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Ozito 2400w 3-in-1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher $49.95 @ Bunnings


2400 watt motor – makes light work of tidying up the garden
Variable speed 160-270km/h - ensures greater control when blowing different materials
10:1 mulching ratio - reduce large piles of garden waste into easily manageable mulch
Single action lever - quickly adjusts from blow to vacuum mode
Large 40L collection bag - catches all the debris for easy composting
The Ozito Blower Vacuum BLV-2401 provides a complete solution to your garden maintenance needs with the 3 in 1 blower, vacuum and mulching functions.

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  • It's been that price $49 since Oct 2018 though, with a recent 95c bump.

  • +3 votes

    Normal price is $49, why is $49.95 a Bargain ?

  • I've used these before. They are largely useless.

    Whilst it advertises so much km/h speed of air, it's the amount of it which is the key.

    Petrol models blow a lot more air.

    • second this! I fell for the cheap $49.95 price, this thing is garbage….vacuum and mulch both functions suck!

      • Mulching works ok for us though gets clogged as the leaves are gigantic. Dont really use the blower, have a better one for that.

    • They are largely useless.

      Agreed! and they are LOUD!

    • I got one a few weeks ago, and so far I love it.
      I'm not bothered about the mulching, but the vaccum is great for $50.

  • This $49.95 Ozito model (BLV-2401) has plastic blades, so the mulching isn't that great. The BLV-2402 for $109 and some accessories, it's much better for mulching but double the price of course.

    Note that these have increased in price slightly since I last looked at them in June. The BLV-2401 is $49.95 now, up from $49. The BLV-2402 $109 up from $99.

  • We have one at our work, it's fine for vacuuming/blowing leaves. In fact I bought one for home as I was quite happy with it.
    The only issue, the zip on the mulch bag has become faulty and you'll discover that all your leaves that you've vaccumed have been mulched up and blown back
    onto the path that you were cleaning in the first place. For 50 bucks it's pretty good, and yes technically not a deal as I paid the same price for this last year!!

  • too noisy 😡 mods!! 😡 can you ban these noisy devices of SATAN

    • haha leaf blower go brrr @ 6AM

      & No we can't ban leaf blowers. Perhaps invest in some noise cancelling Bose earbuds.

  • Wow…check the price of the replacement bag

    • yep, the vacuum works well enough but the bag will only last you 4-5 times and then you might as well buy another one. Just more disposable tech, ink printers, blowers, …

      • I find the vacuum becomes fundamentally useless after 10 minutes of use due to stuff clogging up the intake.

  • Had one of these: it both sucked and blowed, but not in a good way. Pretty sure I got it for under $30. This It now full price - no deal 🙅🏼‍♂️

  • Normal price, no bargain. Also, if you buy one, stock up on spare bags, since it doesn’t mulch sticks enough to prevent them tearing holes in the bag.

  • This thing 'sucks' 😉🤭

  • We have this and while its not a real deal, for $50, its ok, nothing special, but it does the job.. have been happy enough with it.
    Anything double or triple the price should damn well be streaks ahead…

    • Agree, both suction and blower modes are OK. Mulching works. Bag is still in good condition after 3+years. It is noisy but I use ear muffs. Works well enough for the price.

  • i owned this and ended up getting rid of it and buying a better one - not powerful enough to do its job properly. not a good deal even at a lower price than this.

  • The bags tear so easily! Of course they will sell you another bag at half the price of the initial unit.

  • ok so here is the thing,, its not bad for small areas or to blow some extra cut grass or some small leaves, off the walkway., same goes for mulching,, fine with small stuff,
    Agreed not a bargain and not powerful enough..
    I use my headphones while using it as its way too loud for my liking….

  • +2 votes

    Personally - I don't "enjoy" using corded gardening tools - from my own experience, I use a corded mower (chosen for the price, motor power, smallish lawn). The hassle of plugging it, lugging around a (extension) cord and unroll/roll the cord, etc etc… in the long run the management of the cord stacks up, that accumulation of this time is more valuable doing other things (e.g. OzB, shopping :D)… after using a corded gardening tool - you might have to ask "R U OK?" ;)

  • Works well enough to blow leaves and grass. Havent tried the other functions

  • Totally rubbish compared to dewalt and Milwaukee and ego blowers

  • Now $35 for those subscribed.

  • Saw today at Bunnings Fyshwick (ACT) for $19!