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Reolink RLK8-800B4 4K Security Camera System, 4x PoE Cameras, 8CH NVR, 2TB HDD, US$421.14(Was US$556.99) ~A$574.45 @ Reolink


Important features:

  • Pre-installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording.
  • Supports extra 4TB external HDD to NVR to expand its storage (NOT Included).
  • Support all cameras running and recording at the same time (up to 8X 4K cameras). The system can be expanded up to 8-camera kit with Reolink IP cameras without any * compatibility issue - bullet, dome or PTZ; 4K, 5MP or 4MP - to fit your specific needs.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x 8CH 8MP PoE NVR (with 2TB HDD)
  • 4 x 8MP PoE Cameras
  • 1 x 48V NVR adaptor
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • 1 x 1M Cat5 Cable
  • 4 x 18M Cat5 Cables
  • 1 x 1M HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide Brochure
  • 5 x Mounting Hole Template
  • 4 x Surveillance Card
  • 4 x Waterproof Lid
  • 4 x Waterproof Lid
  • 4 x RJ45 Connector
  • 5 x Pack of Screws
  • 1 x Wrench


  • Free shipping from the local warehouse.
  • Only supports USD EUR and GBP. You may need to pay extra exchange fee from AUD to USD, not included in the price lised in the title.
  • Price included tax. If you need an invoice, please contact the support team [email protected]

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  • Wish I had the cash for this

  • +1

    Thanks, I've been waiting for this special but now there's the new RLK8-810b4-a Smart 4K kit to consider which seemingly supports up to 12TB of storage.

    • 12tb storage capability ? Strange since they use the same NVR.

      • Just been advised that the "new" NVR supports up to 6TB internal and 6TB eSATA external.
        It is a lot more expensive though, not yet available and seems there aren't currently any Smart D type cameras.

        • I think am going to buy this then buy an additional veh detect cam if required. It is 8 channel so will be fine. Hoping op gets back to me about swapping out a bullet or two for a turret

    • Is the 'smart' functionality the only difference between these two setups?

    • +1

      This kit is with the A series cams. Nice improvement on the current system as this uses software to eliminate some of the false positives you get.

      In saying that tho it's still a pixel based system and not a true PIR system so be aware and not tricked with the vehicle and human detection. The NVR must of needed more grunt to allow for the software to detect human/vehicle motion so prob won't be able to add these cams to the old NVR. They also boosted the max HDD capacity from 4TB tk 6TB. It's still 1 inside and 1 outside to achieve the 12TB

    • Will the RLN8-410 NVR in this special deal be compatible with the upcoming RLC-810A?
      It is the same product code, but I note the spec sheets different re: storage capacity and is also listed as V2 hardware.
      I presume this means it cannot be upgraded to carry RLC-810As with a future firmware update?

      • It depends on your hardware version. I think the ones ending in 16 and 18 will be since they will have the new updated UI too

        • Exactly. So what is the hardware version of the NVR in this pack?
          Website support section indicates that one of the versions will be upgradeable with a firmware update to carry the smart cams.

          • @mactos: Well 16 or 18. Old hw would of been sold out by now

            • @Dezeption: I asked reolink re: NVR in this pack and they said won't be compatible with A cameras.
              I'm waiting on them to tell me the exact hardware number for the NVR in this deal.

              As per FAQ section:
              The 8 channel NVR system has four versions of Hardware No.

              RLN8-410( 5MP version): hardware No is H3MB02, which doesn't support the Person/Vehicle Detection feature while working with RLC-510A &RLC-810A cameras.
              RLN8-410(  RLN8-410-E /4k version): hardware No is H3MB16, which doesn't support the Person/Vehicle Detection feature while working with RLC-510A &RLC-810A cameras.
              RLN8-410(4k version): hardware No is H3MB18, which doesn't support the Person/Vehicle Detection feature while working with RLC-510A &RLC-810A cameras.

              Note: This H3MB18 version NVR system, after the firmware upgrade, the hardware version will be changed to hardware N2MB02 and supports the Person/Vehicle Detection feature while working with RLC-510A &RLC-810A cameras.

              RLN8-410( 4k version): hardware No is N2MB02, which supports the Person/Vehicle Detection feature while working with RLC-510A &RLC-810A cameras.
  • I bought 5MP version about a month ago for around this price. They are still in the box, is there way to return them and get this deal?

