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Amazon Fire TV Stick $39 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest historical price according to Camelx3

  • An easy way to access content from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, YouTube and over 4,000 apps and games. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Listen to music, watch live sports and news with Amazon Music, Spotify, Optus Sport and more.
  • Fire TV Stick comes with a dedicated remote.
  • Simple to setup - 1. Plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV, 2. Plug into power outlet, 3. Connect to the internet and you are ready to stream.
  • Experience fast streaming with a quad-core processor, as well as 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of memory for apps and games.
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, including Amazon Originals like The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, Hunters, Fleabag, Star Trek: Picard, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Grand Tour and more.

PS: Based on a comment from the previous deal post; you can use a 'OTG USB Splitter Cable' to play content from an external device.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • You might be fine, although on my TV I would get frequent "power too low" warnings, so ended up just plugging it into wall outlet.

      • It's not the end of the world, it would just be nice to have one less cable hanging down. To be honest, I'm probably gonna put it into one of the spare TVs, there's one that works fine but it's remote's charger port died a year or two back and there's no button on the unit itself to swap channels so it's stuck perpetually on HDMI 3, shoving one of these conveniently in there ought to make it halfway usable, even if just to throw it out on the deck on a nice summer day, since lockdown won't be over any time soon. Cheers for the input though my guy, my bedroom tele supposedly outputs 2.4 amps and advertised it can be used to charge stuff so maybe it's just a higher output than average, who knows.

        • Indeed. It might have just been how my USB ports are on it, not providing enough power by design. It really didn't bother me to have to plug it in, and while the 4k sticks would be my preferred choice, it's a great device to breathe some life back into any HDMI enabled tv.

          • @itsdan: I've been doing a wee bit of research online and it can even handle PS1 emulation pretty decently, which is sick. Might actually use it a little bit, not much, but I mean, more than I thought I would, which is cool. If nothing else, the TV is definitely gonna get some use for the first time in a while just (profanity) around with this new guy.

  • Thanks OP
    Just ordered one. I was tossing between the FireTV and Vodafone TV. FireTV is good at this price.
    mostly used with Plex and Netflix

  • Can I use my Amazon US account on this version of the Firestick? Sorry for the basic question but just want to confirm before I order one.

  • Thanks OP, ordered to connect to my monitor and connect a bluetooth speaker as my monitor has no built in speakers

  • +2

    A noob question here
    Any advantages of getting the Fire TV Stick if I have already got a Chromecast, a Telstra TV 2 (with FTA) and an Android TV box?

    • +1

      You can Air play with paid app from Firestick and Apple TV app available on Firestick

      • I did some research and it appears to be an app called air screen on fire tv store. its free with ads but you have to pay to get rid of ads.

        • There’s another one called iWebTV. So far it picks any video from a webpage and cast it to the firetv. Need the app installed on your phone and the equivalent on the firetv. It’s free with ads.

          • @Mahalo: Any other good airplay apps for fire tv?

            • @jayboi: I tried a couple but that’s the one that works well so far with iOS

  • anyone know if the twitch app comes available on this?

  • Really tempted to get this only to pair it with my vpn service, but am tossing between this and the Nvidia Shield Pro. Can anyone vouch for the Pro?

    • +1

      Not only can I vouch for the Shield Pro - it's straight up the best device for a projector/tv as it handles 4k streaming (e.g. I am using Amazon Prime 4K streaming) with the bonus for gaming options when people come over.

      I just want to buy a 4K Fire TV Stick for testing & back-up.

      • Well you had me at 'handles 4k streaming'. Need something to go with my 4k TV so it's always been on the wish list. Hope to see a decent price for it soon!

        The fire stick just seems convenient imo. Doesn't take up much space and the portability is nifty. Just don't like that we can't buy the 4k ones from Aussie Amazon :(

        • if your only doing 4k streaming, dont spend a lot - probably avoid nvidia

  • Thanks OP - I pulled the trigger on this one.

  • +3

    Nearly bought it till I realised it doesn't handle 4K and only US Amazon has the 4K Fire TV Stick

  • Do i need this if buying Mi Box S?

    • get a mi box if you re in China, otherwise fire stick would be a better option

  • Well sold out now :( Missed out

  • great out of stock as i was typing and analysing…. darn it

    • Yeah shame was analyzing and watching reviews when got sold out, took my time when saw 10h left didn't think it would go bang out of stock out of nowhere.

    • How does Amazon sell out of their own product?

  • Not specifically related to the original post but does anyone on here have one of those cheap offshore market netflix account e.g. India, Brazil etc? If so, may I ask how were you able to bypass the OTP authentication? I understand there are free web-based OTP services but im not too certain if they work at all?

    Any leads on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Why not buy the Latest 2019 Amazon Fire Stick 4K w/Alexa Voice Remote I know its double the price but I think its worth it.

    Not a bad deal for those who missed out on the $40 basic edition

    • +1

      Unless they've changed it, the Alexa voice remote doesn't support Voice commands in Australia with an Australian account.

  • +3

    Smh. Pused it in my cart for 30 minutes to finish my meal. then bam its gone.. :'(

    $39 saved I guess?

    • +1

      same hehe

    • +1

      Same, I thought it's an ongoing deal and didn't expect it be sold out.

      Anyways kinda happy as it was not really required and saved 39 dollars. Will buy a bottle of spirit and celebrate :D ;)

  • Finally Sold out, now they will bring the 4K lol

    • +1

      We can only hope.!!

  • Does anyone have this if so how's the lip sync on Amazon prime video. I bought the Mi Xiaomi Box S and the lip sync is out.

