Way Audio: Enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker
  • Safe Storage: Locally stores up to 128 GB on a microSD card, equal to 384 hours (16 days) of footage. (Based on laboratory conditions)
  • 24/7 Live View: Keep an eye on what's important to you in real-time from anywhere with the Tapo App.
  • Voice Control: Free Up Your Hands with Voice Control: Works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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  • Good deal if someone can pick up or get free delivery. For me delivery is showing as approx. $15

  • tapo or kasa system and whats the pros and cons ?

    • have a research and let us know

      • Would highly recommend Reolink E1 pro which is currently on eBay with 21% off plus members. Heaps better feature and higher resolutions too. But higher price tag may not be suitable for everyone though.

        • Looks like you can get a 2 pack for just over $100. Besides the 4MP camera, why do you think they're better than the Tapo C200's here?

          • @JoKing: App wise they are way better since I use to have the Tapo, Arlo etc .also Reolink has free monthly cloud service which is huge bonus too. In terms of intergration it supports google homes assist and Amazon Alexa, you also can benefit from one app if you need other Reolink normal surveillance cameras system to add at later stage.

            • @Hotpotguy: Yeah I pulled the trigger and bought one to try. I like that you can add more later, so I will see how I go with one. I did a heap of research after you suggested it, seems pretty good. The clarity looks awesome too!

              How does the cloud service works? Does it just keep the last 7-days of footage?

              • @JoKing: Yep, only offer one free unit per account for cloud servic ,but it's enough for me. Signed up last month with their in app special for $12/per year/30gb plan and I'm pretty happy with service so far. Cloud records the motion for upto one month, not sure what 7 days you were refering to? Maybe i use the paid plan now that's why can't remember for the free version.😁

                • @Hotpotguy: Damn, $12 per year is gooood. Will have to keep an eye out for that.
                  If I do decide to get another, I figured I will have to upgrade my plan, so will come in handy.

                  I think the free version is 1 device for 7-days. Which is enough for now I would say. For $12 I wouldn't say no though.

        • hm can't seem to see the eBay deal for E1 pro, but maybe I'm just too late

    • +5 votes

      Tapo has a local stream that you can load into iSpy, Blue Iris or Synology etc whereas Kasa doesn't.

      Neither has a web interface for the camera itself though.

  • Can not click and collect

  • +20 votes

    googling suggests no clear way to integrate with home assistant or any other open integration (there is an url but no motion detection or tilting); broadcasting to the internet cannot be turned off (so one has to learn to configure firewall); the support responses suggest it all remains this way. not saying this is a bad offer, just saving ozbargain fellows a minute or two of googling :-)

    • They are supported by Google Assistant.
      They do pan and tilt. They do motion detection (which can be disabled)

      • home assistant/hab/domoticz do not seem to support it fully. google assistant is a different story.

    • I use them through the local wifi via RTSP and Ovnifer.
      But the tilt pan for these doesn't work via Ovnifer.

    • What do you mean by it broadcasts to the internet? The only reason I havent pulled the trigger yet is I want to understand where the live feed lives? If I go onto the app and select to see my living room, how am I seeing that?

      I don't understand the techincalities of this part.

      • I see. So, either your phone tells the tplink server to talk to the camera and send the details to connect to the camera to your phone and then your phone makes a direct connection ..

        the phone tells the tplink server hey forward some frames from the camera please, and then it goes camera->tplink->phone

        not sure..

        The camera does have a privacy mode .. where it kills cloud connection let me try one moment
        EDIT. privacy mode just blanks out the video feed whether via wifi RTSP or not.

        I guess I could block the tplink ip address on my router to avoid it talking outside.

    • It has clear way of integrating, it works through Chromecast Which is a deal-breaker for me.

      The other problem is that it does not have a mode that turns off motion detection if you are close by, that means you need to set motion detection off or get an alert whenever you walk past.

  • good review here

  • $18.55 shipping to WA. Bit much!

  • Video Compression method H.264, would have purchased if it was H.265

  • Ebay link
    Join ebayplus checkout enter code PARTY21 , down to $68.73 (delivered with express post)

  • <Duplicate comment. Beaten to it by nguyentran>

  • I love my Wyze cams from Amazon (2 for ~$75 + cost of SD cards, ends up being around $50 a camera for 1 month of accessible recordings on a 64gb SD), but this is cool for 360 viewing i guess?

    • Love my Wyzecam, will be getting an outdoor one soon.