    • hi, they do have a 30 day money back policy,, talk to customer support and they will organise for an RMA,, Money gets paid back via paypal usually. and in USD

  • In terms of image quality and reliability, is this the best setup you can get for this price range?

    • I have installed RLC 511 w couple of months ago and really happy with the camera. its bullet camera though

  • Thanks OP, can we swap out two of the bullet cameras for turret cameras of the same spec?

  • Will this works will my dahua 4k Poe camera? THX

    • Hi, ONVIF compatible cameras may work with Reolink NVR. To avoid compatibility problems, it is still suggested to use Reolink cameras with Reolink NVR.

      • Hi,

        when will the 4k dome cameras be available?

        • Yes i'm waiting for this too

        • RLK8-800D4 is expected to be in stock in early October.

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend an external eSATA enclosure for this.

  • What are the differences between the bullet cameras and turret cameras? Is it just personal preference.

    • There are a few differences that I can see apart from the obvious appearance and mounting options. Image sensor and field of view appear different when comparing the specs side by side.

    • if you have a look on youtube the dome cameras are quite easy to steal…
      but i personally think the dome cameras are still better

      • All cameras are easy to steal. Plastic or metal the weakest point is always the screw that pop out easy, especially if on eves. Nothing as easy as a solar on tho, especially if on a magnetic base

        • if you turn these counter-clockwise they come off the base, theres actually nothing securing the camera to the actual base, other cameras have a screws to secure them to the base… but i get what you mean that all cameras are easy to steal.

          • @ke: Yep no security lock on the new ones. This will be common now

    • Just FOV 80 on dome and 97 on bullet

  • I’m still sitting on the fence about whether to add UniFi cameras to my mainly Ubiquiti network or go the Reolink route. I’ve seen a few comments from UniFi fans preferring the Reolink option.

    • +2

      If you sit down and work out the cost of each option, that will help your decision (hint: one 4k UniFi camera costs more than this kit). I've had some UniFi G3 cameras on trial with a PC running UniFi Video and will now be going with a Reolink system as I just can't justify the cost of a 4 camera 4K Unifi system (~$3.3k).

    • +1

      Yeh had g3 and they sucked. They went yellow within months too but it really fustrated me most using the UDMpro

  • OP, can you do a good package deal including above system + RLC-423?

    • I am afraid we do not have this kind of package deal, but RLC-423 is 10% off now. You may add both RLK8-800B4 and RLC-423 to the cart separately, this coupon code would be still effective when you check out. https://reolink.com/au/product/rlc-423/

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • Anyone done a diy Blue Iris.. Is that better than these kind of nvr systems?

  • Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • OP
    Do you have a bundle with 4 additional cameras? I'm after 8 in total.

    • Hi, you may purchase this bundle and B800*4 separately. B800 is 5% off now. https://reolink.com/au/product/b800/

      • Any chance you can give us a better deal than 5% and discount on the D400? Just bought the kit and keen on some additional camera's :)

  • OP any chance of 4k dome thanks

    • Hi, of course. We would release a deal when they are in stock.

  • Thanks OP! I am getting A$600+ via PayPal. Is there another way to get it for A$574.45??????

    • Hi, did you apply the coupon before check out? Or you may contact our live support to further look into it (live support in the bottom right corner of the product page).

      • Hi yes, the coupon did discount but it was the exchange rate from PayPal pushing it over A$600.

        So how can I pay to get it for A$574.45?

        • Hi, get it and we talked to the pre-sale team. Please contact the live support, our colleague is waiting there to help you.

        • +1

          @bargainseeker2020, did you manage to get this for ~$574? Presume it's a PayPal issue as it's showing $600+ for me too?

  • Hmmm this or eufy 2c? I know eufy is only 1080p but if you factor in the install cost…

    • Two diff system tho, if you can network your place than this ofc

  • How will I fix the long Ethernet cable to the roof?

    • +1

      What do you mean?

  • Made the leap and brought it after much research. Hopefully turns out decent.

  • This is a good deal. i paid $350 USD in february for same cameras(2 pieces) and the same NVR.

    If it was 4 cameras, it would come out to be $491 USD which would be $675 AUD as per today's rate so saving like $100 AUD.

  • +1

    @dealbest apparently the only payment methods ares via PayPal and that is coming up with a total in excess of AU$600 even after applying the coupon. What method of payment allows us to purchase this deal for the $574.45 noted in the title?

