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Booster Massage Gun Pro $159.20, Booster U Button $239.20, Booster U (Touchscreen) $255.20 Shipped @ Booster AU


Hi guys, first time posting here so please be gentle and kind to me if there's any thing that breach the policy. ;)

Our brand BOOSTER just launched our first brick and mortar retail store down at Robina Town Centre Shopping Mall Level G(near Starbucks) at Gold Coast QLD this year (ps. I know it's a bad time to be doing actual brick and mortal store in this period of uncertainty but we're trying our best to survive in the competition).
We are joining side with the Gold Coast Turf Club together to help raise vital funds to support those affected by breast and gynaecological cancers on the Pink Ribbon Cup Race Day this year! All our online sales in using the promo code "PINKRIBBON" will give you an extra 20% off plus free shipping and 1 year of warranty. 50% of the sales profit that go through the promo code will be donate for the cause!

A quick breakdown
BOOSTER PRO $199, after promo code = $159.2 plus free shipping and 1 year of warranty.
BOOSTER U(button version, only green left) $299, after promo code = $239.2 plus free shipping and 1 year of warranty.
BOOSTER U(Touchscreen version) $319, after promo code = $-255.2 plus free shipping and 1 year of warranty.

You can also have extra peace of mind by purchasing another year of extended warranty as option!

All our BOOSTER NANO range are all out of stock already but we do take backorder and can dispatch in 2 weeks if you don't mind waiting.
As for our BOOSTER U black button version stock will probably arrive in Oct. Can't guarantee date for now as shipping are really unpredictable.

Another good news is we will be opening our Brisbane branch at around Oct/Nov so if you are keen to personally try out our guns, stay tune for our updates on our website, facebook or instagram. i've also left the link of social media to acknowledge our Ozbargain culture(convenient and easy :X). Mods please advise and delete if posting social media link are not allowed.

Website: https://boostergun.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BoosterAU
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/booster_aus/

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  • mortal store you say ;)

  • Could you perhaps provide a breakdown on why we should consider your products over the Amazon products ranging from $70 - $150?

    What do these cheaper ones lack that the more expensive Theragun brand have?


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      Hi kevitkow, my apologies for the late reply as our store account got flagged and I had to ask one of my staff to create a temporary accounts to reply the post.
      Recently in our Gold Coast store, we are being seeing a rise in people attempting to return those similar unbranded products to us claiming it was bought from us but could not provide warranty card or proof of purchase. The difference in our BOOSTER PRO were minor unless you take a good look into the body material.
      Those trying to return these product and attempt take a claim, refund or swap out with our product had flaws in their craftsmanship (on the earlier stage, a handful of them manage to get a free swap out or refund from us due to our Junior sales representative got persuaded by people claims they can’t find they receipt/warranty card/ couldn’t show their bank statement as proof/logo felt off etc), For those cheap quality one, Firstly, the body was built with cheap PVC plastic (common waterpipe, construction material), thus the device itself wont last long when operating on its maximum performance and the interior mechanic tends to broke down easily due to poor work. Let alone that the motor was weak and noisy compare to a proper one. I have heard people claiming that theirs broke down in 2 months upon purchase (from one of the leading sales of massage gun in Amazon, I do not want to name and shame here.). One of our customers drop an exploded battery device to us on Father’s day last week, he statement was that the battery was not rechargeable but the seller market it as rechargeable lithium battery (I could not judge if the battery is just a once off use battery as the explosion burn out every details of it/ or he could just simply overcharged it overnight or using inappropriate charger to charge the device and causing a voltage overload). The cheaper one tends to have small issues like attachment wont fit into device/break when fit into device, motor start to not responding, battery seems to ran out within 15-30mins of use due to false claim of battery mAH(it is just like when powerbank first came out, a lot of ebay seller claims 2000mAH powerbank as 20000mAH.)

