What and Where Was The BEST Customer Service You've Ever Received?

Shout out to the companies that provide the best service for online ordering. What is the best customer service experience you've had?

Here is mine. I was blown away by the service, price and prompt delivery, and extremely impressed when I got this email:

"A message from the Director of Addicted To Audio

Addicted To Audio [email protected]
Fri, Sep 4, 9:03 AM (4 days ago)

Hi Paul,

George here, Director of Addicted To Audio.

I know you have a choice when making a purchase and as such, I just wanted to personally say 'thank you so much' for choosing to shop with us. If you have any feedback or just want to say 'hi', please reply to this email. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for your business, it is appreciated.

George Poutakidis
Addicted To Audio"

My response: "Dear Addicted To Audio,

I wanted to thank you for your astonishing product, price point and service. I will definitely be buying again. I am seriously impressed with the whole experience!"

Definitely +1 for https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/ (I am not associated with this store, just a happy customer).

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  • +56

    Qantas. Always got me home safe, no crashes.

    • +2

      Well, that's definitely a plus :D

    • -22

      Wait wasn't there, wait no that was that malaysian airline or some other…..nevermind…

      • +8

        A backspace to your whole comment would save you from NEVER MIND

    • -1

      +1 Qantas
      Always got my peanuts, no starvation.

      • +1

        I'd like to have my macadamia nuts served on a plate, not in a closed bag…^

    • +4

      Giving that as a reason why they give the best service is essentially saying anyone who doesn't kill you is delivering amazing service

      • anyone who doesn't kill you is delivering amazing service

        Unless your doing suicide by hitman, then it's terrible service.
        (kinda dark for R U OK day, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

      • Anyone who doesn't kill you only makes you live longer.

      • I’d be pretty pissed if I went to Dignitas and I was still alive.

    • +4

      Domestic stick up the ass attitude compared to other airlines, customer service for me is low, but yes no crashes - But there might be soon with the latest news of exporting service work overseas to reduce costs.

      International are good though

      • +1

        But you get a free mini bottle of wine!

      • +1

        international are OK. my preference is emirates. the BEST in flight entertainment in the sky (I remember watching the british F1 GP live a few years ago on an A380). the food is excellent even in ecconomy and nice friendly staff.

        the only reason ive taken qantas the last 4 times i have is thanks to the non-stop perth london flight skipping dubai or singapore

        • I always try to fly emirates too. The only downside is announcements take twice as long as they do it in 2 languages.

    • +3

      I used to fly with various airlines multiple times per month. Compared to the customer service provided by other airlines, definitely not Qantas.

    • +2

      thanks rain man

    • +7

      I've found Qantas in-flight service to be pretty poor and unfriendly in general. Often found myself freezing on flights too…
      Try to fly Emirates when I can and the service in general is heapps better.
      I have to admit though that I have never died on a Qantas flight.

      • If you typed the above, you have not died on any flight. 🙂

    • +2

      flying home with Qantas for work, I struck up a conversation with the steward about wine. When I mentioned I had an upcoming wedding he gave me an unopened bottle of the wine I was drinking to take home to the wife and congratulated us.

      Memorable experience, to the point were I even remembered his name.

      • Customer for life for ~$18
        I got a bottle of bubbly on Virgin when I mentioned it was my birthday (domestic seat 1A using points). Would fly again, if I didn’t empty my Velocity account a few months ago…

  • +44

    American Express, not only super friendly but very knowledgeable and quick to get things done

    • +2


      Missed a payment and called them up to tell them I was one day late. Not an issue they said, they'll reverse any charges!
      They were so kind and helpful I nearly felt bad not paying them interest lol =p

    • The one and only time I've had to do a CC dispute was through AMEX, and admittedly thought I'd have a tough time getting a claim through. But AMEX were great and super quick to get the transaction reversed with no fuss. It's nice when a business can help take some of the stress out of a stressful situation.

  • +34

    My local massage joint, I hate it when it ends but still walk out happy. I also get the personal 'thank you so much' and 'come back soon'.

    • +25

      It sounds like the ending of every massage is happy. Good to know.

      • +25

        Username checks out

        • +4

          this is the most hilarious "username checks out" comment I've ever read. LOL

        • omg 🤣

    • Happy ending? Name of massage parlour, asking for a friend.

  • +12

    Shoutout to @Bukkake (MilkMilk) for the quality gelato and personally calling each buyer to ensure they are satisfied with their order. Great service.

