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ARCTIC P12 PWM - 120 Mm 200-1800 RPM - Black/Black $8.03 + Shipping @ Amazon UK via AU


Great price for a great fan. Very silent - same level of the the expensive noctua.


Free shipping over $49 w/ prime.

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  • Thanks! What a bargain for a quality fan.

  • Big fan (badum tish) of Arctic. Almost grabbed them then realised I would need to order 7 to qualify for free shipping.

    • Create a fan tunnel!

    • With standard shipping delivery to Sydney for me was around $34 for 3 or $44 for 4.
      At around $11 per fan delivered or less for 3 fans or more, this is a great deal even when paying for shipping

    • At $8 each, buy 'em and keep for spares. Other sellers charging almost Noctua prices for these - utter insanity for a simple DC fan.

    • Not sure if the Arctics come with any rubber mounts. So I got 5 and some rubber mounts elsewhere to make up the difference.

      • They definitely don't. Mine didn't at least.

      • which rubber mounts do you recommend? Find it hard to find any in stock in amazon and have never used them before.. need enough for 4 x 120mm and 1 x 92mm…

  • Not the PST version :( otherwise great deal. Still waiting for them to restock the $56 5 pack of the P12 PWM PSTs

    • What is PST?

      • PWM Sharing Technology. PWM fans can be daisy chained together.

      • Just a thing with Arctic fans that allows them to be wired up together, with only one needing to be attached to the motherboard. Really useful in small form factor builds as it allows for simple and clean cable management.

        Arctic's PWM case fans are a little different to normal PWM fans. This is thanks to the patented PST (PWM Sharing Technology). The PST feature allows up to five of these fans to be daisy chained together, meaning the motherboard can power and regulate all five fans from one PWM fan header from the motherboard.

        • Are you sure on 5?

          • @PR0r: Not completely sure, I read it off this site

          • @PR0r: Usually the limit for one header is 1A of total current draw from all the fans. Most fans pull about 0.3-0.5A, so you'd top out around 2-3.
            These P12s only pull about 0.05A (similar to Noctua), so unless there is some other limit I can't see why 5 wouldn't work.

            • @jdoa00: startup current draw would be higher than continuous current draw which is probably more of a controlling factor. don't want 3 fans drawing 1 amp each or something when they all turn on together and killing a fan driver circuit.

        • Awesome. I have two SFF builds and would have totally benefitted from these had I known.

          • @beatsntoons: I love SFF! What are your builds?

            • @caffeine69: Got a 3900X/2070S/32GB in a Streacom DA2. I love that case!! That’s the main machine

              The other is my 44TB Plex server running an i5-9400/16GB in a Fractal Design Node 304

              • @beatsntoons: Excellent choice of cases! I also love the look of the DA2 but thr price D: That's the main issue with boutique SFF cases like thw Ghost S1, NCASE M1 etc. I'm using a Cooler Master NR200. Great case for the money

                • @caffeine69: Yeah sadly SFF isn't cheap. I was aiming for the Ghost for so long, but could never get stock; plus I kept hearing stock horror stories. Ended up with the DA2 and couldn't be happier.

                  And WOW, that NR200!!! Holy moley didn't know that existed. The perfect Ghost alternative. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind now for future :)

                  • @beatsntoons: Yeah, not the perfect case in terms of materials (not CNC'd aluminium like the Ghost, DA2 etc/) but if they did the price would be much higher. For a $110 case, you can't beat the compatiblity, ease of purchase (no low stock levels) and looks: not many larger case companies are going for that minimal aesthetic, not in SFF ITX at least.

    • Waiting for PST version too.

      • Hasn't been restocked for almost 2 months now. I just gave up and bought 4 of the PST ones at $18 a pop. They're getting shipped late October so I can always cancel if the PST value pack gets restocked at RRP

  • Most reviews I've seen of these are very positive, but use them as radiator fans, which is consistent with Arctic's marketing focus on static pressure.
    Are these also a good option for regular case fans, or is something else better?

    • I replaced all my case fans with P12 and P14s except for one Noctua fan. They're good if you don't need the absolute best that you'd get from a $45 Noctua fan. Max speed being 1800 there are fans that move more air, but these do the job rather quietly in the range they do work in. Especially for the price they're great, though for case fans getting the model with PST would be better as you can chain together fans to run off of one header. But if you need the best, Noctua does make better for a price.