  • I paid in USD [421.14] - conversion by card.

    • Using the "Debit or Credit Card" option? Do you know what that ended up costing in AU$?

      • Don't use the PayPal rate, it's worse compared to your banks and its best to use a no conversion fee card for the purchase. Thats how you will get thr advertised price. All banks will have a different rate. Think its around 2% on top when it's not a conversion free card

      • +1


        • Thanks for the advice guys, purchased but chose another payment method. Must get a 'no conversion fee' card for future use….

          • @Sven Nijs: Hey Sven Nijs,
            How did u pay? And what was the total?

            • @bargainseeker2020: Used a UK card given that the Note in the description said "Only supports USD EUR and GBP.". Don't actually know the final amount when converted to AU$ yet but suspect it won't be much different to $600+ by other methods sadly.
              If Reolink are wedded to Paypal payment methods then @dealbest really should put the deal through the cart to Paypal payment screen to see the final figure there, then list that AU$ figure instead of having a caveat stating "You may need to pay extra exchange fee from AUD to USD, not included in the price lised in the title".
              Anyway, now to await a deal on the D800 standalone cameras or maybe even D810A…

              • @Sven Nijs: You know when you check out via PayPal they give you the option to use their conversion fee and pay the AUD amount they choose or use your debit/CC to pay in USD to use your banks rate and conversion fee if applicable right? You can find out via your card portal

                They posted it correctly showing thr USD amount and the ~AUD price because rates arnt universal. Finical institutions have different rates and floating USD price

  • I am unable to achieve the advertised AUD rate.
    The additional $20 is a deal breaker.

    • It's been a day the US rate has changed

    • After looking at the countdown timer and assuming the offer expired last night, I bought in USD and had approximately AU$4 more charged than advertised. I can live with that.

  • Need to choose between 4x 800B or wait for the 800D omes. I'll pair it with a 511 (4x optical) or 810A to try get registrations or vehicles on the street.

    any advantages other than the wider FOV on the bullets?

    any advice from someone that has bought either.

    my only basis is that the domes look better for a home set up.

    can you bundle 2x800B and 2x800D as a deal?

    • Disadvantage for the bullet is they are ugly and spiders love to web around them.

      If you want registration you'd better better off getting a ANPR camera although not sure why you want to be doing that. Are you big brother?

      • thanks for the advice. I'll probably wait for October's domes sales, simply due to being better looking.

        I live at the end of a court that sometimes attracts vehicles trying to rip a burnout, would be good to be able to make out the model of vehicle.
        a rego would be even better.

        I don't even know of an ANPR that would go with the reolink system?
        but I'm a n00b with cctv.

        Thanks again,
        I love the OzB community

        • +1

          If they are onvif 99% will work. I've mixed hik and dahua with the nvr and they work. Will be the best nvr when their new UI is out of betta phase. Very clean and modern. Only better will be ditching the nvr for blueiris

  • -1

    Hi OP where can I for get it for A$574.45? in Australia

  • -1

    I have some spare Euros from flight refunds on my card.

    How do I pay in EUR and still get equivalent to this price?

    If I choose Germany it comes to EUR 452.99 with the code applied (~$735).

    It would need to be EUR 100 cheaper to get the price you suggested.

    • +1

      Well you obviously can't. If you want it shipped from Australia its USD if you want to pay in EUR it will be shipped from the UK or Germany therefore the price difference.

      You won't be able to get the exact price shown. Its a floating scale on the USD and its been days since this was posted. To get the closest to it. You will need to pay via a foreign transaction fee free card to use their rate instead of PayPal. Capish?

      • The OP says I can pay in EUR for this deal.

        The only way I could see was by changing the country to a European one which changed the price considerably.

        I am asking how I pay in EUR and get this price as there is no currency option on checkout.

        If I can't get this deal in EUR it should be removed from the description.


        • -1

          No their website says it supports EUR USD and GBP. Which is correct thats the currency they have, you can pay in that amount if you choose too, but it won't be the price that's listed here USD. No where does it mention you can pay with Euros. Deal is for USD, its not that hard to understand. Ffs just move on or convert the euros to USD/AUD

  • Use debit/credit card and keep it in USD. Mine came to about $AUD 578.33 with mastercard conversion. It was process via paypal so they have a margin compared to the exchange rate.

    OP, Any chance of a decent discount for those that bought the set and want some extra cameras? D400 please :)

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