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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Edition Console (Game Not Included) $469 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


I know some of you missed out on this console when it first released. But it's available for pre-order at JB Hi-Fi. (Release Date - 09/10/20)

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  • Should I neg this because of RRP? Like GPU 3080 Post….

    • it wont be because people aint that salty about nintendo

    • It's only $20 more than the original Switch Console.
      So for $20 more, you're getting a limited edition console that will probably never be produced again. Much like the Animal Crossing 2DS XL consoles that are now worth an arm and a leg.
      Nintendo products only ever increase in value. Anything Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing etc is always going to increase in value. Especially limited edition items.

      • rrp is same as normal one, both $469

      • 'Limited' edition, until the next batch of course.

        • +13 votes

          This is NOT a 'Limited Edition' console. It is a 'Special Edition'.

          And, yes, given the bonkers interest in ACNH, there will be more batches to come. The hilarious scramble to acquire these is something of a running joke in the Switch collecting community. I understand consumer confusion because retailers do little to clarify the facts.

          Nintendo release both:

          'Limited Edition' consoles with a fixed production run size. Examples for the Switch include the Dragon Quest XI, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival and the (money can't buy) Labo/Cardboard model.


          'Special Edition' consoles which are released on an "open run" basis - ie, while there is sufficient demand they will continue to release them. These have included the Fortnite release, Super Mario Odyssey*, Diablo 3 Eternal and ACNH.

          ()Note: Demand was strong for the Super Mario Odyssey bundle until Nintendo killed the production runs when they realised most of the demand was coming from people wanting unpatched (pre-Mariko) consoles running 3.0.2 firmware. Nintendo did a *"Yeah, nah" on that one.

          Special Edition consoles DO eventually stop being produced. Fortnight had two production runs before being killed-off and Diablo 3 managed one for the USA/JP (where it fell flat) and three for EU/AU et al. As for ACNZ, at least five batch serial number ranges have been identified already. Only Nintendo knows when they will stop cranking them out.

  • Humans are interesting creatures. Two months ago we pounced at every chance to get our hands on this AC ‘holy grail’ console but now we are so over it.

    • It has lost it’s magic


        fortnight, a fortnight yeah, fortnight whoo, fortnight, a fortnight yeah, fortnight whoo, fortnight, a fortnight yeah, fortnight whoo, fortnight, a fortnight yeah, fortnight whoo, fortnight, a fortnight yeah, fortnight whoo, FORTNIGHT. A wooooo woooooo

    • Nah, it’s just squirrel syndrome.

  • I love those controller colours, would love to buy them seperately from this package

    • Wait until the controllers in these units suffer controller drift, then the owners will need to go back to the ‘bland’ coloured controllers

  • So they made an animal crossing edition, but they don’t even give you the game?

    Seems a bit weird to me,

  • No bargain. No deal. No +1

    • Your + or - votes really don't concern me even remotely. This post is for people who would like to pre-order the console that has been out of stock for some months and didn't get to purchase it when it was released.

      • Your + or - votes really don't concern me even remotely.

        Good. The +/- voting system isn't about YOU

        It's a way to help surface great deals from good deals (or no-deals).Getting 2,000,000 +ve votes here will NOT benefit your credit score or help get you your next job.

  • How is this a deal? It seems like the standard price

  • Looks like limited edition is going to available for sometime

    • Surely it's gonna drop price at some point lol

    • It's not a 'Limited Edition' release.

      • Why do you care so much about this?
        Don't wanna buy it? Then don't buy it. Simple.

        • I was simply correcting misinformation on some subject matter that I understand. Nothing more. Nothing less.

          The feedback was all provided in a ~3hr period yesterday while I was waiting for something to finish. I did so to help others. The feedback WAS NOT ABOUT YOU. It was about the product and the value proposition being touted.

          Why are you revisiting this (otherwise dead) thread more than 24hrs later and replying to old comments?

          If you're looking for some sort of social media fed dopamine rush, OzBargain IS NOT the place for you. Try Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. I'm sorry that you didn't get whatever social validation you were seeking.

          • @OzDJ_: You have been the most active on this post out of everyone. If you weren't bothered, you wouldn't have commented as much as you have. Clearly you can't afford the console. That's why you're so mad at the people who are actually interested in buying.

  • Given the rumours of a 4k switch, I'd hold off.

  • I wish Microsoft Xbox x cyberpunk limited edition would come back as often as this switch limited edition…

  • I wonder what does people do with switch bought earlier this year if they go for this again 🤔

    • Can we have that in English? It sounds like a question but looks a statement.

      • "I wonder what people who buy this special edition console do with the Switch console they already own?"

        • You are the Rosetta Stone.

        • Excellent :)

        • Thanks. That was MUCH better than Google Translate. 🤣

          Could be any number of outcomes:

          First Switch is modded for offline use and they want a second Switch for online play.

          First Switch is an original (pre-Mariko) model they hand-off or sell so they can take advantage of the battery life afforded from the newer architecture.


          They are a collector and leave it sealed in box for "one day" forgetting that the lithium ion batteries (console + joycons) will degrade to the point they can no longer be recharged. Such an awesome investment. 🙄

    • They shove the old one up their poop hole. I’m not speaking from experience.

  • Love rrp posts. Keep them coming

  • They always say "its the last release" but noooo lol

  • Not a deal anymore, soon you will see this in store everywhere

  • Lemme grab some popcorn

  • So resellers, are you doubling down or getting out?

  • Oz RRP where is the deal 🤦‍♂️

    • So bad those people that BOUGHT THIS at RRP and sold them for double in previous deals . Yes this has had it day due to Nintendo being happy to produce to demand , no longer limited .Hence any one can buy it .
      Even worst there are many products at RRP from different companies like that :)

  • If you neg the recent 3080 founder edition deal, you probably should do the same here. This is just rrp

  • Still a good post for those who missed out and genuinely want one. Not everyone wants it because it may have been limited.

  • “bEiNg iN StOcK mAkEz iT a dEaL!!1!2!!1”