This was posted 1 year 4 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB, $1696 @ Officeworks


Officeworks has dropped the price. Looks like all colours.
My store says stock arrives Friday but other stores have stock available.

Australian model of course , whether that’s good or bad.

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  • exynos no exynos no exynos no…… nonono, oh no

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      • are those 5g?

        • Yes

          • @Mr-X: Be aware that if it’s not an Australian retail phone Telstra won’t allow 5g.
            5g will work for a day or so then is blocked.
            I have read this on multiple threads on Whirlpool, not just Note 20 but any 5G phone that’s not Australian retail sold. Suck I think, but that what they are doing, no idea if Optus and Vodafone do the same.

            • @PVA: In this case, no point getting the snapdragon version then… No 5g

              • @Bargain-er: Exactly. I am glad I read it over at Whirlpool because I was seriously thinking to get the snapdragon version, even though Samsung Australia wouldn’t repair if needed (even if you want to pay them). But now no 5g either!

            • @PVA: Do you mind to post a link to a whirlpool post regarding this issue? I couldn’t find any

              • @trantonz: It’s 120 pages, would take me ages to find it.
                But even near the end there’s people saying they can’t get the 5g working.

                If I find some of them I will link but just start from the newest and go back.

                Actually it may be in the seperate Exynos vs Snapdragon thread, not the main thread.

      • Thanks mate, I ain’t pay for that for grey import either.

        I ended up order galaxy z flip 2, RRP is 3000, I managed to get a edu account, eventually only paid 2300+, which has full Aus warranty, one time free screen replacement, snapdragon 865+.

        • Are you sure you bought the Flip 2? I bought the Fold 2 for the same price.

          • @ballistykx: Same thing, probably I named it wrong.

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              @pzhon: Yeah. Flip 2 isn’t even out yet.

      • then samsung pay wont work?

  • Really the only choice if you want an Aus version unless you go grey import.

    • Aus version doesn't have snapdragon?

  • Really the only choice if you want an Aus version unless you go grey import.

  • The post about Note 20 Ultra in Jb hi fi is even cheaper.

  • anything not 5G ?

    • There is a non 5g version but it’s a few hundred more.

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      Why don't you want 5g? It's backward compatible yea?

      • battery drainer. not useful unless your an esports gamer which is 0.1% of population lol

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    For those that has access to Samsung education store, it is $1,519.24 at the moment.

    • Does anyone know if officeworks will price beat samsung store price?

      • Samsung Education store? No they won't.

    • I can't log in to Samsung education store. It keeps asking me to verify my edu email. I keep verifying it but it then still keep asking me to verify again and again.
      Any idea if I do something wrong?

  • Why no 512Gb version?!?!

    • There is.

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    It looks like it has a smashed screen

  • Attempting to price match with Harvey Norman so I can pay it off interest free.

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      Officeworks does Afterpay if you want to split it over 8 weeks…

  • More deals for the Note 20 Ultra maybe Samsung ain't making the sales there expecting, maybe a buyers market

    Love the price to come down too the same price I paid for my Note 9 512gb dual sim version @ $1360 off eBay, ok maybe I'm dreaming 👍🤪🤑

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    So much for a price match at Harvey Norman bunch of con artists.

    Hi my name is Solomon with Harvey Norman. I won't be able to offer a better price on this item as it's currently our best price available; any lower would result in pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.

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      Harvey Norman gave bad service and tried to rip you off? You sure you have the right business?

  • Couple weeks ago, I bought Note 20 Ultra 5G with Samsung care plus at Samsung in store and I paid only about $1500. They did half price for Samsung care plus and 20% off plus some more extra discount for Note 20 Ultra 5G if you have an ABN.
    I' not sure this deal has been finished or not

    • Have to be in store? Exynos version yea? Thanks

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    Office Works retail price discount roughly 15% off Harvey Norman retail price discount roughly 10% off.
    If they can't go another 5% is says a lot about their business, The ACCC should step in and cane Harvey never dealing with them again.

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      Support the store that had the original discount, Officeworks.

  • Sad thing is peo people think it's just the reduced processing power etc etc…

    Well it's not cause it effects the camera, battery and processing… It's just the shitty sell off for internal tech

    • The exynos vs snapdragon?

    • Exactly, even photo quality is reduced.

  • Price Match Woolworth Mobile website

    adding fuel to the fire about Exynos vs Snapdragon

  • Samsung AU's store reduced the price of the Note20 Ultra 5G by $200 to $1799 last night. No other Note 20 model was reduced.
    Perhaps the $1999 price tag appears too high for Note buyers even if it is the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G with 256GB.
    I must admit I'm slightly tempted as there is also a "bonus" $200 on top of their lousy trade in offer of $460 for my pristine S10+ making it $860 off the original RRP.
    What puts me off is the Exynos processor which is only fractionally faster than the one in my S10+
    I really was expecting we get the SD processor with this year's Note.
    Now watching every available youtube video to see if there's enough reason to part with $1139 for the swap

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      The Exynos is was stopping me too.
      I’ve never had a Samsung phone and really want this but too much reading about the Exynos system, not just battery and performance but also camera/photo quality puts me off. I mean it’s not a $500 phone I would be buying.
      I am sure performance for me would be fine, but battery life and camera is a big thing. And the same price as snapdragon gives me a ripped off feeling.

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