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[eBay Plus] Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine $449.10 Delivered @ titan_gear eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Good price, so pulled the plug trigger. Not the cheapest ever but currently cheapest per my research. I used Macquarie to purchase gift card at 2% off details here

Discussion on previous post here

My own wifi story, if anyone interested: Recently moved to Unifi stuff and couldn't be happier. Previously had original google wifi which I ran for few years. A month ago tried Nokia Beacon 3 which was let down by software and most of the advertised features not available due to some cloud migration taking Nokia more than a month. Returned to amazon.

Bought myself couple of Unifi AP AC-PRO and Unifi POE switch (retired my trusted but outdated Netgear GS724TP V1H2). Now adding UDM to the mix.

Edit: Computer Alliance ebay upped the price to $519. Thanks to @NGPriest found titan_gear here at $499. Making it same deal from a different seller. In-Stock at the time of posting

Have requested Mod to amend deal

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  • I think you're on the right track fwiw

  • What is this? Humidifiers? Or machine to create a dream while we are sleeping?

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    "Good price, so pulled the plug."

    So it was a good price but you didn't take the deal?

    "Pulled the trigger" perhaps? :)

  • Do I need a modem in bridge mode for this?

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      FTTN and FTTB = VDSL modem + Ubiquiti UDM.
      FTTP and HFC = NBN NTD + Ubiquiti UDM.
      FTTC = NBN NCD + Ubiquiti UDM.

      • Cheers that's what I thought. What's the wifi range like for 800sm block house. Tossing up between this or mesh.

        • You either have a f***ing MASSIVE house… or mistakenly giving us the size of the block rather than the house itself. There are too many variables to determine whether the UDM alone will be good enough. Like what's the shape of your house, where will you place the UDM, what materials is the UDM going to have to penetrate to give you house-wide coverage.

          You could install the UniFi controller onto your PC and play with the floor planner tool! :)

          Example: https://img.community.ui.com/8810bc6e-c65b-4b54-a796-777cdfe...

          • @wellzi: 701m2 block. 4 bedroom house on that block. Sorry wasn't real clear. I'm sure it would be great. I was toying with tenda mw6 ac1200 mesh setup but my gut tells me this will be as good range and more reliable.

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          Ubiquiti UDM has a mesh option called wireless uplink to expand your setup with more Unifi APs.

  • Runs excellent on my FW LTU setup.. ill never go to the NBN ever my speeds way over theres

  • WiFI 5 hahahahaha

    • how many wifi 6 devices you own?
      you on gigabit plan?

      • Spending this much you would at least want to future proof for it. But that's just me.

      • New phones are already Wifi6 compatible, and PS5 also due to release in 1.5 months also supporting Wifi6, I really don't see how I can justify buying the router at that price

        • limited/no benefit with first revision of wifi 6.
          this is same price as USG + cloud key, so the AP component is just a bonus really.
          if you want an all in one router and won't be using other APs or unifi switches, its not worth paying the ubiquiti tax i agree

          • @mactos: For anyone lucky enough to be on 250Mbps or Gigabit the performance of the UDM smashes the USG with IDS/IPS enabled.

            • @Twix: Yes, that's the point. You can view it as though the AP is just a bonus at this price.
              Granted its expensive, but that's UBNT.

            • @Twix: Not an expert, but I read on reddit that USG runs an older OS and may be discontinued in future. UDM runs the newer one.

      • I'm on 250mbps, got 3 WiFi 6 devices. The problem is you wanna keep a router for 3-5 years (or at least I do) so I'd wanna be on the latest standard that 90% of good tech devices are using nowadays

    • it's a fair point but wifi 6 aka 802.11ax isn't yet certified by IEEE. Apparently it's meant to happen this month or next. Basic wifi 6 works over the same bands as wifi 5 i.e. 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. It is faster and has its benefits but nothing ground breaking for me.

      The real advancement is wifi 6E which will work over 6Ghz band, which is still far away as individual countries need to approve use of 6Ghz band. It'll be a while before that gets across to routers and devices.

      anyway, everyone can form their own opinion and make decisions.

  • Why ubiquity is so popular?
    Is it better than more mainstream routers eg. Asus rt-ac86u etc?

    • Got the same modem/router on FTTP. Am wondering too how is this so much better? does it have LAN connection too?

  • Did the price go up?

    Subtotal (1 item) AU $519.00
    Postage Free
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $51.90
    Order total AU $467.10

  • wtf i paid $579 for this. What a bargain it is now.

  • Received mine today with an open box and possibly missing some of the packaging from the bottom of the box. Has anyone else got theirs yet?

    • sorry to hear that mate. reach out to seller, they have good reputation on OzB.

      Mine arrived in Melb early morning but no movement since. hopefully will be delivered tomorrow.

      • Thanks mate, will do. Mine was from Computer Alliance, was yours also bought through them?

        I did read on UDM deal from another seller that the seller had opened boxes to swap the power cords. What’s a bit weird is the broken seals on the box say “Quality Control Australian Branch”.

        • yeah Computer Alliance, as per my original post.

          I don't think all ebay sellers open boxes and swap cables. I think it's done by Ubiquiti's Australian distributor, some might have their own ebay stores such as Wireless1.

          What was missing from the box? just packaging or anything else or damage to box ?

          • @fifoo: Nothing seemed to be missing other than a piece of packaging from the bottom of the box, it may have been removed when the AU cord was put in. The UDM almost dropped out of the box onto the ground as I was opening the package as I expected the box to be sealed.

            There’s some damage to the corners of the box which might have happened in transit as the box was just in a plastic posting satchel with no bubble wrap.

            • @Hargain Bunter: I’ll be careful opening my package!

            • @Hargain Bunter: Received mine today as well and it came in an open box same as yours. I purchased from Computer Alliance as well, the black AU cable was just thrown in. The box was missing the bottom piece from the packaging.

              I did reach out to the seller and they said that that the unit is as supplied from their Australian distributor, It is new and has not been out to another customer or opened by us. if you're unhappy you can return the product for a refund.

              And well i dropped mine as soon as i took it out of the plastic satchel, luckily it fell on the bed and not on the floor, phew i almost had a heartattack at that time.

    • received mine this morning. exactly same as yours. black cable just thrown in, bottom packaging missing. It would have been much better to leave the original unit as is and just throw in an Australian cable on the side. all labour of opening box and doing the work, it would be cheaper to just provide extra cable.