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Ozito 2400W 3 in 1 Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher $19 @ Bunnings (in Store Only, Limited Stock)


$16 price drop from the previous deal.

The Ozito Blower Vacuum BLV-2401 provides a complete solution to your garden maintenance needs with the 3 in 1 blower, vacuum and mulching functions.

It is ideal for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks and footpaths. The variable speed ensures greater control when blowing different material.

~* Price changed to $19. Thanks jj1~

~Back to $29.~

Back to $19 now.

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    • Shows $19 for me but when checking out jumps to $29.

      • Same here

  • +1

    I was literally at Bunnings at 9am. Got refund from $35 to $29. Now I have to go back and do it all again lol

    • +1

      Another refund scored 😊

      • How did you refunded it with the store closed? I ordered yesterday for 29. I haven't collected it yet.


        • Store was open. At the desk when I picked it up I just said I want a refund and buy again.

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            @Pab23q: Oh ok. I am in VIC so store is closed. Can only drive up to collect in car. Will ask attendand when picking up. Thanks!

          • +2

            @Pab23q: The OzForce is strong with this one.

  • Is it possible to remove the blades so it doesn't mulch? I want to vacuum up dried up pine cones (smaller than a squash or golf ball), but don't want to ruin the unit by mulching them.

  • I guess $19 is ok, but buyer beware, these are pretty useless. Fine if you have a light small leaf covering, t will not blow even the smallest rock.

    • I think that's a good feature and gives it capabilities that brooming doesn't have.

      • Yeah I thought that was the point of them. I vacuum the pebble area in my front yard of all the leaves without picking up the stones. Sure beats any sort of mechanical sweeping that moves everything everything.

      • -1

        Better blowing with your mouth from my experience. It barely moves sand, but if that suits you awesome!

        • +1

          Exactly. I find these electric blowers useless. Petrol ones actually move things. This one you've almost got to be on top of a leaf before it moves it 5cm, then rinse and repeat.

          Just like how cheap Kmart vacuums you need to go over and over the same bit of carpet, these are the same. They just don't blow the same quantity of air as a petrol one. Yes, the air that is blown might be a certain speed as advertised, but the cubic amount of air is much less, hence leaves barely move.

  • At $19 it's a no brainer.. Bought 2!! :).. Thanks

    • +1

      there is a limit now at 1 per customer

      • Not if you place 2 orders. Got 2 as well in case it carks it.

  • +2

    Thank you OP. Just paid for click and collect. Can't go wrong at this price. All the posts about weak power, I
    reckon it will blow more than my wife….

  • Showing $29 for Qld, when trying to checkout, might try in-store

    Confirming $19 in store

  • Shows 29 in cart in WA

  • $19 in store in TAS (ticket and online said $29, scanned at $19)

  • Looks like $19 in store for QLD. Arranged for click & collect at Southport, in store price is $19

  • Thanks got 2 one for me and one for mum

  • Around 30+ At Bunnings Lidcombe $19

  • plenty left at Bayswater WA

    • How much is it instore?

      • +1

        I paid only 19 this morning

  • back at $29

  • +1

    Bought one for c$c cause I couldn't resist $19, but they charged me $29 for it. Now have to go through the grueling experience of asking them what happened and why did I got changed $29. Anyone else with the same problem?

    • Same

  • +2

    This is annoying… shows $19 on the website but checkout goes up to $29.

    Being in Melb, can't go in store to buy it directly… sigh

  • +2


    Website homepage ad shows $19 but when you click on it, it says $29… maybe wait a bit

  • Still $19 just picked one up 30minutes ago in Adelaide.
    Leaving it was advertised on the radio for $19 as well.

    When I went in to the Prospect store there was a good level of stock however I saw 3 others take one by the time I got through the checkouts.
    Also, the sign said limit to 1 per person.

    • I was at the Edwardstown store about an hour ago. They had quite a few on the front of a rack, near the store entry @$19. I didn't see a sign suggesting limits.