    • +39

      Bukake and gelato should NEVER go in the same sentence

      • +1

        I know we're joking and all about the dirty meaning, but 'bukkake udon' has always been a thing and it's really good. Here's a Japanese place in Perth that offers bukkake noodle. Up to you whether you want to go grab a gelato afterwards :)


    • +3

      Is that a typo, a joke, or a business that's doing some sort of cross-sell or promotion.

      • +1

        Bukkake and gelato in 3 sentences now. Not a joke and hopefully no cross-selling happening (or else I may puke).

        • I just wonder if they have the option of cream on top.

      • Bukkake is the store reps username here on OzB

  • +12

    This one is a bit of stretch, but I bought a brand new PS Vita from a Sony store in Hong Kong in 2015. The guy gave me a free memory card, and after I paid for it he opened the box and helped show me that everything was working before he sent me home with it.

    I found it kind of weird at first as I'm the type who likes unboxing things, but I found it really reassuring that I knew everything worked before I got on the plane home a few days later. Does anyone know if this is a cultural thing for Hong Kong, or was this just a once off?

    • +16

      It's common in some of the smaller electronics shops in Asia. They open the product up in front of you, load in SD cards etc and make sure everything is working before you leave.

    • +1

      Don't know, but it's definitely extra helpful service!

    • +4

      Had a similar experience in Taiwan many moons ago at a tiny electronics store. The owner was super into what he sold and knew all the products inside out. When he found out I am not local he advised me on what to get as it has less failure rate and fully checked the item for me. Super genuine guy and I have sent many people his way since then… So good customer service and product knowledge does pay off.

    • can confirm that this is a common practice in HK

    • There are a number of scam stories of people getting home to realise they didn’t get what they paid for. Might be related to that.

    • +1

      I can only speak for Vietnam; they set everything up in the store for you whether that be a laptop, console, phone, etc before you leave. I personally hate it because they always take eternity but that is seen as normal here. Also, they only hire hot girls here which is a bonus for the lads

    • I got an iphone from Vodafone about 4 months ago and they had me open it in store to check for damage. makes sense

  • +22

    More BS gorilla marketing on OZB for those who don't get it .

    • +1

      Just trying to even up the score a bit after all the Jaycar-bashing I've done lately. No guerrilla marketing intended :)

      • +11

        You clearly don't know the difference between an automated email and a genuine one. Don't get me wrong, it's still better to get an email from them appreciating you, than not to get one, but to think that an actual person wrote it specifically for you, you are a bit gullible.

        Edit: BTW, did they respond to your reply?

        • -4

          Yes, they did respond. I am aware it's a form email. But it's the thought that counts. It is more genuine than a lot of customer service experiences I've had.

          • +2

            @techfixes: Is it the thought that counts or the actual service ?

    • +14

      gorilla marketing

      • +24

        Is that when a guy in a gorilla suit is waving a pizza sign around?

    • +4

      Do you mean Guerrilla marketing?

      Frankly, I think Gorilla warfare was what was happening on Planet of the Apes.

    • +1

      Give them a break. Convincing someone to buy a gorilla is tough.

      • But it can sit anywhere it wants.

  • +54

    Amazon Prime hands down.
    I'm aware they have overseas call centers etc., but each and every interaction I've had was hassle free and my issue was sorted out within minutes, whether it is a return, refund or a product related question.

    • Good to know. I haven't really dipped my toes into the Amazon world very much yet.

    • agree - any issue if resolved quickly

      e.g. if they miss a delivery window and you contact them, they'll often give you a $10 credit

      • Totally agree - have had numerous refunds and got to keep the goods. Always happy with their service!

        • I had a 36 pack of classic coke that was 4 days overdue

          Chatted with them online and they said they will send out a replacement and the other missing one rocked up the next day

          Told them about the old one rocking up but they still sent out the replacment anyway

    • Amazon regardless customer service has always been top notch, even when they found out I wasn't in the USA witha fake address, they still kept my account for future purchases, this is what customer service should be.

  • +23

    Amazon Prime.

    Delivery has been magnificent to the point I am hoping they are not using Australia Post. Deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

    and CashRewards

    Yes their % ain't great in many instances but never once got problem (not user-initiated error but Cashrewards' initiated error) with cashback process.

