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Ozito 2400W 3 in 1 Electric Blower Vacuum & Mulcher $35 (Was $49.95) @ Bunnings


$15 Price drop.

This is the BLV-2401 model with plastic blades for mulching (the BLV-2402 has metal blades, but is $109). It does the job for everyday/normal use however.

Available in store / click & collect / contactless drive & collect or + delivery.

Note: This is a blower AND mulcher (2 functions).

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  • Good price, only a little more that the bag itself.

    I have one of these and not bad for basic stuff. I find it can get clogged up occasionally requiring you to take bag off and pull blocked stuff out. The bag could be a bit stronger ideally (mine has some small holes in it now so bit of dust from sucked up dirt escapes)

    But for the $ pretty ok

    • A little duct tape on the inside of the bag can fix the small holes.

      • Yeah have started doing that but end up falling off :) might try some of these iron on patches to fix them though misplaced them atm!

  • Wierd question but if I take the mulching blades off, can I use this to "vacumn" bulk mulch/soil into my wheelbarrow so I don't have to scoop it up?

    I'm planning on getting a couple of cubic m3 and can't be assed shovelling.

    • That won’t work. After it has sucked it out it will spit it out everywhere, it won’t be confined to the size of a wheelbarrow space.

    • It's probably not powerful enough on the highest setting (I have one, and although powerful, not great at large stuff that doesn't break up easily, eg, twigs/leaves from gumtrees).
      It might do nice and dry mulch, just take the bag off and duct-tape some tubing to the bag connection, just don't expect it to blow the stuff very far down a tube at the other end. But then again, at this price, could experiment and see how you go.

      I use this mainly for vacuuming gumnuts off my front lawn, makes a hell of a racket as they whirl around the insides but works enough for my usage.

  • Can they just mulch leaves er small branches too?

    • It will mulch leaves but anything heavier just doesn't get sucked up. Even really big leaves like those star ones bigger than ya hand can be a little tricky as gets clogged.

  • Thinking to buy this to blow dry the car after wash.

  • Would this be okay for cleaning up fallen blossoms from trees etc?

    • Maybe, though in my experience they tend to want to fall apart. If its on a solid surface just use a blower to push them outa the way.

  • What will we do to recreate the droney sound of petrol blowers in the suburbs once everyone starts using electric ones?

    (Sarcastic, I’m really looking forward to the end of anything petrol).

  • Great for cleaning dust out of your PC.

    Just open the case, take it outside and blast it with the blower.

  • Had this exact blower. It sucked… No really. It is a piece of crap, it ended up at the tip after about 6 months.

    • Was it any strong? I just need to blow out leave that gets in my garage

      • Yes. I've had mine a couple of years. Use it regularly as a blower only for the purpose you describe and highly recommend. You will need extension cord though.

    • Maybe you were just unlucky. I've had mine for years. Works really well. Bag usually wears out before anything else.

    • I've been using mine for almost a decade (might be a different model number but I doubt it). Replaced the bag twice, Other than that no complaints.

  • I placed a click-and-collect order, but didn't receive an order confirmation?

    edit: Never mind. The confirmation email took ~15 minutes to arrive.

  • Mine lasted about 18 months before the vacuum stopped. I'd almost be tempted to go again at $49.

  • Would these Vacs be good enough to vacuum up the little pine cones? Can anyone tell me if you can de-activate the mulch function?

    • There isn't a way to deactivate mulch. It's just got option to blow/suck … and a strength setting (which I just typically leave on "max")

    • Wouldn't use it to suck up small pine cones, they would shatter the plastic blades of the vacuum/mulcher.

  • I had exactly same model for about 3 years, and used only 2 times and sold on gumtree. It useless to me because the whole idea of a blower is saving some time rather than using a broom. A corded blower takes more time to me to prepare 15m extension lead and put it back. Just got a cordless blower to save some time.

    • I have this one and use it primarily to vacuum… I also have an Ego cordless blower which CRUSHES the blowing power on this (and is a crap tonne more portable / quicker to use adhoc)

      Agree with your comment that if you were just blowing, a cordless blower (good quality) will serve you better…

  • You’ll have to spend more on an extension cord. The one that come attached is not even a metre long.

  • I dont really care if this can blow leaves or mulch effectively. Serious question….is this is loud enough to wake my constantly noisy and inconsiderate neighbours on a Sunday morning?

  • Oh I bought it 2 weeks ago from Bunnings for 50$, any chance of getting refund or store credit?

  • The Aldi one which is probably from the same basic factory I got from a few years back still works but it has had close calls where it looks like it died. Only use it a few times each year. Typically when I've been impatient and vacuumed up damp stuff.

    Wonder if it's worth picking up a backup at $35…

  • Is this what you call bait?

    That is as you approach to pick it up… a van comes by and take you away to be 'spoken to' by some yankee specialists…

  • Bunnings vs regional WA. No delivery :(

  • Is this good to vacuum water?

    As in rain water that gets accumulated on the cement in the backyard.

  • Excuse my naive question, I have this and like some others said used it only a few times in the year. I use it mainly as a blower to blown away grass cuttings off the concrete. I get the vacuum bit but what is mulching and how does that work? The only two modes I see are blow and vacuum. Does it mulch automatically? And am I supposed to be using the mulch instead of throwing it away ?

    • Whatever it sucks up it will mulch. Spread the mulch on your garden.

      • Thanks Rod! So that means its automatic mulching and I should be spreading the mulch in my garden instead of throwing it. Will try that - Cheers!

  • Bought one this morning. Can't wait to unbox it. Thanks OP :)

  • Just got one, This thing is sweet for $35. Was still ticketed at $49 at my local.

    Ill use this to dry my car.
    Or hang outside my window and use as boost.

  • Would this be a any good for blowing leaves out of gutters or just too bulky?

  • How good it is to blow dust from the cement instead of sweeping (backyard)?

  • +2 votes

    Now $29 to beat Coles who have dropped the price.