      • They are extremely easy to set up and get going, and i love the app interface. Simple functionality, however and i wish the resolution was higher than 1080p, but given the price, the value is excellent. you can even set them up under eaves outside if you have access to a power plug and decent wifi signal. I'm hoping the integration with google nest devices with screens is good when i eventually dip my toes into that pool as well

        • Yeah I don't need anything complicated, just wanted something that records non-stop but flags any movements in quick highlight videos stored on the cloud. Wyze does exactly that, and you don't need any subscriptions or pay extra for online storage.

    • I have several Wyze cams, but this seems more versatile from the looks of things. Pan and tilt aside, this has RTSP and official support for up to 128GB SD cards, while Wyze only says up to 32GB.

      While I usually have no issues using higher capacities than the specs state with no issues, I've found with the Wyze cams when you try to play back footage from the SD card it often crashes and reboots the camera, leaving it inaccessible for several minute at a time.

      I'm not sure whether that's caused by using a higher capacity card than officially supported or not, but it's frustrating enough to make me consider alternatives.

      • I have a 64gb sandisk ultra in 2 of mine and no issues like that. i dont scrub through footage that meticulously, but just letting you know i've not had camera crashes like that

  • Does it have a RTSP stream?

    Nvm it does apparently https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/2680/

  • FYI: I LOVE this camera.
    I use two of them as a baby camera and using the app on Android called Ovnifer .. the app is stable as long as you reboot the tablet before going to bed.
    The cameras are ROCK solid, no crashes, no hangs.

    Nb: Ovnifer does not support the Tilt/pan on this camera. I have to revert to using the Tapo app.
    Also … they have 9v input and between 0.5a to 0.8a so you can get a USB to barrel jack upvoltage cable from Jaycar and run them off USB.

    NB2: the day/night time auto mode makes a loud clicky sounds when the camera switches between them. in Auto mode it can get into a day .. night … day .. night .. every few seconds so instead we change that manually.

    NB3: I have not used local recording to the sd card. I periodically record via the android tablet to the tablet

    • Changing the night/day mode manually sounds like a huge pain in the bum actually.

      Have you asked if this is normal? Surely it should do it automatically?

    • I dislike the red light at night mode. Baby will keep staring at it.

      • It does do it automatically .. but .. as dawn or dusk approaches it wavers on and off and off and off and on, etc. So making more clikey than it needs to .

        I just leave it on night mode all the time.

        Yes the IR LEDS are visible. You can turn the green LED off though.
        My kids are ok with the IR leds being visible.

    • How is the delay?

      • video feed lag?

        Through wifi feels like half a second. Maybe less.
        Kid screams and soon after I hear it on the tablet

    • Does it do motion/sound detection through the Ovnifer app? Or do you leave the tablet on all night on the app?

      • During the night the tablet is on ALL the time. Screen at min. Onvifer keeps the display alive. Occasionally, once every days Android will kill the display keep alive and Onvifer jumps back to a selection screen and then my 30min screen timeout (I cant set it to never on my tablet) turns the screen off. If I reboot before going to bed the problem doesn't happen .. well okay, it's happened ONCE in 9months so far. But it's not the camera's fault, I blame Android.

        We keep the tablet volume at night at four notches from the top. When they were younger id be at max volume, as they get older we reduce the volume so we can ignore the random babbles

        During the day the tablet is on when theyre sleeping.

        It's the only thing this tablet does, oh and the tablet also runs MijiaTemp to read the temp from the Xiaomi hydrometer in their rooms - but that's a different story.

        Motion/sound detection … I think would be through the TapoApp. I imagine the camera sends a broadcast message to TpLinkservers who then advise your phone of the event.

        You could use your own motion detection software with the RTSP feed though and sound too. there may be RTSP compatible Android or other OS apps which do this on an RTSP feed.

    • Can I ask why Ovnifer over native Tapo app?

      • Yep.
        I have twins. It's my baby cam.
        Tapo app does not have a nice two cam view layout.
        Tapo app doesnt let me rotate screen upside down do charge cable goes on top.
        Tapo app doesnt guarantee to connect locally and if it so chooses will go through the internet and timeout after two minutes
        Ovnifer paid has an easy mute button and sound meter bar per camera
        Ovnifer can be set to auto start.
        Ovnifer can connect to camera directly (only) so can survive internet outages (which we've had)
        Ovnifer keeps the screen on, not sure if tapo does too.
        Onvifer lets me load the app straight into the dual camera view so it's faster to get into the action.

        Nb: it's onvifer not ovnifer. I always get the name mixed around

        I do still use the Tapo app on occasion to pan or tilt the camera. Ovnifer is my main viewing app.

        Basically my rule is that all smart devices I have must work sufficiently with their online server dead. Applies to these cameras, my roborock vacuum, my lifx lights and hydrometer

  • Are these good for the price? Not sure what some of the comments here are saying. They seem to have live two-way audio and video (where is the video hosted though, I am not sure?).
    They have motion detection, can record to microSD. They pan and tilt.
    They have their own app and record in 1080P.

