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20% off Motorola's: Moto Edge 5G 128GB $799 | Moto G8+ 64GB $319 | Moto G8 64GB $239.20 | Moto G8 Power Lite $199.20 @ JB Hi-Fi


20% Motorola Phones at JB HIFI

Edge 5G Solar Black $799 (was $999)
G8 Plus $319 (was $399)
G8 Pearl White $239.20 (was $299)
G8 Neon Blue $239.20 (was $299)
G8 Power Lite Royal Blue $199.20 (was $249)

Motorola razr (Limited Edition Gold) or Noir Black $1439

Motorola e6S 32GB (Peacock Blue) $143.20

Remember to purchase with discounted JB gift cards e.g. through AGL Rewards.

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  • Edge 5G is good,

    but G9 Plus is about to drop, which should push G8 Plus (still running android 9) further down.

  • Been keeping an eye on G8+. Lowest it's been was $305. Hoping it will drop soon.

  • Thank you OP for posting. It is good to see the various options to upgrade for us Moto fans and it also helps to weigh up 5G benefits over cost.

  • Love Motorola phones

  • See the Bonus Offer, maybe add to the title:-

    Purchase the Motorola Razr or Motorola Edge and get Bonus Motorola VerveBuds 110 Wireless Headphones via redemption! Offer valid until September 15 2020.


  • +2 votes

    Dammit, now I wish I didn't get the nokia from Amazon UK, this is much better for the same price!

    Just wish they would put wireless charging in them! (Instead of reserving it for high end phones)

    • I feel the same about decent cameras. I am perfectly happy with midrange phones but if prefer the better camera of a flagship - even if it added another $50 to the price.

      • This. I've looked for a few years and it doesn't seem to happen. A very good camera and 5000mah battery and relatively pure android. The rest is not so important. This G series is as close as it gets.

  • EDGE 5G
    LG Velvet 128GB 5G (Aurora Grey)

    • velvet……based on my experience. just had too send back an edge due to numerous screen issues and sound problems. seems to be a lot of people having problem with their units

      • thank you

        • no worries don't get wrong edge is good in theory and great at that price especially when considering this is the dna of the pixel from hardware perspective (software is great and close to stock though moto has dropped ball from update perspective). there are just too many issues with their curved screen atm. u could take a gamble and pick one up……my local jb were pretty good and easy in dealing with my refund

  • I'd buy the e6s but 2gb ram isn't going to run smoothly.

    how's everyone's experience with g8 power lite?

  • well this would be why they are going to clear them:


    released yesterday.

    • Motorola dont learn (or its a secret strategy);

      G9 Plus - Android 10, 11 was released yesterday, only gets 1 upgrade typically, 11 is the last.
      G9 - Probably will release with 11 and get 12.
      G9 Power/Lite - Probably will release with 11 and get 12.

      • yeah, but when have you really gone, gee i wish i really had anything more than 7 because i cant do xyz, i guess maybe i just dont use the features of my phone, that said i am on a work phone on android 10, so i cant comment about older versions too much. wife has a g6, does everything we need them to do. (though web browsing, netflix, movies, youtube etc arent too taxing)

        the only reason i personally want the later OS is to support more applications, most of which typically cut off before OS Version 6 or 7 or so - so its not really an issue.

        could be wrong though.

        was going to upgrade her phone to this, but with the G9's launching, id rather spend the extra 20% and get something thats going to last an extra year or so - IE im more concerned about the hardware specs than the phone OS.

        • "the only reason i personally want the later OS is to support more applications, most of which typically cut off before OS Version 6 or 7 or so - so its not really an issue."

          That's the ONLY issue to me, especially if you use banking/NFC, "oh your OS is too old, please update as we dont support this OS anymore."

          I'm honestly considering going back to Samsung, just for the promised 3 OS versions.

          • @GTR12: but does that even happen to anything newer than like lollipop (almost!)
            heck Oreo is still getting security updates even!

            • @wisc: Depends on the manufacturer for security updates, some are good, others not so.

              As for "anything newer than lollipop" who knows when the next round of requirements are? 64bit? a specific security chip?

  • will officeworks pricebeat?

    • They should according to there Price Beat Guarantee

      "Our Price Beat Guarantee (PBG) means that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor (even if it's on sale), we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%".

    • Yes, I was able to get 5% off over the phone and then proceed with click and collect in Victoria.

    • different model/sku number on the sites, I probably could have gotten them to price match but none at my local officeworks,but, with the G9 coming out with its bigger screen and bigger battery, id rather just pay the extra 50 odd bux and get that when i can.

  • How's the camera on the G8?

  • Whats the screen toughness like on the G8 power lite? Moto phones typically have a tough screen

  • Thanks OP! Ordered a G8 Pearl White. Worked out $231.20 delivered using $200 in gift cards @ 4% off.