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50% off Flash Sale @ Inglewood Roasters + Free Shipping on All VIC Orders


Updated Email:

Due to our website being down for the last two hours, we will be extending our Flash Sale until 11:00pm AEST 22/09/2020.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your overwhelming support.
Team Inglewood

Enjoy 50% off our entire online store including all brewing equipment, merchandise and coffee!

Use code FLASH50 at checkout.

Free shipping in Victoria
*Free shipping Australia wide when you spend $50.

Your exclusive early access starts from 3pm AEST - 22/9/20.

Sale ends at 9pm AEST.

Mod 530pm: User Jekyll has discovered that the site appears to have been recently compromised, see here. You should consider whether you decide to purchase/share your personal details, although there doesn't appear to be any current issue with the site.

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  • +1

    Just got the email as well - Will be interesting to try the Sugar Daddy blend.

    • +2

      Tasting notes: sticky date pudding, custard…

      U sure?

      • +3

        Try something new, had a Ugandan filter roast from Industry Beans the other day.

        It was interesting - but terrible. Interesting, but terrible.

  • Again! So soon! I've still got half a kilo of Sunny Blvd!

    I wonder if you can request a later delivery 🤔

    • +73

      Just ask for delivery by Australia Post!

      • -12

        Given that COVID case numbers are at 17 today in Victoria, I guess we won't be seeing another deal like this again, at least from this mob.

        Fill your boots….

        • -3

          WTF? 3 negs and no comments explaining why.

      • +4

        Hi xxxx,

        Thanks for getting in touch!

        Not a problem, if you just put a note in the customer message section at the checkout we can arrange a later delivery date for you. Please allow 8 days minimum for shipping.

        Kind regards,
        Olivia xxxx

  • +7

    Inb4 "code not working".

    Starts in 2 days.

    • Won't stop a dipshit

    • +8

      Also, insert comments on Aeropress bait 'n switch

  • +4

    Can we request a late delivery? Still going through a pack now :(

    • +2

      Just order it now. My last one took 3 weeks from Melbourne to Melbourne

    • +2

      Consider yourself lucky if Australia post will deliver it before Christmas.

  • Email says 4hrs 🤔 supposed to be 19pm?

    • Exclusive (or not so exclusive) access from 3pm….otherwise starts at 5pm

    • +1

      not going to. especially with what we experienced last around - aeropress removed when the promo code becomes active

    • We would need a miracle for that to happen.

  • Does anyone pay $25 for 250 grams of coffee these days?

    • +10

      You're not asking the right forum

    • +8

      No it's a grossly inflated price imo. Even at $60/kg I would not recommend them. I'd probably say their fair pricing is ~$35-40/kg. Thats IMHO only though, others may not agree.

      Nevertheless, with 50% off pricing them at ~$25-30/kg, it's pretty cheap (if you were buying the 1kg bags). You'd have to take into account the fact that they're subsidising shipping for Vic customers too, which I think is pretty good of them to do. Not to mention the extra goodies they've thrown in previously (free 500g beans for me, storage tins for others).

      • Fair enough

      • +2

        I'd pay $60/kg for nice filter beans, Seven Seeds' "F-Bomb" is a very nice roast, well worth the price imo.

        • +4

          That's why I wouldn't pay that much for Inglewood - I don't think it's worth $60/kg. Other roasters may be. Seven seeds is magical, once in a while treat.

          • +2

            @Jaystea: I'm a huge fan of Spirit of Peace - other than a couple of Industry Beans' roasts or Code Black's funky stuff that they cycle through, yet to find anything quite as consistently nice. I'd probably consider paying $60/kg for it, but it'd definitely not be living in my house as a staple if it cost that much.

            • +1

              @frowny: I’ve been enjoying Code Black’s 3056 at the moment. I had a bag of Madamimadam before that and the flavour just wasn’t strong enough for me.

              • @sween64: They're a bit hit or miss but props to Code Black for trying new, fun, funky stuff.

      • +2

        I will pay up to $30 a kg for fresh roasted beans delivered from a well known roaster, any more than that and they would have to be exceptional. Aldi beans are just fine for $12 a kg, I drink my coffee black and find these have good flavour and crema especially for their price. There is big profit in beans. I should probably start roasting my own..

