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Telstra Essential Smart 2 (4G) $39 @ Kmart in-Store


Good for a burner phone, locked to Telstra though. This phone has been on specials, but $39 looks to be the cheapest deal so far.

Available in-store only at Kmart.


  • 5" display @ 960 x 480p
  • 5MP main camera with flash and 2MP front camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory expandable up to 256GB (microSD Card)
  • 1.4GHz quad-core processor
  • 4G enabled - B1, B3, B7, B8, B28 with Cat 4 LTE
  • VoLTE - Voice over LTE (4G Voice Calling)
  • Android 9 Pie (Go edition)
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2000 mAh Li-ion Battery, user-replaceable
  • This device is locked to the Telstra network
  • Weight 350 grams

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  • I'm using that phone right now whilst my main phone is on charge.

    It's very slow but it can make phone calls and do some quick google searches.

    The battery is excellent probably because I don't use it that much but it does last a very long time if you leave it alone.

    Regarding the memory I quite often get messages saying it can't load all the images on a page due to lack of memory and does not show them.

  • Easy to hold


  • Smarter to use second hand phones as the burners. I mean… 1GB on a phone? Might want to Jailbreak it right away so you can install greenify to clean it up, or some custom firmware which was made to be light.

  • locked to Telstra

    I assume that means it won't work on Belong or Boost?

  • Also Vodafone Alcatel 1 - $49.50.

  • Will this be good enough for hotspot in one bedroom?

  • "Weight 350 grams"


  • How about in comparison to the Optus X Power 2 mobile with 2gb of ram, would the extra 1gb of ram make much difference in speed over this Telstra 1gb mobile and both are using Android Pie but not sure if the Optus X Power 2 is (Go edition) of Android Pie which could effect speed also

    • Thats for $129. Different price point altogether. Has anyone been able to get it for $38 in the Woolies deal posted?

      It's more likely a price error, even the ticket shows the name of another phone.

  • Firstly as others have stated, if basics is all you need (phoning/sms/etc), it's ok. Won't win awards, but won't disappoint either. From personal experience however, one other thing to be aware of: the screen; it's probably the most disappointing thing about the device (in this case, the adage is true: you get what you pay for).

    • Screen is "washed out", so don't expect any kind of vibrant displays. It's simply ok and will do the basic job, but don't expect any kind of good quality. Even old iphone4 has better detail & colours than this.
    • The resolution… won't say painful, but if you use small fonts (because you may wish to minimise scrolling frequency), look elsewhere. Again ok for basics, but for anything more (unless you go to medium-sized fonts), look elsewhere for a minimum of 720p resolution. Don't expect comfortable kindle-reading here.
    • Also be aware of additional fees if you want to unlock it from Telstra (was quoted ~$85, but others probably know better re this).
    • No complaints with battery (testing a ~2-hour zoom call with 6 screens/users/windows ate ~50% of the battery), or with performance either (seems fast enough for routine tasks, but then again have not tested any games on it yet). Also (surprisingly) does not feel cheap in the hand either. Bought it when Coles had it on special for this price ~6months ago.
    • Have not tested photo camera, but screen-side camera was adequate enough (again, tested for zoom).
    • So if you are thinking of purchasing, ask about return-policies first in case you change your mind. Another option is perhaps a 2nd-hand samsung S#(insert number here), or any other 2nd-hand middle-tier phone (that would have dropped in price X years after initial release)… Considering how often people are supposedly replacing their phones, you may find an attractive bargain.
  • I have both the Essential Smart 2 and the newer Essential Smart 3-A3 (2020) T.

    Basically the Essential Smart 3 has a larger 5.5” screen and 2600mAh battery instead of the 5” screen and 2000maAh battery the Smart 2 has.

    Yeah, only 1GB of RAM on the Smart 2/3 but the X sight and Essential Plus 3 have 2GB running Android 10 Go.

    • Looks like the smart 3 improved the screen resolution. So, q:
      If the Smart 3 AND the Plus 3 ever reach a similar pricing special like the Smart2 is on now, which of the 3s would you recommend?