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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 Red $112.28 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 Unbuffered DIMM 288pin Red
DDR4, BL2K8G36C16U4R, Extended Timings - 16-18-18-38

Mod Update 12/10: Price has increased to $112.28

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  • Good ram, great price.

  • Took longer than USA to arrive to me in regional victoria

    Felt like 3 weeks
    Where USA is about 1 1/2 but good price

  • Anyone know the jedec speed and timings on this?

    • 2400Mhz, can't remember timings.

      Edit: Turns out I had a Typhoon Burner file on my desktop, it's actually 2666Mhz 19-19-19-43-62.

  • Anyone know if this is Micron E-die like the 3200MHz CL16?

  • Anyone know if they are guaranteed micron rev e?

    • I bought a set of 3200CL16 last week when it was $114. Got it in black though… tempted to return it and get this instead (pity it's only red). The 3200MHz I'm fairly certain only come in E-die, curious if this is the case for 3600MHz too.

    • There have been no reports of it being anything else.

      Micron could possible run out and have to use other memory, but for 3600c16 it would have to be decent/good, like Hynix CJR or Samsung B-Die.

  • Sigh, these are better price than those DDR3L Ram ok hunting for my old laptop.

    Any pointer to get cheap old DDR3L RAM 8gb stick?

  • There goes $9… Bought on 1 Sept and shipped this morning so can't cancel.

    Shame Amazon don't do the price refund 7 days thing anymore.

  • I have a GPU that has 6GB of DDR6 memory built in. Would that matter, or clash with the DDR4 memory here if I was building a new computer?

  • Ugly ram, great spec. Regret my case window.

  • From what everyones said this seems like a pretty good buy. Recently got into the whole build process, hopefully havent wasted some coin
    Edit: Is 16gb enough to run general gaming, multitasking? New here, this has likely been asked before