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Reusable Face Mask Multi-Packs – from $35 for 4 Masks + Free Shipping Aus-Wide @ Step Seal and Go


Is it time to stock up on your face masks? Here's a great opportunity to save $$ with the more you buy!

Available in packs of:
– 4 Masks = $35 (Usually $40)
– 6 Masks = $50 (Usually $60)
– 8 Masks = $60 (Usually $80)
– 10 Masks = $70 (Usually $100)

PLUS, Get an additional mask FREE OF CHARGE with every purchase!

These masks are:
– Droplet-Proof.
– 3-Ply Protection with breathable and comfortable-fit fabric.
– Suitable for both men and women, and ideal to wear for extended periods of time.
– Washable and reusable, ensuring full coverage of your mouth and nose.

Sizes Available – Let us know your sizes in Cart Notes:
– Small = 140mm = Teenagers/Small Adult
– Medium = 145mm = Average Adult
– Large = 150mm = Large Adult

Please note: These masks are handmade – measurements may be +/- 1-2mm.

MELBOURNE STOCK – FREE Standard Shipping anywhere in Australia – or to NZ with minimum purchase of 10 masks – dispatched within 24 hours!

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  • hmmmm not sure about the pricing. seems high

    • Considering some fabric masks are currently selling for between $10 and $20, we believe selling multi-packs at around $7 or $8 per mask is good value.

    • -2

      I've paid $45 for a single fabric 4-ply mask. This price seems reasonable.

  • Do they have a nose bridge? Otherwise, how to ensure there is a tight fit to the face all around? Thanks

    • Hi Seb, there is no nose bridge (which typically aren't found in fabric masks), but the compact stitching and tight ear loops ensure it sits close to your face. We also have 3 different sizes that will suit different face shapes. Thanks.

      • +2

        Then why the high price?

  • Why is the model wearing the mask over his eyes?Am I missing something here.

    • -1

      Hi Steve, the picture is cut off at the top of his nose, so the eyes aren't in the frame.

      • The website photo has a larger photo which shows his eyes are covered, the lady model shows her eyes are not covered - why are his eyes covered?

        • +1

          Hi howdydoo, we can assure you we're not hiding anything by not showing his eyes.

          The point of the framing is to show the mask sitting under the chin and around the ears, we didn't feel the eyes were critical to achieving this.

          • @The Comeback: Yes you're right - it's just a strange camera angle taken from under his chin looking up - I can see his eyelashes on the far left side and teh bridge of his nose to the right of that.

  • +1

    Hi i just have a few question considering the price of the mask. On the website the following is written

    Water-resistant and droplet proof.
    - what test has been done for this?

    3 Ply Protection with 99.9 % antibacterial, breathable and comfortable-fit fabric.
    - what are the 3 layers ? and are all 3 layers .. 99.9%?

    Packed in specially designed medical packaging
    - how so?

    They are certified through Intertek, world leaders in quality assurance.
    - what certificate is this? is it possible for handmade mask that vary in size?

    These face masks are suitable for both men and women, and ideal to wear for extended periods of time.
    - should mask me worn for extended periods of time without changing?

    how many washes until its no longer "effective"

    • Hi Astarman,

      You will find your answers in this link

      • -1

        this sounds like a scam especially at this price.
        no1 - its not a respirator mask - the facial seal isnt tight enough

        + DGA certification: Prove that Dony Mask respirator against NCovid virus up to 99% and after 30 washings is 96% resistant. This certificate was issued by the French Ministry of Defense.
        - 99% protection? really? im not even sure how you test that.

        and it mentions its 100% water proof then it says 100% water resistant
        - i think theyre both a little different

        • Hi Astarman, we can certainly confirm that this is NOT a scam, we are very much a legitimate business with a legitimate product.

          In regards to any issues you have with the certification, you're more than welcome to query our supplier, you can contact them on [email protected]

          You can see the example of droplet-proof in the video on our product page, and as mentioned on that same page, it is packed using E.O technology sterilisation.

    • -1

      good questions.
      Face masks are ripe for scamming.

      • I dont think theres anything wrong with cloth mask - its more the claims on this mask.

        im yet to hear of a cloth face mask that has certifications to prove it protects you from covid up to 99% of the time.
        and for a cloth mask to be called a respirator.

        the fact that they know it is droplet proof and not aerosol proof is already a sign it cant be right.

        its magical if its got such good filters while having amazing breath-ability

        • Not saying there's anything wrong with cloth masks, it's that they are ripe for people to come in and scam. Just like there was with hand sanitiser.
          lots of untested claims being put out there

  • Can you have mix sizes in the order?

    • Hi Cruiser, yes absolutely.

      You're more than welcome to mix and match the sizes, which you can let us know during your Checkout.

  • FREE Standard Shipping anywhere in Australia – or to NZ with minimum purchase of 10 masks. (Should be in title)

  • thank you

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