NZXT H210 Mini-ITX Case Matte Black/Black $119 + Delivery (Was $145) @ PC Case Gear


If you're wanting to get into ITX then this is a friendly to build in small form factor. Is the largest ITX case I think but its a good start.

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  • I have this case and love it

    …But, I'm a bit anxious about cooling a 3080 in it, especially as I didn't get the 2-slot founders.

  • If you get a x52 and this case a 3080 wont fit in it until they make shorter cards.It will be 278mm with the x52. Will be fine with a standard CPU cooler.

    • ???????

      I have this case with the X52 and have clearance of 28.53cm to the AIO radiator…….

      Can even replace the AIO fans with thinner/lower profile ones and get another 1cm of clearance

    • Correct, if you have standard 25mm fans on a front dual rad you'll have roughly 275mm clearance, but also account for any GPU mounted rear facing fan headers or power inputs as these may also require additional clearance.

      Here is my front mounted X53 with a 290mm long EVGA RTX 2080TI FTW3 Hybrid:
      A slim fan would fit in there, but I chose to mount slim fans on the front of the rad under the front panel instead to hide the mismatched look.

  • my ITX case has 7 litres, yes 7, this case has 27 litres, why exactly would you buy this over small ATX??

    • Good introduction to ITX if you're afraid of going super small straight away. Can work your way down. Can take ATX size PSU's. Maybe you don't want super small, just compact.

    • This is bigger than a micro ATX case. What am I missing?

      • Aesthetics

        • I'm new to ITX - Bought a used Thermaltake suppressor F1 and REALLY can't understand why anyone would do this instead of microATX… I'm in the process of buying a SFX i10900f direct from China for the smallest form factor…for ITX to be worthwhile it needs to be stacked into a slim tower shape
          …wide ITX boxes probably have their place but I'm yet to find it…

          • @evanssm2jp: There might be a niche market for people who want a fullsize case for better airflow but want a iTX motherboard because the traces to memory are shorter so you can overclock the memory better.

            Having said that, iTX motherboards install perfectly well into mATX cases as well…

            • @jonathonsunshine: Is this really a thing…looking for the minute difference in speed based on the board structure…Surely seriously refrigerated would work out better… I love the idea of smallest form factor for practicability of application but I generally see ITX 'custom build' as throwing $$$$ for really no reason… I'm still looking for an ultra compact and $$/airflow friendly/noiseless microATX case but I suspect what I really want doesn't exist at that price point especially..

              • @evanssm2jp: I dunno, I mean… I read in an article on the train, it stuck in my head, I do believe that people are doing it but I also think they are doing it just to do it though, to hit new high speeds just to hit them. I don't think the realworld benefits are particularly… real.

                But yeah, on the other hand, even at the speed electrons travel, if they only have to travel half as far, they'll get there twice as fast so it makes sense to me.

      • I can't speak to this case in particular, but I have an unused itx NZXT case at home, I can confirm that yes, it is bigger than my mATX Coolermaster n200. It is a very nice looking case; it is very well constructed but it is also most definitely massive. And it can't even take a Optical drive (which my n200 can)

    • ha, yeah I was going to say the same thing. My two ITX cases could fit inside this thing :D

    • What case do you have?

  • This case only fits a 2 slot card. None of the 3080s will fit as a result besides the FE.

  • yeah wouldn't be trying to fit a 3080 in this case, there's a lot of power to dissipate with the heat going… not much of anywhere.

  • i dont understand a lot these "ITX" tower cases. the fan side of the GPU is always jammed up against something. i've got an old corsair 250d with a 3900x and a 5700xt - the GPU has direct access to air from outside the case.

  • Need to go SFF PSU with this case, and also go with a negative pressure setup otherwise the GPU gets hot.

  • Can only fit 1x 3.5 hard drive :(

  • If you want to build ITX in this price range, look into the Cooler Master NR200. Better compatibility for GPUs than the H210, has had excellent reviews from small form factor enthusiasts + techtubers such as OptimumTech, is about 2/3 the total volume of the H210, and is slightly cheaper ($109 at numerous AU retailers).