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30-50% off (e.g. Inkbird Wi-Fi Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T US$50 (~A$68.59)) + Free Shipping @ Inkbird


10 year Anniversary Sale
50% off all Inkbird thermometers and various other products

I ordered directly from the website rather than they ebay store as it worked out cheaper 50US ~ $68.59AU shipped. Ebay store was $84.50AU after the 50% off. The only difference is one is shipped from Australia while their website ships out of China, so if not in a rush might be worth saving the extra.

I have included the post from their Facebook page which has all the links to the products available from their Ebay & Amazon store.

but if you want to order direct from the global website just head here

*UPDATE: Global store sold out, still available on Amazon & eBay stores

*UPDATE as of 2.30pm, Global store is now back in stock

INKBIRD 10TH Anniversary sales!!!SEP.15th
👉All the deals will be only available from 0:00 AM to 23:59 PM on Sep. 15th, 2020
❤️50% code : MN4ZLPAP / 30% code :2BNZGLUH
❤️Store link:
❤️WIFI bbq thermometer
IBBQ-4t( 50%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323894866640
❤️WIFI sousvide (30%)
❤️Bluetooth bbq thermometer
IBT-4XC(50%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/223574089850
IBT-6XS(30%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/222609517127
IBT-2X(30%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/222303044031
❤️Wireless bbq thermometer
IRF-4S(30%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/222674836590
IRF-2S(50%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322819293625
ITC-308(30%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322181962638
❤️Humidity controller:
IHC-200(30%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322253178252
IHC-200 WIFI(30%):
❤️Bluetooth Temp.+Humi.logger/wifi gateway
IBS-TH1/PLUS/MINI/wifi gateway(50%):https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/223056222997
❤️Temp.+Humidity logger
❤️Case for thermometer:
4T/4XC/4XS(50%): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324218214227

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  • Great thermometer. Bought one of these after my bluetooth Maverick died after being left in the rain too long and I find it way better. The app charts your temperatures which really goes a long way in helping you learn to manage temps.

  • Sous Vide - Title says 50% off, text says 30% off, ebay is 10% off.

    EDIT: It's because the code wont apply to that item.

    • Thanks, have updated title 30-50% to cover all the deals. and yes the code i have put in the deal is only specific to the wifi thermometer in initial deal

  • Thanks for the post. Bought 1

  • How does the wifi model work if you're not at home and don't have wifi?

    • +1

      taken from the Q&A

      Q : Do you have to have your phone on the same WiFi network as the thermometer IBBQ-4T?

      A : No.It can be used to monitor a cook when you are away from home.For example,you can check it in your company using company wifi or your 3g/4g internet

      • Thanks for that. Sounds as if you need some sort of wifi access point when on the go, was hoping for wifi direct pairing or something but all good, ordered!

        • Put your phone in access point / hot spot mode

        • It uploads your temps to the cloud, outside the house you just use your 4g connection to check the temps in the app. Works perfectly. Your graphs from previous cooks are also stored in the cloud, so you can go back and check on them later.

          Edit: or are you saying the actual thermometer itself? Like cooking on a bbq away from your home wifi connection? The thermometer doesn’t have to be connected to wifi at all to work. You can just use it as a 4 probe thermometer if you’re cooking away from home. And then if you still want to use the wireless temp monitoring you’d have to setup a hotspot wifi network from your phone etc.

          • +1

            @dwhes: Hi mate, I'm referring to the latter. e.g. when at a bbq competition or camping. Like you said, If I'm to take advantage of the app and graphs, I'd need an access point like a 4g travel modem or to put my phone into hotspot mode.

  • Thanks OP, got the IBT-2X.

  • is there much difference (apart from price) between the Inkbird and Anova precision sous vide?

    • +1

      I have the Inkbird, a relative has the older ANOVA. Inkbird is much better.

      Wifi is very useful and it heats up so much faster and is much quieter than the anova, I forget its running. Perhaps the more expensive anovas are better but then you're looking at many hundreds $$$ vs $87.

      The only negative would be the mounting mechanism, its a peg clip which might not fit on thicker coolers.

    • I was on the fence between the two and bought the InkBird. It's very easy to use as well as being cheaper than Anova

  • +1

    A mate owns the bluetooth version and loves it, he wanted WiFi so bought a WiFi one with me just then. The apps seems pretty rock solid, happy at that price.

  • Thanks OP. Damn cheap

  • +2

    Been waiting for an inkbird sous vide sale. Last offer incl a thermometer in the $97 price so was slightly better but can't be bothered waiting any longer. $10 off is enough for me to submit a buy order.

  • +1

    I have the 4probe bluetooth it is excellent, use it for low and slow whenever I can.

    • N/A.

  • +2

    Thanks OP - bought the IRF-2SA $34.99 on ebay. The IKEA @ $10 is a bargain and works well but it isn't remote.

