Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB $1673 Delivered @ BecexTech via Amazon AU


$1999 at most places, down to $1673 here.

Yep, it's the exynos. Love it or hate it. I'm still on the fence personally whether to get it or not. But 15% off for those who are isn't a bad drop for such a new phone.

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  • Cost as much as a decent laptop….
    Prediction on what the price would be in 1 year time?
    I am still happy with the LG V50 ($600), but would prefer the Note at some stage in the future.

    • If only the LG V60 was available here in Australia i would upgrade from V30+ to it.

    • Agree, expensive. But I'm not sure the prices drop too quickly on flagship Samsung? I've got a Note10+ - I've been eyeing off the possibility of getting the Note20 Ultra at a bargain price and selling the Note10+ for a decent price on the used market.

  • Third party seller, maybe grey import. I’d avoid and wait for a deal

    • Says it has 2 year Samsung Australia warranty, so can’t be an import.

      • the same listing is mixed in with the amazon AU listing from amazon selling themselves

        • Maybe, But it is also the same model number that Australian stores sell.

          So I guess if it’s an import you’d be able to return and get money back.

  • Its currently $1599.20 + 5% discount = $1519.24 @ Samsung Education store.
    Come with free shipping and 2 years warranty.
    Price will drop more eventually as the Exynos variant only 5% increase cpu performance compare to Note 10+ (jerryrigeverything youtube show the benchmark).

  • The 512 version is $1,898 after discount. Not bad considering it was $2,199 but that came with free buds and Samsung Care

  • This is hardly a bargain, on quick search.
    Ebay showing same spec with dual sim: AU $1,521.68 (grey import which is the same from BecexTech got it goods from).

  • Does anyone wanna try OW for a price-beat?

    I got the Note10+ last year for $1100 after an Amazon deal came up on here. Took 2-3 attempts with OW though…

  • I'm using Note20 Ultra 5G, bought from Samsung online store. the phone is great, people keep saying bad thing about Exynos but for a non-game user like me, it handles my day-to-day task smoothly.
    For battery life, screen on time, i have around 7-8 hours so I don't complaint.
    As an ex-user of Note10+ and S20+ 5G, I must say Note20 Ultra is way better than Note10+ in term of camera and fingerscreen scan.

    • Damn you upgrade phone very regularly

    • agree no more..

    • For battery life, screen on time, i have around 7-8 hours so I don't complaint.

      I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G and battery life is horrendous, way worse than the Note 10+ I had before it.

      With 120Hz and 5G on it's dead in a few hours. The only way to get decent battery life is by disabling 5G and 120Hz and turning on medium power saving mode. That kinda defeats the purpose of getting this phone though.

      Speed wise it's great though, no hiccups and runs fast.

    • Photo quality is supposedly worse as it’s the processor that does this. I guess you can’t tell unless you’ve also had the snapdragon version to compare.

      • Funny thing is the Note 10+ actually seems to take better pictures than the Note 20 Ultra. I did a side by side comparison and if you zoom into pictures taken with the Note 20 Ultra there's no detail, it's blotchy. But they look great without zooming in. The 108mp sensor is not that great. 50x zoom is a neat party trick though.

  • If you're gonna import, might as well buy from here, SD chip and at least have a storefront in Australia

  • Amazon description states 2 year manufacturer warranty. Anyone think this is an Australian model?

  • myThis might be my next phone when a better deal / my note 9 starts showing its age (still going strong after 2 years, great phone)

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