  • I'm a fan of these.

  • Cool story!

  • Shipping was $12 for 4 .

  • I can vouch for the PWM PST CO version. Have 7 running in my server and they're great.

  • Good price. I bought the 5 pack from ebay recently for $98 delivered…

  • Have a pair of these, can confirm they are terrific! Reviews back this up as well.
    Paid about $11 each for them shipped from this kinda dodgy German site, so this is a great price.

    • I was actually looking at that website! They have the PST variants for $11. How long did shipping take? I was wary of ordering off the site because it did look very dodgy lol.

      Did you use PayPal? And for shipping, do you remember if you chose "parcel shipping" (extra $3.58) or "standard shipping" (free)?

      • looks like i actually bought from their ebay store. Items shipped quickly and on its way the day after my order. I think their website is cheaper though.

      • I'm an idiot lol, it was USD. Still not a bad price if you need the PST version.
        - Not sure exactly how long shipping took, but definitely under 3 weeks. Item was dispatched the day after I ordered.
        - Yep, I used Paypal and definitely recommend doing so! Their buyer protection is great.
        - Can't remember which shipping I chose, they advertised free shipping over ~$20 but looking at the invoice it says $1.09 postage fee. I would imagine it was the standard shipping.

        Overall my experience with them was fine, but I was definitely nervous about that site!
        Let me know if you've got any more questions

    • Playtech…are those guys (check the t-shirt).


  • bought mine on ebay as well, PWM PST Co (black ones) for 19.50 each.. expensive but they're pretty hard to find nowadays..

  • Now on back order and not letting me order more than 1 fan at a time…

  • Wish these fan makers would settle on 1 set of standards for giving us the performance of these things.

  • Took too long to try and make up the $49 for free shipping. Unfortunate.

  • Bought 7 but order got cancelled. bugger

  • Out of stock now :(

    Had it in my cart and was looking for other items to fill the $49 min spend for free delivery… oh well :(

  • out of stock while in my cart. rip

  • Sold out :( sad reacs

  • Out of stock as I was trying to find something else to get free shipping rip.

  • Groovesland Ebay

    $16 ea. P12 Pwm Pst version. Where I got mine from. Just be ready to wait at least 4-7 weeks for delivery.

    Looks like they've pushed the price. I got 4 for $45 two months ago.

  • Are these the same ones? Or are some PWM and others just voltage?


  • Got my order in for 7… 7 fans I don't need yessssss

  • Keeps coming back on back-order but Amazon just cancels the order after. Says Sept 24th anyway, so maybe they're get more then.

  • Great fans that run happily at low speed, ~300-500rpm.

    The only issue is a droning noise at certain RPMs, easy to and worth working around considering the value.

  • thanks to the people buying like 20 fans for no reason whatsoever now the rest of us can't get any of them real nice

  • If you want RGB fans, get the transparent blade version (white or black) and use them with some Phanteks Halos. Still cheaper and better than most RGB fans and you can replace the fans easily/cheaply if they go bad.

  • wow! great price ..

  • Yuck black. Do they come in brown?

  • ~$35AUD each from amazon Japan here. This is a great price.

    5-pack for $41 USD on newegg

  • One more upvote and I got 100 votes lol

  • Wow I was going to post this yesterday after ordering 5…

    Lucky or what

  • Pleasantly surprised - saw deal late, ordered early this morning when it was on back-order (w/free shipping thanks to ln) and just got a notification it was shipped!

  • Are these reasonably quiet at full RPM? Considering grabbing the 5 pack for $61.50 but they're the FLX variety.

      • It's the 3-pin version where they run at a fixed RPM unlike PWM where it can be dynamically adjusted.

        • 3 Pin can still be controlled via voltage. 3 Pin doesn't mean fixed rpms

          • @vikavish: Why would you neg? You're not exactly correct either. It depends on the motherboard whether they can be controlled via voltage, which in my case they can't. The main purpose of buying FLX fans is to run them at fixed RPM. And that wasn't even my original question.

  • For anyone who missed this, the deal has become available again however you won't see it directly.

    Click on OP's link and scroll down a little, look for "New (2) From $8.03…", then add to your cart and adjust quantity at checkout.

    I tried to copy the link but it goes to the same link OP shared so I am not posting another deal, just write here for anyone lucky to see :)