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[VIC] Kogan Mobile - 90 Day Prepaid SIM 60GB $9.90 - New Customers Only


Kogan 90 days for $9.90 deal is back!

60GB - 20GB per 30 days

The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 31/10/2020. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers.

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  • This was a handy deal last time. I wonder if it will work for recharging again

    • Worked for me

    • “ Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges.”

      • They mean ongoing recharges IE reverts to full price afterwards

      • I changed providers for a month then reused it again.

  • +1

    Last time I got the voucher and activate on old Kogan sim. It worked for me.

    • +1

      Technically that is just activating a new service with this discounted voucher code ( can be any New Blank Kogan Sim

      as long as it's not older than about 2 years ), not the same as re-charging an already active Kogan Mobile Sim.

      Still good it worked out for you though.

      • Yea, I was totally sure that it won't work, but I have it a go. And it did worked and right now is working without any issues.

        • +1

          Did you just login to your account and select recharge option and entered the voucher code and pressed next?

          When I do that to my existing Active and also Non-Active Kogan accounts (in VIC) both says voucher is invalid.

          • @Mirage: Yes. I did through Kogan mobile app.

    • Last time voucher email says,

      If you are a new Kogan Mobile customer, visit the Activation Centre to redeem your voucher. Your SIM card will be on its way soon - but if you can't wait for delivery then you can buy one today from these 7-Eleven or United Petroleum outlets.

      If you are already a Kogan Mobile customer, simply login to your account, click recharge, choose your plan type, then enter your voucher. You will not need a new SIM Card.

      So just need to know this time the voucher email has the 2nd option or not.

  • Looks like vouchers are good until 31/10/2020

  • +1

    Anyone tried outside of Vic?

  • Thanks just in time

  • Why is VIC only?

    • +10

      because we need a break

    • You can get it anywhere in Australia

    • +2

      probably bc of lockdown laws means everyones at home and can't use the data anyway lol

  • +3

    i love kogan

  • -1

    Any wayaround the Vic only shit?

    • +2

      Just buy it, forget about location.

    • It's discrimination. QLM.

  • Does this work for existing customers?

    • Read the title

      • +5

        last time it said that too but still worked for recharges :)

    • -1

      Have a read

    • Recharge worked for me too last time

  • +2

    Cant recommend Kogan in Vic, friend had an issue with calls ringing for caller but not on the receivers phone, tried 2 phones.. Kogan couldn't fix it so switched carrier and its back to normal

    • +2

      Sounds like just a one off technical phone issue as this is not the norm for Kogan.

      Can say that as a one off problem about any/all telcos.

      • Kogan was fine in Brisbane, Melbourne (north east) was when the problem started

        • I have problems with both Telstra and Optus where I am, Vodafone a little better.

          There you go, not even worth saying where I am as it does not matter.

    • +5

      Ah, Kogan Mobile, home of the weird glitches. I had a problem in March 2019 using Kogan prepaid where if I sent a text message it looked to all normal to me (i.e. like I had sent it once), but the recipient would receive the text message repeatedly, sometimes up to literally hundreds of times, with a gap of a few minutes between each message.

      I had messaged two people between when it started happening, and when I found out about the problem. One was my wife, who told me very quickly. The other was a mum who I had messaged to RSVP yes for my kid to attend her kid's birthday party. She never said anything, until a few months later at her kid's party, when I casually asked her: "hey, I was having a weird problem with my telco sending my text messages over and over…. you didn't happen to get any text messages from me multiple times did you?", and immediately she said "Oh yes, I got your RSVP for this party 56 times!", and I said "Oh no! Didn't you think that was a bit strange?", and straight away she said "I just thought you must be REALLY keen to come to the party!"

      So, with some of Kogan's weird glitches, you will be remembered, but not in a good way! And for the record, I called Kogan support when this happened, they had no solution other than to try factory resetting my phone, losing all my apps / settings / etc. I thought "stuff that", and instead I ported out of Kogan as soon as I could, and never had the problem again, and I've used most of telcos that have decent prepaid offers.

