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$1 for 100GB for First Month + SIM Card @ Circles.Life


$1 for First Month with CIRCLES.LIFE

You can order up to 10 new SIM Cards but each SIM card must be a different email address.

SIM cards will be posted to you.

Uses Optus Mobile.

Must use code:


Got offer from them in my email:

The best way to try us out!

Give us a go with our new offer. Enjoy our 100GB plan for just $1 for your first month and experience Circles.Life firsthand.

Use this code during your signup:


Referral Links

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • +11 votes

    got my credit file and they were on it last year and i didnt even get to use sim card as they cancelled it.

    • +3 votes

      Like with postpaid plans - when you sign up they do a credit check. Discussed in previous Deals.

      You pay a month upfront.
      Unlike prepaid, It's an ongoing agreement until you request to terminate at end of month (give a few working days notice) or port out is processed before end of month.

      • +1 vote


        First month is $1

        That's all I got charged.

        • +2 votes

          Got a Deal when they started for 4 months free (less data then) with $5 cashback.

          Cost nothing as I followed the advice in the comments.
          Because of the monthly billing cycle, received a day or 2 under 5 months for free.

          • +3 votes

            @the INFIDEL: Had the same deal, went for close to 5 months also.
            Even though I followed the right procedure signing up they still kept trying to bill me. Had to contact them every month to get it sorted. Account maintenance with CL is not their forte as many will confirm.

            • +3 votes

              @xywolap: Closely read the T&Cs for any deal you sign up for with CL, especially about closing the account.

            • +3 votes

              @xywolap: Which is fine.

              If they don't cancel and ignore your email, I would you just go to the TIO.

              Which costs them $30 a complaint.

              Like any Telco.

            • +1 vote

              @xywolap: As comments advised in those Deals - notify them to terminate at end of month several working days ahead. That way the billing stops.

              I followed that advice & never was billed.

              Porting out is a less sure way to terminate any service, as the service continues until the other Telco ports in.

              Circles is different in its operation & billing - always check Deal comments for advice & read the t&c.

  • +3 votes

    Bad network lately.


      Optus towers are all oversubscribed, unfortunately.

      Both Optus and Circles.Life are run by very-stingy Singaporean's.

  • +10 votes

    not even for free with these people that chase after your money even you ported out from them for months

    • +1 vote

      Never had any problems. Read & followed others advice in comments. Terminated service & never was charged anything.


        Did you just Port Out?

        • +2 votes

          No I sent a request a week ahead to terminate service at end of month.
          I mainly wanted the SIM for data.


            @the INFIDEL: Cool. Will do same thing in a month.

            • +1 vote

              @danparty: It's important when signing up for any service to read & understand the t&c!
              The important ones are usually discussed in old Deals.

              • +1 vote

                @the INFIDEL: Are you able to point out the important discussions you found?

                I’ve been holding off trying a circles deal because so many OzBargainers reported problems with being overcharged, continuing to be charged after porting out, and data being consumed unusually quickly.


                  @toasty: Just use the TIO if there are any issues.

                  Works for me with all Telco's!

                  • +1 vote

                    @danparty: Yeah, it feels like I contact the TIO more often than my mother.


                      @toasty: I've only needed to contact TIO once - about a Telstra CDMA service in 2001!
                      No problems since - I SIM hop between providers most months for over 7 years.


                  @toasty: There was a lot of discussion when the free 4 month Deals were posted. Read those, but offer & t&c may be different now.

    • +2 votes

      If your port out was not done before end of month, they will charge for next month as your service did not end by last day of month.
      Like most businesses - they will follow up non payment of agreed service fees!
      Consult t&c.

      Porting is only done in set hours on set days. So check that porting should be done before end of month.
      Contact them for advice first to be sure you won't be charged!

      • +3 votes

        Porting times for all Telco's:

        Mon to Fri: 8am to 8pm AEST
        Saturday: 10am to 6pm
        No porting on Sundays and or national public holidays

        • +1 vote

          Any porting can be delayed! Allow time.
          I port at start of a weekday for best chance of successful port that day.

          Port from Kogan to Amaysim days ago took minutes - surprised me.

  • +1 vote

    Be aware, as per terms and conditions:
    “The pro-rated monthly plan fee for your month of signup will be chargeable.“

    • +3 votes

      In the 4 mth free deal you got 4 plus the portion of the month you signed up on and it was mentioned in the T&Cs. Check the T&C for this one.

    • +2 votes

      That's how many of us got almost an extra month of free service in previous 4 month Deals.


      What if you activate on the first day of the month?

    • +1 vote

      Just activate on 1st of month.