    • Thanks for ikea pointer. Missed the wifi best price above, so fantast will be good enough for my purposes. I’ll save $75!

  • Thanks OP. Bought one of the four probes

  • +1

    But where does the meat go?

  • Been looking for one of these probe deals. Thanks.

  • Great humidity and temp controllers if you're looking at growing mushrooms. These are basically a must have.

  • Thanks OP. Glad I waited

  • Purchased an IBT-2X last week, awesome bit of kit. The App is hit and miss, depending how involved you want to go (graphs etc)
    I got mine for $35 delivered(retail), so there's been some price jacking before the 'discount' still a good deal nonetheless

  • Just purchased IBBQ-4T. but i was charged 71.71

    • i think that was Paypals rate when i went in there to purchase as well, if you switch to USD or select pay by card you will get charged $50USD using the normal exchange rate and not with Paypals reduced rate

  • IBBQ-4T case is sold out?

    • +2

      Yeah, looks like it (smashed the sales today). You can get the 4x case and a instant read case for $24 if you're after both.

      • +1

        Spot on, i missed out on the case, but then figures might as well get both and order the instant read thermometer as well

        • +1

          Same :)

        • maybe its a tactic, I just brought the same

        • Is the case for the fast read thermometer worth buying? I know it’s cheap but it also cost half the price of the thermometer itself. Just thought if it would be OK to store the thermometer in a zip lock bag instead. I know, I am cheap… :(

    • +1

      The case is back in stock

      • … and cheaper $13.86 now (but fastpak china - can't recall where the originals were stocked)

  • Great thermometer use it in the smoker, bbq and oven. The instant read will be a great addition. Been sitting in my amazon list for a while with a few other cheaper ones which I almost bought over the weekend.

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend a reusable sous vide bag?

  • Thanks OP. Got the sous vide (finally) and the IBT-2x.

    • How much did you pay for the sous vide? The deal is supposed to be 30% off but it says Was $97.00 You save: $9.70 (10% off) Price: $87.30

      • I got it for 87.30. Still cheaper than other comparable brands. I don't think its 30% for all products, ranges start from 10% off.

        • Their Facebook lists the sous vide product in the 30% off https://i.imgur.com/hDAq9HO.png

          • @LowRange: It was 30% off on their website and Amazon.

            For some reason they price the sous vide cheaper on eBay so even though less of a discount you roughly pay the same price as if you bought it elsewhere.

            Good deal for $87 odd I think.

  • +1

    Has anyone on here ever built a curing chamber out of curioisity? all my research points to these inkbird products to manage temp and hum

    • +1

      Yeah I have, works a treat.

      Have had a temp controller on my fermenting fridge for years, decided to get the inkbird, a humidified, a dehumidifier and a couple of computer fans to cure my charcuterie after years of just hanging in the shed.

      Wish I had've done it years ago, not even the slightest bit of case hardening due to the constant humidity and no more worrying about those warmer days toward the end of winter when the salami still need a bit more curing.

      Strongly recommend getting both the temp and humidity controllers from this sale if you're keen.

      • Awesome thanks heaps.

        Where did you learn how to make your chamber?

        Also i've read that Freezers > Fridgers when it comes making it Providing they are frost free??

        • I have a freezer setup for my 5 kegs but use a larger fridge for my fermenting space / curing chamber. There's plenty of vids out there showing the basics of making one, the key is to get a basic/moderate humidifier and dehumidifier that has a simple on/off switch that is always set to the on position.

  • Thanks OP, bought the combination of the wifi IBBQ-4T and instant read thermometer, as well as cases.

  • Got the 2x on amazon.
    Thanks OP!
    Been in my cart for a long time

  • Global store has sold out of the Wifi thermometer so I had to buy it through Ebay link instead. Thanks OP. Been meaning to buy something like this for ages.

  • is there any particular reason why one would want to have both the meat thermometer and the instant read? thanks

    • +1

      Leave in probes take a little bit to get an accurate reading so they’re only really good for leaving in while you have the instant read to quickly check temp in a spot. Also leave in probes are a bit more prone to failure so I trust the reading on my instant read a bit more.

    • +1

      Probe thermometer for low n slow cooks, and instant read for quick cooks (steaks etc). Not to say you couldn't use the probe thermometer for quick cooks, it's just a bit inconvenient :)

    • +1

      Yeah I bought both, instant read for cooking in the kitchen and the BBQ. The meat therm for the smoker.

    • thanks all

  • Some of the items are back in stock (ie the cases)
    but the shipping is now from china and will be longer but still a bargain. thanks OP

    • +1

      Global Store has items back in stock…..so keep checking everyone.

      Just bought the WiFi model and Instant Read probe….thanks OP!

  • +1

    Can highly recommend the ibbq4t if you’re into low and slow bbq. It’s excellent. Love being able to monitor my temps from anywhere.

