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Fengmi Cinema 4K Pro Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector $3,499 Delivered (1 Year Warranty) @ Bargain Dingo


Hi guys
Good news that the English Launcher now available on Fengmi Cinema 4k Pro!

Below are the Main Features of 4K pro:
● 4K picture, TI DLP digital light processing technology
● 2400 ANSI lumens
● 150 inch super-large screen, large projection size
● Ultra short-focus, 0.23 : 1 throw ratio, free wiring
● Diffuse reflection imaging reduces visual fatigue and makes viewing more healthy
● The picture is vivid, 3300 : 1 contrast
● High-fidelity audio, dual full-frequency + dual high frequency, DTS certification
● Eight-point correction, more accurate picture adjustment
● Newest Fengmi system, no ads when booting

Any questions please feel free to ask.
Nothingbutlabel is a certified Fengmi, Xiaomi and Wemax Projectors and XY Projector screens distributor based in Australia.

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    these are pretty widely available from aliexpress for a lot less than what you're selling it for.

    • Link? Looking to buy one.

    • Most of them are Chinese version, and we can upgrade to an English version

      • I would love to try one before buying.

      • +2

        So the price difference is for you to install a English software over them?

        • I would think they have english under language options. I have seen other Xiaomi projectors like the H3 have it.

          • @williamk30: There is no such thing as English version, the launcher is tweaked to have most of the menus in English. Not all the options will be in English. English is not an option with the firmware on this Projector.

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    Clicked on the link and got blocked by my corporate firewall marking the site as malware. :sweat:

  • is Nothingbutlabel and Bargain Dingo the same company?

    • Yes! they are the same store.

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    I bought an older model last year from Bargain Dingo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/471779

    Gotta say, it's a great projector. Not so good with lights on. I need to invest in a good ALR screen. But they're so pricey (about the same cost as the projector).


    • Is the ALR screen worth it from your opinion? Does it really act like a TV during the day time with one?

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        From youtube videos it looks amazing what it can do

        It will still look a little faded during the day. But without one, I basically can't see anything during the day https://imgur.com/xppqATY (night time with LED lights on)

      • Projector is great and ALR screen is highly recommended. I was projecting on entire wall ~155" projection, but the largest screen i was able to get was 120" :( Contrast probably not as good as TV screen but good enough to have some blinds open and having ceiling lights on seems fine. The ALR screen rejects lights from above mainly, so a dark floor or tv unit would also improve contrast. Biggest issue with the projector is input lag — so not great for fast games (absolutely no issues watching stuff). Didn't think it'd be an issue when I bought it since I didn't have any intention to play games on it.. but then having the massive image and surround sound makes it hard to resist, especially for party games (still works and is fun, but experience isn't the best).

        • I have the exact same problem. Projecting at just over 150" no screens big enough :(

        • Have you tried Game mode, which from what I read online can reduce the input lag a lot.

  • ALR is a must for these, and they cost quite a bit. The whole point of projector is to have a massive screen 100" and above, which makes it very expensive setup. I have been doing some reading on it and unfortunately screen is expensive.

  • I have a Fengmi 4k (not Pro version) for about a year now from them. It's running great on a Telon 100" from AliExpress. Mainly using it for night viewing.

  • Interested in a 4k ultra short throw projector, but $3,499 with only 1 year warranty? is that an industry standard for this kind of device? Can't pull the trigger with peace in mind. Most of home appliances with that price tag would have at least 2 to 5 years warranty I reckon.

  • Well, I took the plunge considering a 75" QLED which I was interested in before buying costs the same. That also has 1 year warranty. Now I cannot go back to a smaller screen…..

  • For the longest time I was contemplating getting this. Now I think it's better just to buy an 82 inch Samsung TU8000 from the EPP store for about about $2560. Better picture, supported OS, better warranty.

    • Too small, I think anything under 120" is small. But it depends on the viewing distance.

      • Yes it would depend on the viewing distance. My friends 75 inch looks perfectly huge in his living room. I reckon an 82 inch would be just perfect for mine as our room is slightly bigger.

        Getting a 4K projector would make me want to get a good ALR screen as well to have a good viewing experience similar to that of a TV. The upfront cost would be close to 6k and I would still need to deal with the slight whine of the projector. So ye, I'm pretty much off the fence now for this.

        • I am in the same boat and I have checked 75" TVs in store and they aren't that big compared to the 65" that I have. When I was upgrading from 42" to 65" I was like wow this is huge but after a few weeks it grew on me and since then it has been too small :)
          I am keeping an eye for a 150" floor standing retracting ALR screen and they are over $2K, I won't settle for anything smaller than 120". But won't rush into getting one just yet.

          • @nadan: Lol. Almost exact same boat then. I upgraded from a 49" to 65 :) and now 65 looks bit small for my living room.

  • Can someone confirm this for me, if it says 49cm to achieve 150inch screen. Is that 49 cm from the wall to the light emitting part or 49cm to the base closest to the wall which would mean and additional xxcm to the light?

  • Wish I can buy this with my Humm coz have to replace my TV after the kid broke it again but didn't budget for this amount..

  • It seems Banggood is selling the same model for $2869

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