    As I said in the last post, this offer is a scam more than a deal… Shouldn't be shared on OzB


      It's not a scam!
      If you take the time to read the t&c & useful comments - It's a good Deal.
      If you ignore the advice (terminate service / make sure port is done before end of month), it might cost you!

      • +1 vote

        What exactly in the T&C adds value to this deal. I was with Circles.life for 3-4 months all of which I had terrible network coverage and speeds (in an urban area). Furthermore, my complaints to customer service were not reviewed and when I went to cancel requesting to have the last month bill removed since it took them months to review my queries they refused. After threatening to take them to small claims court they did indeed waive the last month bill. The final straw for me was 3 months after cancelling I get two separate emails for two separate amounts I apparently owed. One was from a debt collector.

        This deal is like buying a $5 t-shirt from aliexpress and expecting to be able to wear it again after the first wash.

        • +1 vote

          Much easier to follow the advice, leave their service by end of month, than to get into a dispute!
          Speeds are a local tower issue, not an issue with the reseller. It varies with location.

          • +1 vote

            @the INFIDEL: Check the T&C, mind showing me where it states this? Speeds are a local tower issue? thats a load of S*@t if you ask me… Something tells me you have a certain 'liking' to circles.life/


              @Spennyrich: No - I had a good experience, unlike those who didn't follow advice & didn't terminate their service by end of month.
              So got nearly 5 months free service with no problems👍

              Out of the many hundreds who took up the offers, only a very few post time & again they had billing problems (that they could easily have avoided).


            @the INFIDEL: Not always the case .. ported out mid month requested cancellation at the same time
            2 months later still getting billed and chasing agreed refund..
            Would help if they adhered to their t&c..


      Not a scam.

      They do deliver your Sim card!

  • +1 vote

    when do i need to activate by?

    • +3 votes

      Activate your SIM card within 30 days of signup

  • +3 votes

    There is a reason why they are putting their pants/price that much down. The image they have by now, people avoid them even for free.

    • -6 votes

      They need more customers, obviously, due to their bad reputation.

      Their support is in Singapore, where English probably isn't their first language.

      Consumers just need to take precautions and everything will be Fine.

      • +4 votes

        Their support is in Singapore, where English probably isn't their first language.

        English is the primary language in Singapore. It is their first language.


      Consider… very few complain out the huge number who took up these Deals. And they could have avoided any billing issue but didn't.

      Similar unhappy complaints with billing in Belong deals, when service continued into following month due to lack of notice in time. So people were billed.

    • +2 votes

      Pants down for the first encounter is common practice with Telcos. You can save a ton by taking advantage. Just remember to use protection (screenshots, follow T&Cs, TIO) in case they try to peg you down the track.

  • +6 votes

    Seems way too many ifs and buts on the Ts & C's.. quite a few got burnt. Not worth the trouble.

    • -3 votes

      quite a few got burnt… The enormous number of upvotes for past deals to the few negs indicates otherwise.

      Out of many many hundreds who have taken up these Deals, only a very few are bitter over billing. They keep complaining.

      There have been warnings in Deals to leave this service before end of month to avoid being charged.
      But those few complaining are mainly complaining they were charged - for not following that advice.

  • +1 vote

    People suggest you request to terminate your number.

    How would you time the porting? You could end up loosing your number tht you've had for years.

    The best way should be a simple port out. There is no need for you to ask the tio or whatever. This is just dodgy business trying to hustle more of your money as well as just hoping you give up and pay their bills.

    I'd stay away. This is not how to do business

    • +1 vote

      Similar complaints about billing in Telstra's Belong SIM Deals.

      Worked well for many hundreds of Ozbargainers who followed advice.
      Only a few return to complain again & again.

      So I'm just putting the record straight.
      Worked fine for me👍

      This is more like a post paid service.
      There is a credit check.
      If you don't give them enough notice you are leaving, & service is still connected at start of next month, you are charged for next month's service.
      If you don't pay what is billed, they will chase up outstanding bill.
      If bill is unpaid, your number may not be able to be ported!! (Happened with Belong, so possible here. Reported in Belong Deal)

      Read the advice / contact them to avoid any billing issues.

      • +2 votes

        Yep, Belong is just as bad.

        Consumers need to protect themselves and use TIO if things go wrong.

        That's the only way to make Telco's change their business methods, to be more consumer-friendly.

        And also ProductReview.com.au

        And of course

        Ozbargain comments!

        • +1 vote

          Reading reliable advice here first is the best path! Saves complaining later!!

          Belong & Circles operate like post paid month to month plans - paid a month in advance.
          There is little support.
          But often great offers.

          Do your homework & you get a great Deal. Ignore the advice & expect a bill & an unnecessary dispute!

        • +1 vote

          I wish that is the case, but unless they have a flood of negative feedback that reaches the media, they won't really change much.

