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Xiaomi Wowstick 1F+ 64 in 1 US$26.50 (~A$37.39) & Mijia Cordless Electric Screwdrivers US$36.99 (~A$52.18) @ Banggood AU


I found a couple of deals for people needing cordless electric drills for computer or phone repairs. Both look like good options and the deals on at present are very attractive. The coupons last only a few days. All available from an Australian Warehouse, so delivery time should be short.

XIAOMI Wowstick 1F+ 64 In 1 Electric Screwdriver Cordless Lithium-ion Charge LED Power Screwdriver From XIAOMI $37.39. Coupon BGAU1F64. This price represents a slight saving on the currently listing.

  • Slim aluminum alloy housing with pen shape design, with Lithium-ion Battery Charge.
  • 64 IN 1 Screwdriver set, a great helper for electronic reparing projects.
  • Auto self-locking ratchet wheel orientation, with Dual Torque 0.15/3N.m working mode.

Brand:Wowstick(XIAOMI ecological chain)
Material:S2 Aluminum Alloy
Input Voltage:DC 3.7V
Battery Type:Lithium-ion Battery
USB Charge Type:Micro USB
Charge Time:40min
Working Mode:Dual Torque 0.15/3N.m
Bits Size:4x28mm / 4x45mm
Weight:Apprex. 280g
Package Box:White
Charged via a micro USB port

Youtube review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov3ogbeMLNI

Another option which is pricer but more suitable for slightly tougher jobs

XIAOMI Mijia Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver 3.6V 2000mAh Li-ion 5N.m Electric Screwdriver With 12Pcs S2 Screw Bits for Home DIY for $52.18, after Coupon is BGAU369 which is a big saving on the current listed price.

- The XIAOMI Mijia Cordless Electric Screwdrivers with new design,12pcs S2 steel screw bits and one screwdriver
- Mijia Power Screw Drivers Has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019,iF Industrial German Design Award
- Easy to operate, durable and portable.
- 5N.m MAX Torque,2000mAh Large Li-ion Battery Capacity.
- It can be widely used in most household electric appliances.
- Charged via a Type C USB port

Review to see it in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZMicPpypiU

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  • I prefer to manually torque screws of this size to avoid stripping.

    • +2 votes

      Re Wowstick 1F+: The driver is better than I thought, but it's not really strong enough to strip threads badly even in soft plastic (especially with the dual power modes). I mean… yes you could but you have to botch it badly. And there's pretty good feedback so you can just do the first (or last) last part manually if in doubt.

      I bought this set a while ago and the novelty of an electric driver has long worn off. Biggest asset is the assortment of decent quality bits. The accessories are a nice bonus (e.g. I had never had a magnetic mat before). And the driver itself actually saves a lot of time if you're using it a lot.

      Only problem is I wish they threw in another case to hold the driver and 3rd tube of bits (though you can buy another case separately).

      • Would you recommend this, or just the Precision screwdriver set then?

        • Which "Precision screwdriver" set?

          I have both this and the wiha set and they serve different purposes for me. The wihi set is much more portable (lives in my bag) and somehow "feels" better quality (likely in my head).

          But if I only had one to choose for my house I would take the 1F+ set solely for the selection of bits. I just hate not having the correct bit when an odd job comes around (although the wiha set covers the vast majority of situations). The accessories join my random stuff, electric driver is a novelty, and I guess you could find a cheap manual driver to compliment the electric one if needs be…

      • I mainly want this to compliment my wiha set - I assume they fit?

        The other accessories seems nice though! tempted at this price.

      • Agree… the third tube is a PITA to find somewhere to store.

        I pretty much use it as a manual screwdriver and then use the electric bit to save time turning it manually when it's loose. Definitely saves time when doing many

    • any suggestions on a manual set?

  • ah :( i just bought this the other day when it only had shipping option for CN & US..

  • so many small things, how do you store all of them together? does it comes with a carry bag or something?i cant see it in the listing

  • Got the shipping confirmation just 35 minutes after I placed the order. - Impressed.