Hisense 75R7 Series 7 75" 4K UHD Smart ULED TV $1695 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


It has been cheaper in the past but seems a good price.
Hisense website states 200Hz motion rate but I believe it is 100Hz panel.

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  • I assume ULED is better and newer than QLED

    • ULED is term specifically used by Hi-Sense. From what I found on internet, it is not newer or better than QLED.

    • ULED used to be a Hisense term to mean that they use Quantum Dot like the Samsung QLEDs. However in the R-series, the ULED term was diluted and given to all their R-series TVs. In the R-series, only the TVs in the R8 range had quantum dot and the R7 didn't. In the previous P-series ULED was only used when the TV had quantum dot from what I understand.

    • That assumption is why they keep the sneaky buzzword game going…

  • At 3.5m from TV good guys sales guy is telling me 65" would be better, so was looking at the sony 65" X9000 for $2038 on GGC.
    When i got my 55" really wanted 65", don't want to make the same mistake again although anything decent to go to 75" is another $1K.
    Any opinions on all this?

    • Only to agree with your remorse. Bigger TVs seem to big or in your face only for a short time, you get used to them pretty quickly

    • +3 votes

      Have a good read here (don't just use the calculator).
      But short answer: buy at least 75"

    • My friend has a 75inch X8000 and its around 3.5 to 4m away and it looks awesome when watching YT or Netflix. However you do struggle to use it sitting any closer like doing yoga or lying on the floor.

    • 3.5m from a 4K screen at 75" is perfect viewing. You will be disappointed with 65"

    • I got a 75" for my theatre, room is 4.2m long and the TV is definitely not too big, a 80/82" would be about the limit for that room I think though.

    • Go big, we have a 75" with about the same distance and would not change it, well maybe bigger but definently not any smaller :)

      • I sit 2m from a 65inch and wish I had a 75. You get used to it very quickly. But make sure you only watch full HD and up

        • Im about 2m from a 75inch screen. If i could afford a bigger TV i would happily upgrade. Until i need to turn my head to see what's happening it's not a big enough screen.

      • I sit 1m from my 85" . Could definately go a 100" not a problem.

    • I'm using a 75" TV at approx 3m of distance between the couch and the panel and it's absolutely fantastic. I feel I could get away with an 85" or bigger at some point, but i'm waiting for the right bargain to come along first!.
      The only limitation of the large panel is when using a gaming chair in the room, I then sit at ~2m and it gets difficult to see 'the bigger picture' in games, but certainly doesn't make it unplayable.

      I personally wouldn't hesitate on the 75" panel.

    • 77" OLED at 2m is big enough.
      Previous 65" was not.

    • At 3.5m I'd probs be looking more into 82"-85"

  • Have this TV and very happy with it. Not sure if it's really a 100hz panel though?

    • Good to hear that. I can't make up my mind between this TV or TCL 75 P715, which I can get $200 cheaper than this TV via Good Guys Commercial website.

      • Hisense 100%.
        I went cheaper on the 65 inch and went with a TCL P8S worst decision ever. friend got the 75 R7, and mother in law the 65R7.. leaps and bounds in front. Wish i had of stuck with Hisense ( had an older 7 series which is awesome) instead of trying to save a few hundred bucks.

        • ok, thanks!

        • wish you had bought the Hisense over the TCL based on what?

        • TCL is Android so you will have access to all of Android apps.

          Hisense uses proprietary system so it will be devoid of many popular apps such as foxtel, kayo, and voice apps, etc.

          I have Hisense but I think I would go Android on next update although interesting comment that Android is slow as my mate who has the TCL has not raised this as an issue.

          • @Ozitravel: Just get a shield or voda TV.

          • @Ozitravel: Sorry that comment I made is quite silly as I did not have anything directly to compare to in the Android TVworld, but in regards to a TV turning on and using menus etc its rather slow in comparison to other non android Tvs that i have used (hisense included)

            The Kayo app on the TCL is unusable, the jitter in the stream is horrendous, its like the TV just does not have power to run it…

            I just run a media device for external applications much better than the Android OS on TV

            • @Spewdog: Ok my mate uses the Foxtel app on his TCL without issues.

              I use kayo with my Hisense but there is no Foxtel or Kayo app and you cannot stream wirelessly from a laptop so you have to use a HDMI cable or get a google Chromecast or similar. I don't find the menus slow at all.

    • The motion rate is double the refresh rate.

  • This is a very good deal.

  • Hisense 75" S8 4K UHD SMART LED TV
    Is this Newer or older it’s the same price

    • R7 is an older (2019) model while S8 is 2020 model. S8 seems to be have inferior spec than R7.

      • Yep, the S8 is closer to the R6 than R7 from a specs point of view (whereas the Q8 exceeds the R8 from a specs perspective).

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      UHD = 'standard 4k' LED
      QLED/ULED = next-gen LED. Samsung etc develops Q (quantum) LED, and HiSense forked to develop U (ultra) LED because it's cheaper but apparently still better than standard LED.

