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[eBay Plus] Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Gold 850 Watts, Fully Modular, Power Supply Unit $212.51 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


Hi all,

Bit cheaper than the recent Amazon deal if you missed out.

Express delivery included.


Original Coupon Deal

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  • For those wondering, PARTY21 can be used 5 times per user.

    • I can't find anything to use the code once let alone 5x

      • Agreed. The items I was interested in purchasing has been jacked up to the point where it the same price everywhere after discount.

        • The good thing is your tax invoice lists the original amount. So…. for your i9 3090 'home office' build…

          • @ATangk: Unfortunately not everyone is in a job that could justify this for tax deduction…. I am envious!

            • @smiley-k: And not everyone is in a position to buy a 3090.

            • @smiley-k: While not applicable now, it's also useful that the invoice shows the higher amount when it comes to TRS claims.

              So if you're buying for a friend overseas a $1000 camera billed at $1250 (when the payable is $1000) will be $25 cheaper after the TRS cashback.

            • @smiley-k: Most people can I thought
              I’m personally going to justify it as self education - 60/40 (which is probably understating the % more like 75/25 because I do 3D rendition stuff for research to advance my career + studying but don’t want to get flagged) but for anyone self education, WFH, meetings all can justify a PC setup. It’s not the ATOs problem what graphics card you want… it’s like how my colleagues take business or first class to conferences and the ATO is fine with it compared to me taking economy…

  • It’s a joke… everywhere the price is jacked up so high.

    • Correct. I bought RM750x September last year on Amazon for less than $170…

      and I am after a less watt PSU, the RM550X is selling for $144 on Amazon… I know it's the cheapest, even cheaper than this deal but I just couldn't justify it.

      • Well to be fair September last year there wasn't a global pandemic or a new series of graphics cards incoming.

      • I know what you mean, I purchased a RM1000i for $169 around this time last year.

      • Okay I think my comment could have been misleading.

        I meant to say about the price jacking of eBay sellers with 21% coupon going live.

        Corsair RMX 550W for $144 is a very good price. I was eyeing this model few months ago at that price from Amazon AU, but there was no stocks for a while and went with sf600 instead.

      • I got a RM750x for $159 last year too. Current prices make me sad.

    • I think it's because the Corsair RMs are probably the most popular high performance PSU, they just jack it up because people look for it.

  • Saw the pic and thought there was a sale on GameCubes

    • ooh.

      If they make a Gamecube Mini I'll be all over it. I still have my game cube but it looks like crap plugged into an HDTV.

  • Damn i missed out on the deal but i'm pretty sure 750w psu is enough to power the new RTX GPUs.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Corsair-RMx-Series-850W-PSU-80-Plus-Gold-Fully-Modular-ATX-Power-Supply-Unit/362472826316?hash=item54651065cc:g:z1sAAOSwN5Zb1ofG:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4210!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

    $217.25 with PARTY21

    If you missed out

  • I purchased one but I just realised it doesn’t state anywhere if it’s the V2 version that’s slightly smaller than the first version. The photos of the 850W are the V1. Guess will find out when it comes?

    • From the webpage, the MPN is CP-9020180-AU, which is 2018 version. the 2015 version should be CP-9020093-AU.

      • Oh thanks for the info! Is the MPN stated as being CP-9020180-AU somewhere on the eBay listing or are you referring to a different webpage? I couldn’t see it anywhere

        • I meant on it's stated on Futu's eBay webpage as CP-9020180-AU, i.e. 2018 version. It could be the stock photos are not up to date.

  • I now regret getting the 650w version in my current build.

    • for PSU, it's always good to buy them way over your need, since their warranty is like 10 years and that's easily 2-3 new systems

    • It's not a big deal to be honest. If you must get RTX 3080, sell that PSU and get a new one.

    • 650w is the sweet spot for efficiency when your pc is under normal load.. you might still get by with 650w if you don't have too many peripherals

  • Will prices go up or down after Corsair IPO?

  • Can anyone confirm whether the new RTX3080 GPUs need a more powerful power supply? What's recommended? I bought the NZXT H1 recently and I'm looking to replace that power supply. I guess the new power supply must not be too big either as the case is tiny. Thanks in advance.

    • I have the same case and people say it is fine with the stock PSU if you don't run a power hungry system. So it depends on your CPU and if you are OCing or not. You could also undervolt/underclock the GPU to lower it's consumption. I would not replace until I exhausted all the methods mentioned above since you are sinking another ~$200 for a PSU when the case already costs $600ish.

    • From what I read, nVidia recommend 750w and depending on which brand you may require 3x8 pin to power the card.

    • It recommends 750w, but a quality 650w would suffice. If you look to overclock, then definitely 750w+ depending on components.

    • Gamers nexus showed a high end system with 10900k and a 2080Ti only used 470W max with 100% load on cpu and gpu. The 3080 is only a few watts more than a 2080Ti. A 650w quality PSU will do it easily IMO.

  • For anyone that missed out, PCBYTE also sells it for $215 pick up or + Delivery

    Bought exact one same last week.

  • Is Corsair generally considered to be the best power supply manufacturer? How does EVGA or Gigabyte stack up?

  • Ordered one for about $218… I'm OK with that price… Free shipping etc