Samsung S20 Series (128GB): S20 4G $864+/5G $808+, S20+ 5G $1,024+, Ultra 5G $1,384+ & More @ Vodafone


Latest prices, $200 cheaper to be on par with current sales from Officeworks and Amazon, applied for S20 5G, S20+ 5G and S20 Ultra. Also, Samsung A71 5G is $600
+ factor in first month of mobile plan cost, you can just sign up and cancel plan which would cost you 1 month of mobile plan charge max (lowest is $35/month), alternatively if you want to stay at least 12 months then sign up with Shopback for cash back (12-month + handset = 65% cash back, 24 to 36-month + handset = 100% cash back. more info regarding this please contact ShopBack directly) or GoCashbackAU and Cashrewards :)

ALSO iPhone SE 64GB $549, LG Velvet 5G $799

12-month Amazon Prime subscription bonus for 60GB 100GB and 150GB plan, priced at $40, $45 and $65. So, best plan to stick with is 100GB for just $40 per month which would also save you another $59 from Prime subscription for a year.

No excess data charge, and no lock-in contract too ^_^

Thank you Golly1153 and Spizz for pointing the checkout discount too (please refer to their comments belove)

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  • Can't see any plan lower than $40.

  • factor in first month of mobile plan cost, you can just sign up and cancel plan

    So cancel on first week will not pro rata but full a month fare?


    Not sure if this is same model and the price is quite low. Not sure why? How?

  • Unlocked?

  • "24 to 36-month + handset = 100% cash back"

    …how does that work?

    • I must stay at home too long to understand…

    • best to contact Shopback regarding this, 100% is better than 75% from Cashrewards if you stay on 24-36 months

    • Cashback is for the first month of the plan only iirc. So basically 1 month free if you get your cashback.

      • you only get cashback if stay over a particular months, and i assume it would be the full length of contract. anyway, best to contact Shopback for clarification

        • You're right. It's 90 days for postpaid and 60 days for prepaid. The 75/100% is based on one month's payment or the purchase price of the sim.

        • Cashback is eligible on approved and eligible postpaid & prepaid voice & mobile broadband plans that remain active for a minimum of 90 days for postpaid, or 60 days for prepaid.

          Cashback value is based on the percentage of one month's payment for plans (excluding handset repayments), and the purchase price for Prepaid SIM cards.

  • Any similar deal like this for the Note 20 range,.. unless there is some sort of trick too use a s-pen on the s20🖒😆

    • Note is $299 at JB with Telstra port in. ~$894 total cost i think

      • NOOB here, can you please explain how to do it?

        • I was in JB last night getting the S10 $0 upfront ($594 deal) here:
          I asked if there was something for the S20 for $199 upfront as discussed in that post, and the girl looked in their system and said not for the S20 at the moment, but that there was a $299 for Note 20. I'm not interested in a Note as i want a smaller phone, so I said no thanks. I can't see it on their website just looking quickly now, but maybe worth calling a shop to verify.

          Basically you buy the phone on a $99/month Telstra plan for $299 upfront. Then go home and cancel the plan with termination charge of $594. So you're all in for $893ish

    1. Choose iphone SE 128gb $52.41 per month over 12 months

    2. Choose $60 red plus plan month to month which is $45 per month

    3. Monthly cost is $97.41 per month, total minimum cost says $689

    4. Continue to cart

    5. If you try and leave the cart by clicking the back return button a message will appear on your screen that says.

    Leaving so soon? Complete your purchase now and you’ll get $25 off the iphone SE 128gb for your first month. Click the promo code shown below and we’ll automatically add the discount to your order.

    1. Click on the promo code shown below

    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the cart where the total is. You’ll see this ✅ sign which says.

    Discount applied. We've applied your $25 off discount for the iPhone SE 128GB. Your discount won’t be visible during checkout but will appear on your bill.

    1. So instead of being $52.41 for the first month it will be $27.41. 12 months $629 will be $604 for iphone SE 128gb
  • Thanks OP. Always good to have another deal. Myself I'll just wait for JB to have the Samsung S20+ on sale through Telstra for $799 as I don't need 5G.

    During checkout with Vodafone add code CAQXEP for $20 off the phone as this just popped up through the mobile checkout. Says it will come off the bill-

    "Your discount won’t be visible during checkout but will appear on your bill."

    • you're welcome, will update post too. always good to share deals together 😃

    • Codes aren't working anymore, I had a different one pop up and it didn't work. Spoke through the live chat to enquire about it and they said all these codes have expired, they just haven't updated the website to remove them from popping up.

  • Not wanting to start a flame war on Samsung vs Apple, but at these price differences it's getting hard to justify to buy Apple (and I don't even like Samsung :)
    Great find op!

    • i agree 👍, ad you're welcome. i stopped using my iPhone 11 Pro Max for the third month now, strated as an experiment with Oppo A52, now I use iPhone for photography and other heavy tasks, Oppo for long battery life for web browsing + reading + phone call.

