$1.00 | 100GB + Calls/Text | 1st Month | Port over Offer @ Circles.life (Usually $38.00)


Circles.Life 100GB per month plan only $1 for first month, usually $38 (expires tomorrow):

  • 100GB Data
  • Unlimited Standard talk and text in Australia
  • First month only
  • Optus Network
  • Post-paid SIM only plan only
  • Have to port number over (otherwise $28 for new number)
  • Expires 17 Sep, 9PM AEST Active again

I personally am going to pass as I had a hellish experience porting out of Circles.Life postpaid service. But figure somebody else might like the deal.

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  • How many post about Circles.Life? Mom said tomorrow is my turn to post this.

  • $28 for a new number? Really?
    And this is postpaid, not prepaid.

  • i have read the past horror stories with this company but if i do not care about the number im porting in because all i want is the data, could i sign up with a prepaid credit card with $5.00 left on it or will circle try to debit $1 + next months $38 when trying to sign up?

  • Are they getting any better?

  • $1 + $38 (for next month as porting to another provider may take ages) = $39 for 2 months = $19.5 per month effectively.

  • I am surprise this company is not banned from listing here.

  • If you have Westpac, log into your online banking and look at the 'Offers' tab, you can get this plan for $28/m for 12m.

    Pretty good deal, just switched over from Optus, has been exactly the same.


  • Looks very tempting.
    I now have 2 expired Kogan sims/accounts, which I used for data & 1 with all data used, as well a Belong account.
    So I got a few to port #'s to port out, been waiting for a port in deal with someone for awhile, hence not cancelling them.

    Is Circle like Kogan (5 accounts on 1 card - new accounts)?, would it be possible to port in twice (2 numbers/Kogan), like Kogan or only once regardless?
    Can a refer a friend promo code be used along with code/deal?, looks like yes?

    I must say that I've had no issues yet with Kogan or Belong so far.


    • Can confirm that you can use 1 card for 5 accounts with Circles.Life. Have tried it before and it works.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        Sweet, so just like Kogan then.

        I'm hoping/aiming to port out 2 numbers from Kogan to them, pay $2 for 2 plans for 200gb, anyone done this?
        Or would it not work this way?

        Just want data for some YouTube, but mostly downloading some steam games.

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