    • +1

      Mate love your recommendations haha
      I ordered one just for this

      • +1

        Haha you’re welcome mate! We need to catch up! Come over for a bbq at my new house.

  • +1

    Just ordered one (wifi) from amazon using the coupon code - thanks for that. It reckons it’s will be here in Brisbane on Friday

  • Cheers mate!, got the wifi fridge controller. Can cold crash my fermenting beer from offshore ready to keg when I get home!

  • Ordered the fast read thermometer even I am not really into cooking. If I was a cooking guru like you guys I would grab the bbq thermometer and the sousvide without second thoughts!!

  • Nice deal, thanks op!

    Better to buy on Amazon if you have prime. Works out slight cheaper and maybe faster delivery.

  • 34% off them all with free postage from Aus here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/INKBIRD-Wireless-BBQ-Grill-Oven-...

  • Is there a 4 prong one with replaceable battery?

    Anyone compared this with Weber iGrill or had Bunnings price match?

    • for the money they are good, I've had a matador single prong from Bunnings and the inkbird is better and less money (not sure how you would pricematch as they don't sell the same)

      the igrill sounds good and weber service is second to none but I've read some bad reviews

      the batteries I believe are just standard rechargable ones so you may be able to swap them out

      • Bunnings actually do sell inkbird, my local has the single as well as the 4 prong Bluetooth

        • my mistake I was in Bunnings today and saw a 4 prong bluetooth one there for the first time was $79 on special I think

  • What's more practical? The wifi or the wireless with a screen?

    • +1

      the wifi I'd say, I have a mate with one

  • Went with the maverick xr50 over this.

  • Ended up chosing the the Blue Tooth (IBT-4XC) over Wireless (IBBQ-4t) for the following reasons:
    - Comes with one oven and three meat probes (wifi is just 4 meat probes). Thinking it's quite beneficial to monitor ambient temperature for smoking.
    - Won't be far from the smoker, so having wifi/4g access isn't crucial
    - Both rechargable batteries. Despite having the smaller battery (1000 mAh vs 2000 mAh), the bluetooth lasts longer (60 hrs vs 26 hrs according to the Inkbird website).
    - The price difference ($45 vs $84) is quite significant. Add another $10 if you wanted the oven probe with the wifi version.

    Both would meet my use cases, but for essentially half the price (and oven probe), the bluetooth version is the best value.

    • +1

      You use 1 of the 4 probes on the ibbq4t to monitor the ambient temps. It’s designed that way. The older thermometers had to have a specific probe for ambient temp. The ibbq4t doesn’t need to do that.

      • Doh. Now im wishing i got the Q4T now, lol.

        • +1

          Email them and ask if you can change your order?

          • +1

            @dwhes: Ended up cancelling the Amazon order, and ordered through the website!

            Thanks for the headsup regarding the Oven probe! Really looking forward to Smoking some pork butts / ribs!!

            • +1

              @monkeydoo0: Nice mate! You’re welcome! You’ll love it. I just did competition style chicken thighs yesterday using mine.

      • Phew! So why is there a separate oven probe on sale if the normal probes work for ambient?

        • The separate oven probe is only for the older thermometers and can go to a higher ambient temp range than the meat probes it comes with from memory.

  • Already own an insta read but picked up another one plus a case, thanks OP for a great deal!

  • I use the normal probes to measure oven temp without issue

  • This or MEATER?

    • Big big difference in price. I can’t comment on how good the meater are, full wireless probe would be nice. But you’re comparing something that is $450 if you want 4 probes vs something that is on sale for $68. I couldn’t say a bad thing about my ibbq4t. Have been using one for low and slow bbq for 6 months now.

  • For those who missed out, the global store still has the countdown timer going which looks to finish at 8.20am Melbourne time for any late commers

    • (profanity). Missed it 😭

      • Check out the Amazon US Store, they are still on sale there. Just remember you need to tick on the coupon.

        • I ended up whinging on their facebook page and they gave me a voucher :D

  • For those still looking these are all currently still on sale on the US Amazon store. I grabbed a IBBQ-4T Wifi One and instant read IHT-1P for $108AUD delivered Inc GST. So slightly more but still a good price I think and based on previous experience, I'll get this from Amazon US far quicker than something out of China.

  • I bought the Inkbird IBBQ-4T. it arrived yesterday and now that I have it, I have no idea what to use it for…

    Can anyone suggest any good uses for it other than monitoring slow cooking meat ?

  • Thanks! Bought the IRF-2SA for $34.99 on eBay. Shocked that it arrived in 1 day but the warehouse was 5km away haha. The product is quite good for the price although the manual is in somewhat broken and incomprehensible English but you get an idea of how it works.

    Can't wait to try it with my smoker so I don't need to babysit the temperature. The 150m wireless feature is fantastic.

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