    Sounds pretty good for x2 at that price.

    If anyone can fill me in about where that live video lies that would be awesome, because I am thinking I may snag em!

    • The live video doesn't live anywhere. It's live! It's via RTSP. You can access from your local network only without having to go via the internet. And through the TPlink app you can go through the internet. I suspect that the tplink servers handshake you to connect directly to the camera.
      It can record to the sd card.

      • Okay, so that is all fine via local network.

        What if I am at the shops and want to? I go through the TPLink app?

        • Yep, If at the shops and if your camera at home is connected to the internet, then you can go through the tp link app.

          If you really value all sorts of privacy, then you could configure your router to allow an incoming connection and map that to the camera's RTSP port

          • @FoxJump: Hmmm, I would like to be secure so maybe I could look at that.

            Is this the same thing for all cameras? Or are there some that are more secure than others? I have noticed many indoor cameras being posted and I have no idea how to tell which are good.

            • @JoKing: I bought … a dlink one and returned it. it said it does RTSP on the box but … it does RTSP internally and doesn't let you connect to it yourself.

              • @FoxJump: So that one wouldnt let you connect to the live stream of the camera?

                • @JoKing: The dlink would let me connect only through their app and I had no control whether it was going phone->wifi->internet->wifi->camera … and limiting the feed time to 2 minutes OR going phone->wifi->camera->phone and no feed limit. Hence it was useless as a baby monitor

                  The tapo ones have no feed limit when going through wifi via RTSP direct or the Tapo App … but I think if you're at the shops then the Tapo App may limit to 2mins .. not sure.

                  • @FoxJump: Ahhh okay, I am following.
                    If it did limit to 2 mins, you would have to establish the connection again to reset the timer?

                    Ps. Thank you so much for this. Really helping.
                    Tbh, these don't sound all that bad for the price. Considering there is 2.

                    • @JoKing: If it happens to limit to 2 min I think you gotta tap the camera on the phone again to restart. I rarely see it as I mainly use it at home on the tablet through the local network where its untimed. It's literally my baby monitors for twins.

                      I put them on a photography backdrop stand next to their cot and slowly move them further away as their arm grows.

                      note: 2min limit applies via Tapo App when not on the same network as the camera.

                      • @FoxJump: I actually just got a Reolink E1 Pro for $56. The C200's sold out and the deal expired :(

                        I did some research into this and it seems they support RTSP and had good reviews, much clearer with the 4MP camera too. They have a basic cloud storage plan too.
                        Hopefully this was the right call! Thanks for your help.

                        • @JoKing: Good luck!

                          I don't 4MP res when all im looking at is whether the kid is awake, sleeping, calm or distressed. But I hope that it is a stable camera for you. Good luck.

      • May i ask how to go through local network only? i am trying to avoid via internet if possible.

        • theres … you stopping the cameras talking to the outside the world OR theres you connecting to the cameras locally.

          first one not sure, maybe a router block to the tplink address.
          second one .. I asked my router what the ip address of the device is and then pointed Ovnifer at it. Also .. I think Ovnifer can autodetect them in the network too.

        • For more advanced users I'd recommend a VPN to access the camera remotely.

    • If you put it indoor it should be fine. You can speak through your phone tapo app to the camera.

      The live video is through the tapo app via wifi.

  • Ah Top TIP!
    The camera says it can handle 4 concurrent streams.

    These are 2x FHD streams and 2x 640x360 quality streams at the same time
    not 4x fhd streams

  • anyone know a free shipping coupon code

  • Mate picked up a couple of these to install in an AirBnB bedroom. Says it worked a treat

  • Got two of these in a previous Mwave deal for $115 delivered, been very happy with them.

    Work with our google home hubs as well.

  • back to $118

  • ozbargained?? ? just missed out :(

  • Price changed while I check out, missed out.

  • Oh I've just bought a xiaomi one last week for around $50. By viewing the details they're very similar and this one comes by a pair and with the adapter - which the xiaomi one has no power adapter. Such a deal then!!!
    (ps. from reading the details, it feels they came from the same factory, the specifications and even the ads are very similar.)

  • I have one of this. Good IP cam.. RTSP out of the box don't need to worry about changing firmware like the Wyze Cam v2/Pan. I also have a MJSXJ02CM 1080p but it is lacking the RTSP. All them are lacking the zoom bit though you could do a digital zoom in the app. If you are hounding a zoom one.. look at https://reolink.com/au/product/e1-zoom.

  • Can anyone post more of these deals? thanks!