          Kogan got fined (slapped on the wrist) for dodgy price increases and they're still doing it lol.


        Worked well for many hundreds of Ozbargainers who followed advice.
        Only a few return to complain again & again.

        I'm not a fan of subjective data. I can also say: there are thousands of people who followed the advice and got done for more bills by circles. Many more return to complain again and again.

        I'm also not talking about belong, nor was I talking about if you don't pay your bills. I'm talking in regards to you porting out, but because of whatever system they use, they still charge you continuously (as i mentioned above, many thousands of people).


        I hope you can sense the sarcasm.

        Im just saying buyer beware, more so with these lots. Sure if you're prepared go ahead, but I hazard a guess (for real), people want a service that just works.

        • +1 vote

          I'm talking in regards to you porting out, but because of whatever system they use, they still charge you continuously (as i mentioned above, many thousands of people).

          Strange - out of your exaggerated many thousands billed, only a few complain! Ozbargainers are known for complaining about the smallest problems😉

          Porting out is a very risky & uncertain way to leave a month-to-month plan service that will charge (for an extra month at full price) if the port has not been completed by the end of the month. It's been discussed in Deals.

          If the Circles service is still showing as active (on your phone) a minute into the next month you will be charged for that month of service!

          No one can predict how long a port will take. I've been porting for 7 years - SIM hopping for best Deal. I wrote about it in the Telstra Starter Pack Wiki I helped establish - years ago.
          Recent port from Kogan to Amaysim took minutes, other ports with major services have taken days.

          So if porting to avoid a bill, it would be sensible to request the port at least a few working days before end of month.

          Circles takes ages to respond or act (mentioned in Deals), so allow for that. And only request to port before or during porting times of service.

          Porting just before midnight on last day of month will cause a lot of unnecessary pain. You will be billed full cost for following month.

          Even I was warning about that risk in one of the first Circles Deals (18/10/19):

          So I contact a few business days before next billing cycle to notify to terminate on last day before next billing cycle. Worked every time - always free mobile services.
          Porting to a free Telstra SIM is an alternative, but recently had 2 day delay in Port involving Optus, which may mean old service will charge for another month

          Giving plenty of notice to Terminate service is the only sure way to avoid a bill for the following month with month-to-month services (Belong, Circles, & some others).

          Circles sent me a confirmation email on 10/3 (to Terminate at end of nearly 5 months of free service):

          We're gutted that you've decided to leave Circles.Life. Your termination will take effect at 11PM^ of the last day of the month.
          If you change your mind, you can cancel your request for termination before 12PM^ on the last day of the month by clicking on the button below.
          ^Times shown are in Sydney (AEST/AEDT) timezone

          Discussed Belong above, as it has similar monthly plan & slow response that others have found they are charged an extra month for - and complain when requesting to port did not end service before next billing cycle. Dealing with Belong taught me how to avoid bills with Circle!

          Received my SIM in this Deal. Will request termination at end of first month, when service is activated.


    it kind of says it all when even dodo has better post sales service…

    dodo of all people


      What's wrong with DODO???

  • +1 vote

    Does Circles charge fee for disconnection / porting out?

    • +2 votes

      No. It's a month to month plan.
      But give them plenty of notice so the service is disconnected by end of month. Otherwise they will bill for following month!!

      • +1 vote

        Thank You.

  • +1 vote

    It says you can remove you can cancel your direct debit from within the app when you get your sim, does that sound right?

    • +1 vote


  • +1 vote

    do they still do billing on the 1st of each month?

    Can you join on the 2nd and get the rest of the month free?

  • +1 vote

    Tread with caution

    • +1 vote

      As with all deals, if you don't understand the Deal & conditions, what is offered, & risks involved - don't sign up.
      Seems some didn't do that in past Deals.

      But if you follow fairly simple precautions, 100GB for $1 is a great Deal.
      I signed up again for next month.
      Will notify (after activating) to terminate service at end of that month.

      Am currently on Amaysim 35GB bought for $10 with $21 cashback!

      There are traps for the unwary with all SIM offers…
      Found this morning I forgot to turn off auto-recharge - could have been billed for an expensive month I didn't want!! It's easy to make that type of mistake. But I'd only have myself to blame.

      An extra advantage with Amaysim is SIM is active for incoming calls & txt a year after "month" is up.
      This offer terminates service at end of month, by giving adequate notice to terminate or port.

  • +2 votes

    too many hidden terms and conditions.
    awful understaffed soow customer service.

  • +1 vote

    Ordered last night, Startrack just delivered now to letterbox in Brisbane.

  • +1 vote

    Code expired?? just tried.


