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Dell 27" S2721D Monitor (QHD 2560x1440 @ 75 Hz) $239.20 (Was $499) @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal

This seems cheap for a 27" QHD 2560x 1440 Monitor

Full Specs:

Edit, SORRY, it was $299 then $239.20 after the 20% off code, on posting they upped the price to $349 :(

Edit: Thanks to LiMaaa, "Dell rep is honouring $239 price. He will update with a comment in this thread soon."

Edit: Dell Rep Balabink "Hello Everyone, we will be honoring the the price, $349 ($279) down to $299 ($239.2), sorry there was a hiccups during our upload this morning, please check your ebay account for more details."

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  • What's the GTG and panel type on this? IPS?

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      buy now and research later

      • That's what I did, I was looking at a P2419H , then this came up, $239, hard to say no even if it's not great lol

        • 8ms on normal, 4ms on extreme mode.

    • I found it, it's on the Dell's website. How would this fare for gaming?

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      It's IPS, good panel, good monitor. I actually organised this deal with Balabink.
      Full specs here: https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/accessories/apd/210-AXGI

      Should be $239 after coupon, but they are having some pricing update issues, upon refresh page changes price to $239 then back to $279. Rep is looking into it.

      • Yay.. so wait a little bit and the price will go back to $239 ?

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        Thanks LiMaaa, I noticed the conversation at the bottom of this deal, which is why I was keeping an eye on Dell Ebay today:

        • +1

          smart man ^^

        • +2

          Want to update post Dell rep is honouring $239 price. His comment is above.

      • Missed it! I'm chasing a 27" QHD - any idea if it'll be restocked?

        • There will be 500 units in a deal after Oct shipment is out.

    • +2

      Just received one today, bought last week. Literally just popped it on just now. Really crisp monitor. IPS screen. Quite happy so far

  • +3

    I think this got jacked a little bit

  • $279 ?

  • +1

    Thanks, amazing price for 27 QHD

  • I'm realistically looking at getting two new monitors for my eventual new PC, this looks like the perfect secondary display. I love Dell monitors and this seems to tick all the boxes - anyone disagree?

    -edit - boooooo to jacking

    • +2

      Just got one for my secondary Vertical, and it's fantastic so far. About 100 times better than my old TN 24inch 1080p panel that I've had for a decade lol

  • +1

    Aww, they raised the price.

  • +1

    booo dell

    Amazing price on posting OP, still a decent price after

  • Still great value at $279

  • So what do you guys think triggered the price jacking, a flood of click on that page or the multiple sales prior to this deal's post and we just got really unlucky with the timing?

    • read my comment above!

      • Are the coming back with more stock at $239 or all gone?

        • Sold out at $279 and you still chasing $239? Lol

          • +1

            @spiff: If LiMaa is to be believed then the listing is probably offline while they fix price

            EDIT: Not that I expect they would up the price onyl to reduce it… that's HP's game xD

            • @SwarleyAUS: Fingers crossed for you!

              • +2

                @spiff: They aren't price jacking, rep is setting price and off shore team is changing based on their outdated information, so he has to manually combat them. I can see what rep can organise in the future for this monitor (i know it's great for the price), but as far as I'm aware they were clearing 30 units in stock.

                Likely after the October DGF and these ship out they will focus on more sales. I can tell you the gaming DGF will be back at their $500 sale price and possibly more of these.

    • It's because DELL have been adding the monitors slowly as part of their sale, one would presume they forgot to price jack

      • Looks like they've removed all of them now.

        • Coming back slowly… S3220DGF first

  • I'd buy this if it was 24". 27 is too big for me.

    • +4

      Thats what she said…

      • +2

        Username etc

    • +1

      I was thinking the same until I measured my current 10yo 23" Dell (555mm) and realized this 27" @ 611mm isn't much wider, 2 inches, not enough to be an issue lol

      • Yeah it personal preference. 24 Inch is just perfect for me and my workspace. 27 is just that little bit too big. I also have good eyesight (somehow) so can work with the more compact ratio very easily.

        • 27" QHD has more pixels per inch than 24" FHD (109ppi vs 92ppi) so is more "compact" in that sense (requires slightly better eyesight).

  • Was gonna post this myself at $239.20, but yeah still a great deal even at this price. Also it's currently on sale in the US for $240 USD, which is like $330 AUD.

  • +1

    Was about to buy @$239. Oh well. Save my precious COVID dollars (decimated business).

  • Does this come with the height adjustable stand?

    • +4

      I don't think so, it seems to be the fixed stand, the "DS" version has the adjustable stand..

      • Thanks!

      • Exactly the information I was after, thanks!

  • +2

    Sold out now. Ozbargained!

    • +3

      Dont think it's sold out, I believe they put the listing on hold, seems to have a pricing issue

      • Nevermind, it really is sold out.

  • should we all wait until to put the price down?

    • -1

      Wait ACCC to investigate why Dell and eBay dared to jump the price to fake 6.6% OFF as 20% OFF.
      ( $299 - $279.2)/$299 = $19.8/ $299 = 6.6%.

      • +2

        It's a $499 monitor, so I'm not sure how far you'd get…

      • +2

        If you read my comment above, you'll understand they didn't price jack but had a genuine internal misinformation error where rep was updating listing with $239 price and other team was reverting it haha. They are honouring price anyway.

  • The coupon code entered is invalid. Please check the code to ensure that it was entered correctly.

  • +1

    Thought about this for too long. Sold out.

  • +2

    Damn this would have been a good deal.

  • Damn, missed the Xiaomi 34 Ultrawide and this one today as well … :-(

  • Does anyone want mine? I ordered and no longer want it.

    • +1

      Just out of interest, why don't you want it now?

      • +1

        "buy now, think later", the latter

      • +3

        because i'm dumb and i buy things on impulse. this would be my 3rd monitor purchase since covid. addicted to the thrill of a good bargain :(

        • Where in melb are you?

        • lol, $#it happens

        • Go up to top comments and ask some of those boys, a couple missed out!

        • @okbianca I'll have it if you've changed your mind. Pleeease :)

        • I absolutely want one, I've been posting on here several times asking for a 2k 27" monitor. I'd love to organise this with you.

        • I wanted to buy a pressure washer for 3 times since covid but none of the deals was honoured.

    • yes! i want it if that's still availble

  • +2

    wonder if they'll bring back more stock…

    • Likely not until after October, were clearing 30 units left in stock.

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Been looking for a decently priced 3rd computer monitor that doubles as a console monitor for my switch and Xbox.

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