  • Bugga.
    The one day I don't check OzB this comes up, really needed one :(
    Amazing deal though

  • wow - was blazing quick delivery, even without the prime. I got mine today already, all setup and ready to go :-)
    Off to some research on how to sideload kodi etc.

    • Same, got mine this morning after I ordered yesterday. Thats amazing especially during covid, happy with the fire stick too

  • I have a question about the fire stick, I am trying to download an app I found but can't find a App Store on fire stick and it is on amazon AU store but doesn't give me an option to download to fire stick, can someone help with this?

    EDIT: went on amazon live chat and they told me how to download the apps on it and now it’s fixed, my bad, never used a fire stick before

  • Thanks OP, ordered yesterday morning and received today and already setup during my lunch break :)

  • Received mine too, tried to use the USB port on my Hisense R8 but it gave the message insufficient power. I have 2 USB ports on the TV, could I combine them to give enough power?

    • Not sure about combining USBs. But I'd recommend using a usb wall charger, as that will give you the ability to turn on/off your tv with the fire stick remote (provided you have HDMI CEC set up). If you use the USBs on the TV you can't do this as the fire stick powers off completely when the TV is off.

      • Gotcha, my TV is wall mounted and the wires chased through the wall to a hole off to the side. I don't think the cable is long enough to reach to my roof cavity to power it up there. Might need a new micro sd cable or a USB extender.

        • +1

          Or a powerbank stuck to the back of the TV, charged up by the TV, and charging the fire stick as required (no idea if this would work…)

          • @NigelTufnel: Think I'm going to purchase a 3m micro usb cable and chase it into the roof. Will any USB cable work, does it need to be USB 3?

            • +1

              @iShibby: any will work as long as it is Micro USB even if it is usb 2.0 it doesn't matter as that's only for power

  • Great no stock. Let’s hope they don’t restock and the new Stick comes to AU.

  • Great deal, thanks. Replaced the old school Chrome gen 1 with this, wow it's much better! Running freeview and Foxtel Go on it, piece of cake.

    • For the Kodi install, some have reported that the "Search" feature needed to find the Downloader app is missing. I also found this to be the case when I logged in with a Amazon AU account.

      I then deregistered my AU account on the Fire TV and logged in with a Amazon US account. The search feature is now present!

      • I noticed the same but found the Downloader app under one of the categories, can't remember which now

        • Here is the downloader app link on the website I found, if you are logged in with your account linked to fire tv then you can click deliver to it

  • No search function with this particular model?

    • Pls see my message above. It's the Amazon account that determines if you get search, not the model.

      • +2

        Boggles my mind why Amazon does this…

      • Tried signing up to amazon.com. still no dice. help?

        edit: ended up using fire2apps to install what I want on it.

        • You can find the downloader app under one of the categories, can't remember off hand which one though.

  • I have to say, the remote is nice with these. Uses regular AAA batteries (not coin cell), and it quite responsive. Nice and clicky. Better than the NVIDIA Shield remote.

  • I cant even get this thing to download apps it's just full of error even with factory reset. Pos.

    • edit: if anyone is getting a purchase error when trying to download any apps, look in device preference settings on amazon website.

      My country region was set to US by default and fixed instantly when i corrected it to Australia.

  • Was going to get this just to play Apple TV, but didn’t bother. Connected my tablet computer to tv today and can play that way. No need for another gadget.

  • Ordered one on 7/9/2020, Not even posted yet, don't know what's going on with Amazon.

    • +1

      Just call or live chat with them, they have great customer service, I ordered mine and it came the next day, and if your order is tsking a while to ship out and if you contact them then they will be able to give you some free credit as compensation, just try it out and update us on what happens

      • Thanks jayboi, I will do.

  • Quick question - can you install 3rd party app (eg APK files) on Fire TV stick?

    • Haven't done any media player stuff, but I installed a few APKs from my phone OTA fine. I sent over RetroArch and a couple other things fine, though Minecraft did not work weirdly enough (despite working fine sending the same APK over to my SHIELD TV), so individual apps may be hit and miss, but sending over and installing apps works fine, so just keep going until you get one that works if you run into issues.

      Edit: Actually, Kodi was another one I installed OTA from an old phone, Kodi works without a hitch, so yeah, just download Kodi I guess.

  • +1

    I ended up returning my fire stick since the new one came out straight after and it’s worth extra for the new one, it has 50% faster performance and a voice remote with Alexa on, and amazon gave me a free $20 credit for this so free upgrade, amazon has the best customer service.

    • Might speak to Amazon about changing mine. Have not opened it yet

      • +1

        Just spoke to Amazon and they issued a return and gave me $20 credit to make the new model same price as the current one!

        Great service.

        • Good on you, glad you are happy, I am just as happy that they gave me it to buy the new one at no extra cost!!!

          Very happy amazon customer

          • @jayboi: how did you go about this?

            • @cacique: I called them

            • @cacique: I did online chat. They started the return process and then I said what can he do about the price as it is $20 more. They said no problems we have added $20 to your account to make it $39.

  • My new fire TV stick lite just arrived on launch day! I must be one of the first to get it, much much faster than the old one and the remote is much sleeker. AND FINALLY there is voice search or you can type in to find apps etc.

    • Yeah mine arrived this morning at 7am lol

      • How are you finding it? Mine is great, I can see my ring doorbell from it and Alexa is really quick compared to echo dot. Much more snappier than the old one.

        • Have not installed it yet. Will do it this evening.

          I never opened the previous model box to compare though :p

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