  • Is it worth to get. 5g

    • 5G not utilised in full yet in most aspects at this moment like self driving, remote surgical operation, premium quality live broadcast, public surveillance, AI related techs etc + lack of affordable replacemnts from Huawei hiccup would definitely set us all back to 4G+ for another 1-3 years before 5G can become mainstream

      • yeah i just found out few weeks ago, actually our current 5G is useless

        • I picked up the 5G model assuming that adoption of the 5G network and eSIM capabilities by Telstra MVNO's will probably occur within the 3 years that I own the phone. If I'm wrong, I'll be out a hundred bucks or so, but I'll live.

          • @Jonzay: true :), S20 5G for a bit over 1K is not that bad after all knowing there are heaps of mid-range 5G phones being sold for $650-999 like Vivo, Oppo, LG, Motorola, etc

        • it is, especially without vast rolling out of 5G related infrastructures. but when it is available, our civilian rights need reviewed too, not much to do with foil hat blah blah though, mianly how to balance advanced needs without advanced intrusion of privacy right.

  • if you are after a Pixel 4a which is out of stock at lot of retailers now, you probably best to get one from Vodafone.
    Update: now 4-6 weeks waiting :(

  • If you get a 5G phone from Vodafone, will it have the correct bands for Telstra 5G?

    S20 5g
    Regional Victoria

    I noticed these pages:


    Is that the right model phone?

  • I have a question regarding the total for example the iphone SE 128gb should be $629+$45 for the $60 month to month plan = $674 instead it’s showing as $689 it’s adding $60 for the plan instead of $45. Anyone know why the total isn’t accurate?

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 people interested in this deal.

  • So if I cancel the plan within 1 month, do I basically pay the phone outright or will it also be over 12/24/36 months but the phone cost only?

  • ARGHHHH just paid $899 for an S10 on Sunday.

  • I have tried to read the instruction multiple times but I don't understand how I could get down to $1,584+ for a Note 20 Ultra.

    I get the part around additional first month cost (for cancellation within a month) and the additional discount applicable at billing step..

    I clicked on the link provided, picked Note20 Ultra, picking 12 months plan will be $159.08/month, $24 months plan will be 79.54/month. It's nowhere near $1,584 even after cash back, am I missing something? :(

  • Noob question, but would Officeworks pricebeat this?

  • Any idea how the shopback 100% cashback is supposed to work? I just got a confirmation cashback of $49.50 after signing up for a 24 month plan.

  • Any idea, if the cashback from Cashrewards is for each month for 12 months in total or just for the first month ??

  • I placed an order last night but got this email

    "Hi XXXX,
    We need your help.
    Before we can process your credit check, we need to clarify some of the details you've provided.
    To continue with your order, we'll give you a call.
    Alternatively, please call us on 1300 858 469 between 8am and 8pm AEST Monday to Friday or between 8am and 5.30pm AEST on weekends.
    If we don't hear from you within 48 hours, we'll cancel your order for you"

    I tried calling the number and it says they aren't taking calls due to COVID.

    Anybody else had this problem?

    • I received a call from a vodafone rep today that I had missed, which he had then sent an email afterward. Apparently im not eligible for a device on a plan, but am eligible for a sim only plan? (I have a credit score that should cause no issue in this sort of situation, so no clue as to why this is the case). Might be because I tried to get this pricing error a while back , but surely that doesn't affect my standing to get a phone on a plan with them lol

      • I had the same issue - not eligible for device. No idea why, haven't had any Vodafone plan for the last 10 years and my credit score is fine.

        • I never got a phone call but got an email saying my order was waiting to be dispatched. Galaxy S20 4g Grey is on Backorder

    • I received this too and waited, but had no calls from them so decided to reach out to them. Got hold of their sales contact number 1300300404 and ordered directly over the phone. The Samsung S20 4G is not in stock so ended up with the 5g.

      Someone from online sales sent an email back to me asking for more evidence ie. medicare details much later. Eventually I got my online order cancelled.

      Try calling that number and speaking to sales rep directly.

  • I just bought an S20 Ultra today from JB HiFi for $1394 on a 24 month interest free payback with Go MasterCard. They also gave me a free $30 Telstra prepaid sim pack. I had been to another JB, Good Guys and Officeworks. But none of them were able to give me this deal.

  • please be aware there is no stock for samsung s20 5g phones with Vodafone. So they are deceiving customers the handsets are available when you place th order and run th credit check and point check and finally let you know th item ordered is not available.

  • thinking of getting s20 5g. is this online only or instore as well?

    • I did order the S20 5G yesterday and called Vodafone today to verify my details only to find they're out of stock. Also out of stock on the S20 4G, so won't be able to do that online. They offered me an S20 Plus instead but I dont want such a big phone so cancelled my order.

      • S20 ultra at what price? I'm after that phone

        Whips..I thought you were talking about ultra

      • Thanks. I found the s20 is the right size whereas the plus and ultra are too big. The estimated delivery time online is about 1-2wks to my postcode in Qld, so thought I might drop into the store and see if they have them in stock.

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