What snack or treat you couldn't wait to try made you go MEH?

Seeing as Ozbargain had a popular 'Didn't like that movie' thread https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564235, thought I would post the same idea, this time for snack foods. Were you ever looking forward to chowing down on a chocolate bar, or packet of lollies, only to be disappointed?

Some of my most notable letdowns were:

  • Infuzions (Potato Mix Thai Sweet Chilli) - so unsatisfying and bland
  • Cadbury Favourites - tiny and overpriced, even when half price!
  • Allen's Party Mix - used to love the variety, but now all the lollies seem to have the same texture and less flavour
  • Haagen-Dazs (supermarket tubs) - meh, although totally concede the ingredients are 100 times more natural than other ice creams

Also, what foods do you wish they'd bring back? I totes miss Lanes (Ritz) In-a-Biskit series. Apparently they did reintroduce these a while back, but they went straight to the clearance bins on Catch and the Reject Shop, so obviously not popular enough.


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