      In 2020 the S series is Hisense's budget version, the Q series is their ULED versions. They abandoned the R line (I think?) but it's still higher specc-ed than the new S series

      Compared to the S, the R has:
      - ULED vs standard LED
      - 200hz vs 100hz (smoother motion, supposed to be better for sports)
      - Local dimming using better backlighting technology (better blacks/contrasts, although not as fancy as full array dimming)


  • Three things that drive me crazy:

    One: Keyboards with tiny lil arrow keys built into the board
    Two: TV manufacturers that promote stands with attrocious table support
    Three: Landfill.

  • no stock near me :(

    edit can't find any stock in VIC

  • This should really be quite a bit cheaper (and has been) especially given its previous years series, and i think there are some bugs that never got fixed (could be wrong, gave up following the whirlpool thread when decided wasn't worth upgrading from my 2016 Hisense).

  • I've got the 65" version of this and I'm very happy with it. No issues with the picture at all. There's one or two niggling things that bother me with the interface and CEC stuff, but that's hardly dealbreaking for the price

    • Bought the 65r7 at last ebay21% off for 1.1k, totally worth it for the price. 600 difference for another 10inch is not something I'm comfy with but I guess it's still worth it because the comparison is probably TCL P715 (same price, dodgier quality). The next step ups are either to go Samsung or Hisense 75Q8 which are almost double the price…

  • Firmware is pretty bad, I got one last year and the input icon keep poping up every 3 minutes , contacted support and ask me to refresh firmware but didnt fix the issue, looks like a common issue on Hisense

    The smart feature also not very useful, google home can switch it off but not switch it on, quite inmature feature, and you cant install your own apk too as the UI isnt real android, with similiar price tag you can buy something better, at least if I can choose again I wont pick Hisense again

  • Appears to be 'smart' but not Android, isn't that a big red flag in terms of future proofing? For me it's either dump with some external smart component like Chromecast, or Android.

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      I always assumed that for any TV getting a box (miBox/Shield/etc) is always going to be needed and/or superior than whatever comes with the TV. I wish they would just stop it with the 'smart' gimmick altogether and just focus on great panels at a cheaper price, then maybe bundle it with a chromecast or something.

      • 100% agree on this!

        • Can not agree.

          You want to buy a TV and then have to buy another box to make it work right?

          • @Ozitravel: Well, for example, my TV, Plex is removing support for it end of this month native app.

            The UI is slow and lags on ever command.

            You'll waste half your life with the frustrations.

            I just use my PS4 or Xbox and forget about the "smart" TV functions.

            • @RocketSwitch: Plex is removing support for some much older Hisense TVs. Mine is not affected & works well. Not slow at all.

              However my next TV will be an Android to take advantage of all of the available apps and to overcome issues such as this.

              P.S. not sure why I negs are given for simply providing an alternate opinion and experience - geeze

  • I assume this won't be "ideal" for next gen gaming with its 60hz 4k HDMI inputs?… I'm in the market for a TV to go with next gen consoles probably before the end of the year… It just seems this year hasn't been great for TV deals!…

    I'll remind everyone though, go into store and you'll be surprised what deal you can get. I bought a 65" Samsung Q80T from JB Hi-Fi about 2 months ago for $2295. I think it's currently advertised on their website for $2995.

  • No mans land. Def go for 85” movies have black bars so it’ll be smaller. Playing games is a lot better too.

  • Thanks to those who commented re 65 or 75", will hold for a 75".
    Is this TV any good for Sport/nrl, was also looking at Samsung 75" TU8000, its $1971 GGC but only 100hz? Have 6 year old 55" Samsung 4k now.

    • i have the TU8000 but 43inch as a bedroom TV and mainly watch AFL and ice hockey. It's pretty decent. Won't be as flash as the top end but does the job

    • I just got a Samsung 55" Q60T and so far sport motion on it isn't so good. Not sure if I have it set up poorly or if its maybe the stream quality but it has trouble keeping up with fast movement. I think I was swayed by the brand but honestly I'm a bit disappointed overall with this TV. I would highly recommend comparing it with TCL and Hisense at this price point. I think they're better bang for buck.

  • I have the 50" R7 in my study for use with consoles. Great for 4K gaming, the TV and Youtube app experiences need a little work though. TV guide isnt great and there are audio issues with the YouTube app.

  • 75" is a great size and should be the standard for a living room viewing experience.

    Also, I have the Hisense P7 and suffers from slight to noticable vertical banding and slight vignetting around the edges. Buyer beware.

  • Thanks guys, looking for a good price 2019 TV!

    This seems to be objectively better than the 2020 counterpart S series

  • anyone who is crazy enough to buy this, the q8 65" was 1638 4 weeks ago, just wait
    its a tiny bit smaller but a wayyyy better tv

    • 10" is a big diff when it comes to viewing. I could never go back under a 75" again.

      I have one of these 75r7 at a holiday house. Has very good blacks for the money. Does suffer from elevated contrast with Dolby Vision though so i tend to just stick to HDR as that doesnt suffer the same issue.

      There were some issues with the screen producing a flicker randomly typically on the lower half of the screen. This was resolved with a FRC update about 2 or so month ago. The Viida U platform is quite basic and their support of anything above very standard apps is quite poor, ie.still no Disney+ after a year.

      Other than that, its a solid screen for the money. I paid just a touch over this at Christmas time last year.

    • Way better in what way ?

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    Thanks JB

  • Samsung has 75inch 4k with similar price. Would Samsung a slightly better brand?