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Logitech G703 Hero Wireless $99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Officeworks


Limited stock around and many postcodes are unavailable for delivery.

Seems Officeworks is following in Jb's footsteps to prevent people from price-matching, although is good for those without easy access to a Jb Hi-Fi https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/566389.

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  • Some comments suggest this does not work with newer MacBooks… Any suggestions from current owners?

    • I own this mouse, do not own a MacBook. Love the mouse but the logitech software/support is nothing short of garbage. So I would not be surprised if it isn't supported on newer Macs.

    • why would you need it for a macbook? if you need it for productivity get the mx3 =)

      • Agreed. Don't think many people would be investing a lot into gaming on a Macbook or any Apple PC.

      • My work laptop is a Mac, but I game on my desktop.

        Really not that absurd to want one set of peripherals on a desk, friend.

        • no no i totally understand, i use to be like you, but from my experience, work is work and play is play

          For my laptop and desktop, when it comes to work i use my mx3, and my gaming mouse is just sitting there.

          THere is a massive difference working using a mx3 vs a gaming mouse.

          you rather buy mx3 + g304 (~$50)

      • +3 votes

        Because the 1000hz polling rate reduces lag by a very noticeable amount. I don't ever touch my mx's anymore. Windows and mac.

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      I had this before my current gpro. It works perfectly.

    • Use it with my desktop and macbook pro. Works perfectly well for me!

  • Simple light gaming mouse like this one are a great mouse for a macbook. Friend at work uses a hero g703 on a two year old macbook 13 with no issues.

    On the other hand I was using a logitech mx master 3 with a 3 year old 13 macbook and had nothing but tracking issues and disconnections, with and without a unify dongle (also requiring a further usba - usbc dongle as mac only had usbC). I hear the mx issues are better on later versions of firmware and mac osx but I just bought a razer and have stuck with that.

    • I am using a MX Master (the first one) with a 2015 MacBook using Bluetooth with no issues.

  • I can't recommend this mouse enough for anyone with large hands looking for a great wireless mouse. I've used this mouse at work for the past 3 years and love it. So many wireless mouses are too small but I find this one a good size.

  • Bought one. Light but has just enough of a nice aesthetic to it to stand out a little as I am using it for my living room TV PC

  • Nice little deal

  • mmmm does anyone have experience going from mx master mouse to this for gaming?

    • i own both mx master 3 and this.

      Only use the mx master 3 for productivity, switch to g703 for gaming.

      Apple and Oranges

      • yes but i mean, whats the difference between the two mouse for gaming. Im using mx master 2 for gaming now, and I'd like to know how that experience differs with a "gaming" mouse. Loooong time ago i had razer wireless mamba and I was not a huge fan.

        • I have the MX Master 2S, G502 and G703. The main difference between the MX Master and the G series for me is the weight and shape. I find the MX Master 2 a bit too big and bulky for gaming as I see it's designed more for comfort, however I don't mind its shape for day-to-day office work. I would say if you are happy with the MX Master then stick with it :)

  • I have the G Pro (slightly better sensor, more efficient and lighter but not worth the premium imo) and the Powerplay pad. If you are getting either mouse, I highly recommend the pad too. It acts as both a receiver and wireless charger. It's the perfect companion although price is on the high side.

    • I never got why ppl use it, it's too small in my opinion, and not worth the price when gpros charge in 20 Min or so, each week, I mean there is no way you can run it dry

  • G603 or G703? Which is better?

    • Unless you want to wait a few weeks. Also if you don't have prime, then it ends up costing the same. Warranty claims can still be made, but replacements will take a long time to arrive.

  • Bought yesterday arvo and arrived today at around 11am. Excellent dispatch time from officeworks for this order.

    • Impressive. I'm considering buying it (I'm also from VIC) but the site just says out of stock and 'unavailable offline'. My closest Officeworks is Cranbourne Officeworks. Where did you get it from? I need it delivered.

  • If you don't want to get a powerplay mat, I would suggest getting magnetic charging cables, makes it super easy to top up your mouse when in or out of use. Make sure to get the slim plug and not the round one as that didn't fit my G703

  • Anyone else received a dodgy mouse? Mine suffers from scroll wheel double click issue out of the box. Called up Officeworks, but apparently they’ve run out of stock in the warehouse, so I can only get a refund :(

    • My one has just developed a double click on the left mouse button :(

      Really sad as it is really comfortable and nice mouse.

      Anyone else have issues with double clicking?