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Alienware 310H Gaming Headset - AW310H $71.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Alienware 310H Gaming Headset - AW310H

Ramp up your gameplay on the all-new Alienware Stereo Gaming wired headset with handpicked, custom-tuned 50mm drivers for Hi-Res audio.

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  • was slightly cheaper here and previous experiences werent that great

    • I just bought these a few weeks ago - I personally find them really comfortable and am able to wear them on/off during the day (I use it as my work headphones too now). In terms of gaming, I find the sound quality good but obviously they're not going to be Bose/Sony quality because that's for a different use case.

      • Thanks Cassiopeia,

        I've went ahead and bought them last night, and this is reassuring

  • quality is bad. After 4 weeks normal using, the cushion foam comes out.

  • I got these from the last post. Can't complain for free headphones I guess.

  • I got these on 30th of march(From a post here)
    There was a delay in shipping (Due to ordering at peak of covid panic buying)
    Took about 3.5 weeks to arrive instead of the promised one week.
    They have been pretty bulletproof. Nothing super exceptional but i basically live in them and have no major complaints.
    The cup fits over my ear completely and they are very comfortable.
    The minor complain that i have is that the band goes lower than the cup and when I slouch and sit awkwardly the band hits my shoulder. But I have to slouch and tilt my head. It doesn't happen with my 1000-MX2s.
    There is a mute toggle for microphone on the cable which is super handy when you need to mute yourself and don't want to maximize whatever is controlling the voice call. There is a volume adjustment for sound which is handy too.
    I've had zero faults. I game in them every night and do all my meetings in them.
    They also came with an adapter to plug two 3.5 mm plugs into the motherboard with separate headphone and microphone jacks, into one 4 pole 3.5mm jack. Which i appreciate.