    • +2

      Kogan / Vodafone are horrible. I purchased this the first time round, have had non-stop dropouts on calls and my data reception going from 3 of 4 bars down to 1 constantly in my home. I walk into my local Woolworths and lose my data connection.

      Also when we had the high wind a couple of weeks ago, the NBN went out I had no reception for the entire 3 hours, could text or call anyone. I assume this is due to all the Vodafone 4G backups triggering.

      Definitely going to be switching back to a Telstra provider after lock down lifts and I can't rely on my home internet for 95% of my phones usage

  • +2

    Basically, I use these deals on my dual Sim only for the data. My primary Sim remains the same

    • Same. I am always needing more data.

  • +14

    FYI for those wanting to know if voucher can be used to recharge existing or expired account…. no it didnt work for me. Says voucher invalid.
    So definitely new customers only

  • so people living in NsW can't buy this?

  • Yep weird and annoying kogan/ vodafone issues for me too, particularly When you switch from no tower to new tower it shows reconnect signal but messages then delayed several days, calls diverting to message bank, outgoing text delays etc etc. had to remember to reboot phone all the time after my no phone service trail runs, which helped a bit but overall had to ditch the sim and get a refund. Pity as good deal otherwise. Your mileage may vary.

    • Never had a problem switching towers with voda kogan. I travel the east coast and stream radio to my h/u. It drops out occasionally but jumps onto another tower when in range.
      I have noticed that it does drop out a lot more than optus catch when on the road.

  • Ps the data side always worked ok so might buy one for cheap data not calls lol.

  • Be wary of reception, currently on kogan and they use Vodafone network, reception seems poor so swapping to boost.

    Also Vodafone limits pictyre size in sms automatically.

  • +1

    Doesn't work for recharge this time

    • They fixed it. Dang

    • did you try it?

      • Yes. Can't use it for recharge.

        • so what will you do? Are you going to port out and back in?

          How long do you have to away for? Someone else said you need to be gone for 30 days before going back to Kogan. Is this true? You can't just port out and immediately port back in?

  • Im on a Kogan plan right now that expires in 1 week; whats the best deal to switch over to? I used to read about the catch 90 day plan but its $60 now, whats next best?

  • it sucks expires in october, i wanted something to replace my boost sim

  • Product not available

  • If you're with Kogan, can you port out and straight back in with this voucher or do you need to stay out for a month?

    • stay out for 30 days min

      • What's the current favourite for the 30 day exodus? Catch doesn't have the $15 deal any longer.

  • I wonder if address validation will be done during activation. Ie, if the address is NOT Victorian address voucher won't be applied.

    • Not sure this time, but last time it worked no matter where your address is.

  • I just purchased in NSW. Hopefully the code will come through or they might cancel the order?

  • Does it work for NSW? Thinking to switch from Catch to Kogan as a new customer.

    • It worked for me and I promptly received the activation code via email. I am just waiting on delivery of the sim card.

  • Does the code work for NSW new customer? I don't need a new sim as I have a spare Kogan sim.

    • Only one way to find out…

    • +2

      It works. I activated Kogan service with a spare Kogan sim yesterday.

      • Hi Morelast,
        I bought the deal, and have a bunch of used Kogan sims from previous deals that are no longer active. How do I use them with this deal? I tried typing in the phone number and the last 4 digits of the sim in the activation page but it says that it does not match. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • i need some help. I have a spare number with a Kogan account that has no credit. It can no longer receive calls or texts.

    I am trying to port this number out so I can keep the number but to port I need to verify the number by receiving an SMS and providing the code. But I can't receive SMS messages.. How do I port out?

      • -2

        expensive lesson learned.

        It's $11.90 for a 1 month recharge, which is more than the 90 day sim of this deal.

        I don't think i'll be switching to kogan again after this.

        • I was actually wrong about $11.90. The cheapest is $16.90 which is how much I had to pay to be able to receive text messages again so I can port out.

  • +2

    based in NSW. Bought one with NSW address. Kogan issued a voucher code but didn't send SIM card. For people outside of VIC buying this, please have a spare Kogan SIM

    • +2

      I'm in Nsw too. But I've got the sim card.

    • Chat with customer service.

  • SIM card delivered to WA

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