Boost Prepaid $243.50 | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas | @ Cellmate


$1.50 cheaper than previous deal for single units with free delivery anywhere in Australia. Apply coupon BOOSTA in cart for the discount. Only while stocks last. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • 240GB data.
  • 12-month expiry.
  • Unlimited calls & text to standard national numbers.
  • Unlimited international calls & text to 30 selected countries + 3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected countries.
  • Stream Apple Music data free.

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  • TA! you missed the perfect opportunity to make the code 'BOOSTARSE'

  • Got one thanks op

  • OP, Is this a starter kit or recharge?

  • What’s the expiry please ?

  • Want to order a couple of them but worried about how long it will take to get here in Victoria

    • Took about 3 days sending through Toll. Super quick considering the COVID situation with slower postage.

    • +2 votes


      We are sending out MOST orders that fall in metro areas via Toll Priority overnight service and should reach Victoria in 48 to 72 hrs after pick up.

      Regional areas where Toll doesn't deliver we send via Australia post

  • How do people renew these plans? Any deals or plans or hacks or is it full priced after the first year?

    • Port out then back in again?

    • I just grab 2 hopefully postage doesn't take too long.

      The only hack I can think of is your need to port out with a cheap $2 SIM from another carrier and then port back in with one of these deals. Just relies on taking a month to do so maybe

      • Risky Business if you lose your number in frequent porting.

        • I don't like the the idea of frequent porting either. I've been stuck without service at a very bad time (family member became hospitalised) for 48 hours doing just this. When something happens like that, any saving seems pathetic compared to the inconvenience or situation faced.

          It'd be good if there were regular recharge deals to reward loyalty, but I guess many service providers use similar tactics these days.

          • @buffalo bill: You could simply just recharge for the cost

            The starter kits are always discounted, that is the reward. There's no loyalty scheme these days, people always expect it

            • @yellowfever: There are Boost recharge deals at retailers (ie, but they are nowhere near as frequent as the starter kits are.

              I'm sure most people who sign on base the service value proposition on the price they pay at that time. However, Boost have possibly done their sums to find most people simply recharge at the going rate rather than leave.

        • How would one lose their number from porting?

          • @mooturner: Yep it happens. It's unfortunately not like a banking transaction. One provider says we didn't get the number from the other, the other says sorry it's not with us and both say since you're not our customer don't call us.

  • Hi, my current plan will finish in early of Oct. Can anyone tell me whether I can buy the Sim now but activate until that time?

    Thank you guys.

    • I bought mine from the last deal a few days ago. That one has an expiry date of early November this year.

  • $1.5 cheaper, that's insane! Good job TA . Don't think they can go any cheaper than that

  • I don't understand why every time people have to ask expiry date and recharge date, why the seller has not mentioned in their description? Very frustrating.

  • Can the seller tell us what is the expiry date?

  • Wish Telstra 150gb Pre paid offer comes up this month.

  • What are my options? I'm a boost customer, my prepaid expires early Nov. I'm thinking to get woolworths prepaid as boos prepaid a aren't getting lower. Ideally I'd want 300gb boost plan.

    What's the best option to port our for a week or so before porting in as a new customer to boost? Cheapest prepaid our there?

  • Does it work when renewing or is it for new customers only?

    • New customers only. I am in the same boat. Will have port away to another provider and then port back in to Boost

  • any similar package from another provider? currently with Telstra and thinking of jump to a different provider and wait for a jbhifi Telstra deal to jump back to Telstra. I know boost is not considered as a non Telstra service for these jbhifi phone deals.

  • Don't they sell $150 plan anymore?

  • Unlimited IDD ends on 13 October though.

  • @tightarse can you confirm how long we have from purchase until we have to activate? I can't find any info on it

  • My previous order yet to come .

  • From 13 October 2020, international roaming will no longer be available

  • How long do you need to be away/port out, before you can port back in?

  • Recent message I received from Boost in regards to International Roaming

    we're always working to give our customers simple and great value products. We are making some changes behind the scenes, which means from 13 October, international roaming will no longer be available. But don't worry, it will be back in the future. Find out more and your options at

  • I got mine in less than 24 has i ordered it yesterday and got it today lol. I was so shocked. From WA to Sydney that quick. Amazing service

  • Does anyone know how to contact the Boost customer service,?I can't activate and port my current number at all…

  • So could i buy this today and recharge in december and it wont expire

  • Hi I ordered on Friday but haven’t received anything in the post yet. Haven’t got a confirmation email from Cellmate either apart from a Paypal receipt. How do I check if my order is on its way? I’m in Perth. Cheers



      Please pm us the name under which your order was placed.

      More than 95% of orders were shipped by Toll Priority overnight service and all customers were sent notification from Toll on the email address provided by customers. Please check your junk or spam folder for an email from Toll with the tracking details.
      Few orders were left as we ran out of Toll satchels but they too were dispatched by Tuesday.

      We are fulfilling most orders via Toll overnight service unless the postcode falls in an area where Toll priority does not provide overnight service.

  • Hi, We can activate this sim/ package by what date since I am already on a plan and it will expire in 2 months? Can I get this sim now and activate it in November 2020? Thanks

  • From memory direct Telstra customers can activate this starter pack but customer support have to send out a blank SIM first?

  • Would we be able to make calls to 1800, 1300, 13 numbers and set up personalised voicemail with this service? I am not getting a clear response from the Boost team.

  • I'm on Telstra post paid month to month plan.

    Am i able to port into this starter kit, any risks?

  • +2 votes

    Friends we are really happy to know that more than 90% of our customers are receiving their orders within 24 hours even in Victoria


    Friends we are dispatching all orders via Toll overnight service that we receive before 2 pm WA time.
    Only orders that are in regional areas and not serviced by Toll are being sent via Australia post.
    95% of the customers are receiving their orders within 24 hrs

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