    • I was at a tech conference around the time when Amazon announced they were coming to Australia for deliveries, and an auspost presenter floated the idea that they'd be pitching to handle deliveries for them ("we already have the infrastructure and the scale!"). I just shook my head. Their best product, Parcel Lockers, is just a dodgy way to outsource last mile delivery to the recipient instead of having to actually do their job delivering themselves. I suspect Amazon do NOT use auspost, or if they do, they have some strongly worded contracts that make a better delivery experience. Any amazon delivery I get actually ends up at my front door of my apartment. Any auspost delivery - "sorry we missed you" card in the mailbox EVERY time. I know they're not even attempting delivery, because I'm working from home and and here all day.

      • +2

        They definitely do use AusPost. It's a massive pain for me. They seem to deliver every item I buy to the local post office first, and then I get a message saying I need to come and pick it up. Then the next day it gets delivered.
        Drives me crazy.

      • I love the parcel lockers. We have nowhere to drop off a package so there is no “dispute” as to whether something has been delivered. If it isn’t in the parcel locker it never made it to the end point. Actually I’m pretty keen in Auspost, you can track your parcel and they send you messages so you know when to pick up and when pickup has been completed. Certainly better than some of the other couriers people have sent me stuff with.

        Amazon does use Auspost; never had an issue with them.

    • Delivery on weekends and the ability to schedule the time of delivery (up to 7pm iirc) when I was in Japan was awesome.

      • That would be helpful. I would be happy with morning, afternoon or evening.

    • +1

      I've had a few of my USA sourced products handed to Aramex (fastway) who can then sometimes outsource to "Blu" (uber style courier service that aramex own) and it hasn't ever really been a good experience. Missed deliveries means redelivery whenever the driver feels like it or a trek across town to pick it up myself

      The stuff that goes through auspost (Startrack) is always delivered no matter what.

      • Fastway is a nightmare. I prefer to drive down to Geelong to pick up my wine rather than get them to send it to me via Fastway.

  • +2

    I remember when I purchased something and got an auto generated email from the eBay seller.

    Popculcha is my legit answer, recently got a Flocked pop from a twin pack and one was damaged, the guy in email support has sent me near daily emails letting me know the status of my replacement, which he had to go looking into the warehouse for a returned twin pack with the correct pop undamaged. Most places would have just refunded the whole product requiring me to go out and spend $30 more since i got a bargain in the first place.

    • +1 Popcultcha! Got a pop missing a part from their stall at a con and only realised when I got home. Sent them an email with photos and they sent a new, undamaged pop to me. Amazing service!

  • +1

    I have many amazing travel experiences, wish the world was a healthier place so we can continue and live our best life whatever that may be - after all, we have only once chance at this life and we are only guaranteed today.

  • +27

    Amazon. Consistently good CS.

    extremely impressed when I got this email:

    LOL that email is 100% automated. And no one replies to that email. The normal course of action is UNSUBSCRIBE.

    How much did they give you for posting this?

    • -20

      Automated or not, it shows they care (unlike Jaycar), although Jaycar does care enough to repeatedly email me to remind me to buy things I've looked at on their page……

  • +23

    Appliances online, on Sunday Morning (fathers day) just passed, our Washing machine finally died (pretty sure it was the drain pump), it had been playing up for a while, it was a Whirlpool sports front loader 10KG and served us well (about 9 years) but was starting to do weird things over the last 3 months.

    We had a choice to maker on a Sunday, to wait until Monday to get an appliance guy out to fix it (possible days until they can get a part if they could even get the part) or bite the bullet and buy the Bosch 10KG unit we had looked at previously, checked out pricing and reviews online and decided to check out Appliances online as they offer free removal of the old unit and the price for the unit was the same as Harvey Norman including the delivery, connection and removal.

    The web chat option popped up while I was browsing and deciding and I started to chat with the young lady, I asked what the possibility for a delivery next day and she asked for my postcode and phone number, 2 minutes later my phone rung and it was the young lady, within 5 minutes I had purchased the unit.

    New unit was delivered and installed, old unit removed and we were washing by Midday Monday. Couldn't believe how quick it was and smooth it all was, even the communication text messages to say our unit was on the truck early in the morning, expected time slot, the call when they were 30 mins away, and the Covid check over the phone (checking if we were in isolation, had we returned from overseas etc).

    Have to say amazing considering we are in a stage 4 lock down in Melbourne, will definitely use them again.

    • +7

      Appliances Online have been good. No doubt about it!