  • It still shows up at $19 when trying to checkout in WA.

  • Plenty in Bunnings Newstead, Brisbane. $19 in store.

  • +1

    Says 19 on the page but then goes to 29 when checking out

  • +1

    Damnit bought for $29 and now it’s $19 but haven’t picked it up yet , will try getting it at the $19 price in store

  • I love this one. The bag had a hole and we sewed it but otherwise this is worth the price. Even if it lasts a year (i hope not) then just replace.

    I use mine once a month to pick and mulch leaves and it does the job

  • loads of them in carrum downs bunnings, i went in to grab one and saw at least 50 of them at the end of the aisle

  • Picked one up for $19 at Munno Para West. They had 4 left around 30 min ago. Some of the boxes were heavily damaged though.

  • yup back to $19 online now. go go go

  • I ordered yesterday but haven't got the C&C update.
    I am tempted to order again at $19 now and just instantly return/refund the $29 on pickup (well drive in) - because what if by the time I get the notification it the price is back to $29?

    • +1

      I bought it yesterday as well for 29. Today after checking ozbargain i called the customer service number, gave order number and they refunded $10.

      Money hasnt hit back my account yet but sent me an email confirming the refund.

      • Which number did you call? When I called the NSW number, it says the office is closed on Saturday…

        • I called the order enquiries number.

          1800 797 586

          Sorry for the delay. Somehow I didn't get the notification.

  • Online $19 but $29 when checking out. went to store- confirmed $29 in store.

    • I bought yesterday click and collect and went in to Bunnings today and they were able to refund and give it to me for $19

    • Just ordered one online. $19

  • $19 on the site and $29 on checkout for me so I went on site in Artarmon this afternoon.

    Plenty on stock still available there for $19


  • Bought online for $29 then saw the price today. Only needed to bring my receipt and Bunnings returned the original cost and charged the $19. What a great deal.

  • Wonthaggi Vic store $19, pallet full of stock

  • +1

    Hoping I can use this to clean up the front porch and garage. Sweeping takes up half a day.

    • Yeah bought mine for the garage / patio area too.

  • A win if it can suck up and / or grind dead leaves and helps me with igniting the bbq coals with its blow feature! $19 bucks couldn’t say no!!

  • Thanks OP, got one at lunchtime when I purchased the Holman 30m YardMate Garden Hose $15 Link

    Will use to clean out the leaves/debris from garage / driveway.

  • For those who bought for $29, just ring them up or send the online form and they will process the refund of $10 for you. Don't need to go instore.

    • I got the one unlucky one that said I bought it when it was $29 so they would have to contact the store, store sent me a receipt…. called store and they organised a recall to officially "return" the item so I will hopefully get my refund soon

  • I don't know why, but I got one yesterday. Absolutely no need for it but assume it'll come in handy at some stage…

  • thanks

  • Looks like SA has been cleared out by the look of the online stock levels :(

  • I need a new dust bag for my ryobi blower/vac($25). I might buy this instead just for the bag

  • I seen heaps of these at Bunnings Blacktown. $19. Limited to one per customer

  • Plenty still available at Waurn Ponds (VIC) today

  • Bunnings Dural NSW still has a lot of stock today.

  • about 8 boxes at seven hills $19.

  • Windsor Gardens SA has heaps if anyone in Adelaide metro is looking

  • Well worth your hard-earned. My personal experience with it has been great. I've had one for around 3-4 years and use it pretty frequently, sometimes twice a fortnight. Great for medium size houses that have a lot of trees on the premises or in the neighborhood. The vacuum function works well, powerful enough pick up and mulch most leaves and debris especially when it's dry. Any leaves larger than a hand size you might have trouble with. The blower is adequate as well with good power and the unit has a variable strength toggle for the blower and vacuum mode. My tip would be to look after the bag, it can be damaged if handled roughly, I've only had to replace it once in 4 years because the zipper broke.

  • About a pallet left at Bunnings Edwardstown SA.

  • Showing $49 for me.

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