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Kai Shun Classic Chefs Kitchen Knife 20cm DM0706 - $153.07 + Shipping (Free with Amazon Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Reasonably cheap compared to Kitchen Warehouse ($229) and Amazon's usual price (average of $200): https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B0000Y7KNQ

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Could have been useful for the Ex-wife. Wldnt ever need sharpening.

  • The piece set looks like a much better deal @ $352.03

    Shun Classic Set, 4 Piece, Chefs, Paring Knife, and Honing Steel with Block, DMS0415, 4 pc, Silver

    • Isn't that an extra ~$200 for a paring knife, honing steel, and a small block? That doesn't seem like great value but I don't value a honing steel or block that highly.

  • This a "fair" price or reasonable price for the specs, but not a steal. Not sure about how Covid may have affected knife prices but its not brilliant tbh.
    Fair point about compared to how much kitchenwarehouse currently sell it for, but i wouldnt buy it at their prices either.

    May be worthwhile holding out a little longer until October - December if you arent desperate!

  • How these compare to the $4 kiwi knives at your local asian grocery store?

    • These are better

    • Same joke in two days.. C'mon man, you can do better than that.

    • Can't get VG10 for $4

    • Depends what you want to use them for.

      Kiwi knives are quite good because they're sharp, thin and flexible, but they arent brilliant when you want to do speed processing (e.g. tap chopping etc). They make good knives to do paring and maybe filleting.

      Kiwi knives wont hold their edge as long, but when they're that cheap you can buy 10 of them (i dont endorse this though, disposal of knives is a problem).

      If you don't care too much about the swanky damascus finish, the Tojiro from this deal will give you 95% of the cutting experience, about 75% of the comfort for about 2/3 of the price (If you factor in the tojiro is 240mm might say its "half" the price).

      • I was initially annoyed after buying the Tojiro and seeing the Shun go on sale the next day, but then I saw the 20cm vs 24cm. I actually need the length for more easily slicing striploin into steaks, so I'm not unhappy with my purchase. I do really like that finish though…one day

    • Haha those really are the best value. They're surprisingly good. These will hold an edge much longer and feel much fancier though, which can make cooking feel more fun if you're appreciating the knife. But those seem considerably better than anything from kmart for example, and for much less. And you don't have to worry about how you look after it, you can just buy another haha. So horses for courses

  • how does this compare with the premier version?

    • same VG-MAX Core, same HRC and layers of steel. Only different finishing and handle colour.
      Classic is Polished and blasted. Premier is Polished,hammered and blasted, so having beautiful dots.
      There should be little performance difference.

  • A beautiful knife. Though I have upgraded from Victorinox to Global and Wusthof 👍. All are awesome quality knives.

    • Interesting.
      Part of the reason the Victorinox is so good is that the stainless steel that they use has a very tight grain structure comparable to some carbon steel knives. Going from victorinox to global seems like a "downgrade" to me (in terms of steel performance), but cant account for profile and other things that might suit you better.

      • For me the Global's handles well, sharp and good ergonomics. Some people I know really don't like the handle ergonomics (being "slippery" when handling meats etc etc) of the Global's but i don't mind the dimpled handle n grip n overall handling.

        Though the Wusthof Classic is my go to knife and my favourite. The Germans make a good knife. End of the day all 3 use good materials but comes down to price and personal preference, to me it was an upgrade :-)
        I remember many years ago being gifted my first chefs knife from my folks.

        Is it worth double the price verses the Victorinox Fibrox? I guess that's entirely subjective n different for many people esp if your a professional chef vs your average person, but I do still have my Victorinox Fibrox Chefs knife and a paring knife which gets some use when I help with my bros catering business. They are all decent knives.

        • Steel quality on the fibrox is pretty good but id never buy one. The profile doesnt appeal to me.
          After owning a few very good knives i've come to appreciate comfort is probably the most important factor, price is secondary.

          No point grabbing a "bargain" if you arent going to use it because its uncomfortable. May as well spend more and get something thats comfortable and that you can see yourself using for hours everyday.

  • Shun have a lifetime sharpening service and great customer service.