      Our PRO range are made with ABS material (ABS has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and/or physical impacts. It is very easy to machine and has a low melting temperature making it particularly simple to use in injection moulding manufacturing processes or 3D printing on an FDM machine.) Thus, the device makes it comparable heavier than those on the market due to the material built, it also comes with 30 speed gear while most on the market are still with 20 speed gear motor. The inner device motor was Japan imported motor which is called Brushless motor, it emits less sound that Brush motor(which were equipped on those cheap device to cut down cost) and could deliver stronger power and pulse when operating. It is also equipped with AI chip that would automatically turn off in 10 mins if there’s no change in gear(just so people would not be massaging some fragile spot like spine or heart for a prolong period and causing any harm to themselves).

      Our U range is just a luxury upgrade of the PRO model, with a stronger motor in there and the body material was replaced by aviation aluminium alloy in order to reduce the weight significantly(you probably need to have two of the model in your hand to tell the big difference), the purpose of building it as aluminium alloy is that we have a lot of feedback on the PRO model were too heavy to be holding for a prolong period when massaging a certain trick spot(like your lower back) and we source quite an amount of our product to physiotherapist and retirement home. So the needs to reduce the weight in order to accommodate smaller markets like children, ladies, elderly, or people who just prefer a stronger device and the PRO range could not satisfy their needs (like bodybuilder, gym junkies and athlete).

      You would not want to deal with those $70-$150 Facebook, Ebay, Amazon seller as you never know if they will commit to their warranty or even respond to you when you approach them of after sales service. I’ve seen people resolve to try to scam our staff with these product as they could not get a respond or warranty from those dodgy sellers on these markets. We have our long-term partner manufacturer back in China with capability to produce up to 2000 device in one day (Dear ozbargainer please don’t ask why, it’s Asia, cheap labour and 24/7 operation factory maybe perhaps child labour?) so we get the option to select what we want to fit into the device.

      As for theragun, I would describe it as this. They are like Apple and Samsung in the mobile market. Luxury price, but pretty much does the same function as a phone, but they do come with fancy options like OLED screen, Bluetooth connectivity. We could easily do the same by implementing the same features and options while sell it cheaper than they do but we prefer not to disturb the market. We decide to be the middleman like what Huawei and Xiaomi did, producing product that are acceptable for the general public while assuring the quality (of course you can’t expect we perform better than the expensive brand, unless you would like to customize). Theragun consumer tends to be even a niche market (like medical professional and athlete) while our product are just for common folks who just want to have a massage for their lower back after a long day of work.

      I hope all these clarification helps define where our product and quality standing as a middleman compare to the unpredictable cheap stuff and unreachable luxury brand.

  • In such a diverse market where there are so many massage guns around, it might be best to provide information about the benefits of this gun. Is there any differentiation from the guns on AliExpress, Alibaba or Amazon or is this just marked up by x3. It’s currently in the middle ground of cheap guns and the high end theragun.

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      Hi Saitama, if you skim through our product details on our shop, the difference would be obvious when comparing to the cheap one. Except for that we do actually had a store up and running in the Coast while everyone else on the market is doing online. We just want to provide assurance and confidence in our customer in QLD that they can always approach our staff to trial out the product.

      Also, with that username, I'm afraid our warranty policy might had to exclude you as we could ended up sending you a new replacement everytime you use our device.. :(

  • Does anyone have a best bang for buck massage gun?

  • Does look kind of like the $80 ones off of eBay, is there something exceptional about it ?

  • Uhhh 10mm stroke? That's no different than the ALDI brand. That's less than some of the cheapo ones that have 12mm strike6

    • If you read the comment he said they source that model to minority like children, ladies, elderly, recovery centre and retirement home. Thus why it had to be 10mm specifically designed, weaker pulse so it won't injure them I assume.

      • It also says it has a stronger motor, though, suitable for those that need more intensity.

        • Doesn't mention the stroke at all. For reference Theragun is 16mm, some of the other ones are 14. The cheapies are 10 sometimes 12.


      Hi mate sorry for the late reply as our account got flagged and muted for a weeks. It should be 14mm for the BOOSTER U model. Must be a wrong input by the guy who built our website. We'vw already got fixed.