    • They are fantastic, had a similar situation with a failed LG machine. I couldn't make up my mind about top/front load, ApplianceOnline advised me on a Bosche and told me if I am not happy with it for any reason I can swap it out with whatever I want from them within 14 days! And same ordeal, of order 9pm and get it delivered next day by 10am! Even though I have bought from them before they still amaze me every time with their speed, customer service and friendly staff!
      Now compare this to the good guys/hardly normal, they make me feel like they are doing me a favour letting me purchase from them!!! ugh.

    • Yep, I was impressed with the experience too. Glee my. Ind that they had stock so close to me.

    • This mob is awesome. Free delivery and removal of old unit. A+

    • We buy a stack of stuff from them and they are generally very good, its a shame about some of the tradesmen they use that come to do the installations which have been hit and miss.

    • I had a similar positive experience with appliances online. It's almost like they know the value of customer service and word-of-mouth recommendations…

  • +6

    Not online but in Japan whilst I was holding a coffee cup in a department store looking for a bin a staff came up and offered to take it. Like a cabin attendant on a plane, except I was just browsing and not even buying anything.

    • +30

      You would still be holding it today if you had to find a bin yourself over there!

  • +6


    • +1

      I can vouch for this.

      Purchased an iPhone 5C overseas May 2014 and Jun 2016 the battery in the phone expanded so much it came off the casing.
      Purchased a Macbook Pro Dec 2016 and in July 2018 the screen was faulty.

      Both times I didn't purchase applecare and both times it was repaired by Apple for free.

    • +2

      Definitely. Faulty keyboard in Macbook Pro 15 inch, a well known problem. 9 months later, they refunded the whole machine & I walked out of the store with a new model 16-inch for a lower price than the one I had just returned.

    • +2

      Came here to say this too. I had a dodgy internet connection when I was updating to the latest OS and stuffed my computer. I ended up with a tech, Brad in Brisbane, who emailed me his contact details after we realised the fix was beyond my internet's ability. When I finally (1 month later) had good internet, I emailed Brad who called me back to help with the issue. I think Brad spent nearly 5 hours with me in total and apple didn't charge a penny. No apple care and my computer is 7 years old.

      Shout out to Brad from Apple. You were seriously awesome. I can't thank you enough.

      • +3

        Meanwhile Brad looses his job for not meeting KPIs

    • +1

      Yep. Had an iMac that was playing up a 23 month after i bought it. Spent a few months trying to sort it out, by now out of warranty. Apple replaced all inside except for the hard drive. Pretty much a new iMac. Showed up that way on my account as well, got a free year of apple tv+ out of it as well.

    • +1

      Agree, I've had some great luck with Apple service. One time I accidentally cracked the monitor on my Macbook Pro. Out of warranty even I think, but I was in the Apple Developer program (costs $100 per year). Went to my local Mac repair shop and they told me to piss off (more or less), called Apple Care and they agreed to fix it for free. Took it back to the same local Mac repair shop and they had to fix it for me without charging me (I guess they charge Apple).

    • +1

      Apple hands down. I've mentioned this before in a previous forum about why i choose Apple. Their after care support is unmatched.

      I remember i had an iphone 7 plus that was uncased and scratched from dropping it. It also had a sim tray that was not flush as the rubber seal was causing issues. Long story short they just replaced the whole thing which i was extremely happy with as i got a new unscratched iphone.

      This is just one example. I've had numerous experiences similar to this.

    • +1

      Faultless service for the 2 issues I've had in 15 years or so of owning their stuff.

      1- An iphone with network signal difficulties which after a phone call then a store visit was replaced and issue resolved. (ELF, inside 14 days)

      2- 27" iMac that a couple of years outside of warranty and even after I'd told them i'd taken the thing apart and exactly what level of troubleshooting i'd done they took the machine in, I didn't have to hunt for an invoice or anything more than show some ID, repaired in 2 days for free as it was a GPU that failed but had been part of a recall which we never knew about.
      Was happy to have paid if there was a repair cost or if it required new hardware but even 2-3 years outside of warranty they gave me zero grief and just fixed it.

      Yes it was a recall, however many times these things are far more difficult than they should be to get done as I've experienced elsewhere.

  • +3

    I bought a desktop from JB Hi-Fi but there was some barcode error and I was given the wrong item. The box looked appropriately sized for a desktop so didn't double check in store. After I realised the mix-up, I called up the store and notified them of the error. Received a call from a manager about 5 minutes later saying that they were actually out of stock for the desktop I bought but could give me the upgraded version at the staff discount rate (but he had to add $1 because it couldn't be equal to the staff discount).

    • +2

      So JB Hifi managed to upsell you?

  • -3

    Good service 🤣

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