    Can't we just have the $0.99 Kogan 30 day plan again, please?


      Keep getting emails from Kogan offering the 99c SIM, but clicking to buy it's $49+😠

      The Amaysim 35GB for $10 with $21 cashback was best Deal lately. As it's my birthday month, they added extra 30GB🎉

      Took up this offer for next month, unless a better offer comes along (then not activate / cancel this account).

      Activated the 99c Kogan & Amaysim, so have 105GB this month for $10 profit.


        Kogan offers 99c SIM by promotional emails too? Could you tell 'Subject' line of one such email, I'll see if I have one.

        • +1 vote

          Received yesterday
          Subject line:
          Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - New Customers Only

          It's not too late to secure an amazing deal!
          Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 40GB) - New Customers Only
          Was $49.90

          Link only works from within email.

          Logged into that account - $49.90!
          Might need to set up new account that I haven't bought a SIM from! Still doesn't work…


            @the INFIDEL: Could you share the link via PM, if you dont mind? I'll check if I am able to get one. Thanks.


              @djoz: I put link in comment but it didn't work.
              Just opens Kogan page of SIMs. https://www.kogan.com/au/shop/phones/prepaid-plans/



                @the INFIDEL: Probably, click the link in your email and open using browser, then copy the URL and paste? Unless it is directly signing you into your Kogan Account thru some authentication etc.


                  @djoz: Copied the webpage above
                  Doesn't sign in - takes me to Kogan site for SIMs, which is not logged in.

                  Have received a few of these emails which have not taken me to 99c SIM!


                    @the INFIDEL: Ah well, thanks. This is the same what happens if u click on their usual link for $0.99 plan:

                    This used to show 'Sold Out' a few days after it ran out, but now just redirects to the homepage of Kogan SIMs. Guess I'll have to wait untill October.

                    Kogan usually gives 0.99 deals in October and June (Half year and Year end targets, maybe)


                      @djoz: You are an observant one👍


                        @the INFIDEL: Haha, yes. I missed the June deal this time around due to Work Commitments, by the time I saw, it showed 'Low Stock' but when I clicked, it was already Out of Stock. Tough luck. Looking to Port my amaysim to kogan and then back to amaysim (with $21 / $25 Cashback).

                        Have used Catch Connect $4.90 with $7 Cashback and $15 with $12 Cashback in the past year, but now that too seems to be a far fetched dream.

                        Although I appreciate your defense in Comments in this deal, I'm still skeptical to sign up to a Postpaid Circles.Life connection :-(


                          @djoz: Work Commitments getting in the way of Deals! No!! (What's this thing called Work?)

                          Always best to be wary. Others have been charged when they thought they shouldn't have been.
                          My experience was good, but I read the useful comments & contact the business if unsure. Never been overcharged in any SIM offers over last 7 years.

                          I ordered this 100GB SIM as a fall back position - in case another deal doesn't arrive in time.
                          If not activated, there will be no cost. That way I don't need to make sure I do everything right to avoid issues.

                          I have other options - a pile of old Vodafone data SIMs I convince Vodafone store to swap for $30 pack, 1 at a time.
                          And a few $10 Woolies Starter Packs bought for $1ea.

                          It used to be a joke in Telstra discount Deals long ago - how many SIMs were in my stash (lots)! Used to make a nice profit each month selling the included credit - those were the days!

                          Some now see these random Deals as not worth spending time & effort on. An annual SIM deal can make sense.

                          May the SIMs be with you!


    Bill for 31Aug-30Sept was ($1.22 for 1 day + $1 for full month of Deal). Started service 1 day before full month of use to avoid complexity of bill for following month at full price. (First bill is for 2 months)
    Data available for that final day in August was over 80GB!


      I think this is the easier way. I activated on 1st Sept and haven't got bill yet. I think they might send next month for a pro rata month and a full month. But what if I dont want them to charge September for pro rata and cancel at the end of September? And that's also my initial thought to buy this plan. 😓


        Just scheduled a termination at the end of this month. Then it will be only one month of use. Will see how the bill show. 🤔 lol


          Good luck. It's far too complex for me.


    Termination notification completed.

    Pretty easy - logged into site (it failed to load termination process in Android app).
    Select 1 of 3 months - currently Sept/Oct/Nov. (I selected 30Sept)
    Validate via SMS code & terminate.

    Received confirmation email:
    Hi Infidel,
    We're gutted that you've decided to leave Circles.Life. Your termination for mobile number 04###### will take effect at 11PM^ of the last day of the month.
    If you change your mind, you can cancel your request for termination before 12PM^ on the last day of the month by clicking on the button below.
    ^Times shown are in Sydney (AEST/AEDT) timezone

    Now to sign up for this 2month free Deal