        • +1

          What is your setup like? I highly doubt that Aldi beans can compare to beans from these roasters if you're doing everything correctly…

          • +3

            @onecentaday: Profitec E61 machine and a Eureka grinder. The Aldi is not amazing, but its great for the money and I am very happy to drink it day after day. Consistent and good. I only buy speciality coffee on sale, I dont feel as though any beans are worth paying triple or quadruple the Aldi ones especially since they too are roasted by a specialty roaster in Melb and usually within the last month too.

        • Who is charging $30/kg for nice, freshly roasted beans? Even the oldest specialty coffee roasters are above that price now.

    • Not unless it's come out of a civet.

    • I've tried a range of beans, cheapest being Aldi $12/500g and most expensive being a single origin $25/250g.

      The price tag of $25/250g is hard to justify. Getting a good brew largely depends on dialling your machine and grinder IMO.

      • Not tried Aldi's medium roast? Its even better at $12 or $13 for a full kg and extremely passable.

    • I wouldn't considering you can buy 1kg for about $30-$35 with this deal.
      Although even that I'm reconsidering given they stopped including the little tin container with the delivery these days.

  • Any recommendations for beans to make a long black? Not a huge fan of fruity tones. Thanks :)

    • I'd steer clear of Spirit of Peace, it's a very fruity and sweet single origin.

    • This Sugar Daddy blend is fantastic for long blacks

  • Just in time, starting to run low and good to support local.

  • +2

    What blend would you recommend for lattes on a Delonghi Dedica?

    • Sunset Blvd

  • How did people find Sunset Blvd? Suspect it's not an ideal espresso blend. It works okay in a milk-based drink, but as an espresso - I found it to be quite 'sour' / acidic. I followed their recommended recipe too. Might also be my own coffee preferences coming into play.

    • +1

      Exactly that - don't like it black, but very nice with milk. Spirit of Peace is a fantastic black coffee though, still yet to find anything other than Industry Beans' offerings that taste as good - and IB's coffee is twice as expensive.

  • What are people getting from this place? Latte drinker in an aeropress. Don’t like the fruity flavours

    • +1

      Sunset Blvd

  • +1

    On another note - If your coffee consumption / taste lines up with other deals, the deal before this one from Inglewood was free 500g bag of Spirit of Peace with a 1kg purchase.

    I consume about twice as much milk-based espresso as I do a single origin shot, so 1kg of Sunset Blvd + 500g of Spirit of Peace worked out to be $50, as compared to $45 if I had waited for a sitewide 50% off sale.

    However, one benefit of ordering "out of cycle" of these huge purchases was my delivery came the next day, unceremoniously chucked at my front door by Australia Post, and had a roast date of 2 days before it got in my hands.

    Something to think about, $5 for freshness was well worth it in my eyes.

    • +1

      Most beans seem to peak a few days after roasting. Around 5-7 days is usually optimal. I haven't got the most refined palate and nearly always drink caps but find up to 3 weeks post roast is ok before quality starts to drop off.

      • Yep definitely, I freeze all my beans as I work through my backlog so as fresh as possible makes a difference to me.

        • Freezing coffee is generally not recommended as the beans are hygroscopic - they draw in moisture. As a result, they tend to go stale and lose flavour faster… the opposite of staying fresher for longer.

          Better to store in an air tight container in a cool and dry location.

          • @fookos: Nah, there's lots of studies and videos about it, freezing coffee is good and recommended.


            • +1

              @frowny: If I come across a good deal like this and buy a couple of kilos I'll vac seal them into smaller bags and freeze enough for a week at a time.
              Think this works better than regular sealed container.

              I've heard how the vaccing process is supposed to suck the oils out but the bags are never oily and the beans still taste great but do seem to go off quicker than non frozen ones.

            • +1

              @frowny: Thanks mate - I'll take a look. It's never simple when experts contradict each other!

              At the end of the day, I guess the proof is in the taste! :)

              EDIT: Ah, a James Hoffmann vid - cool. I usually enjoy his stuff. Thx.

              • @fookos: No stress mate. Anecdotally, I've had good experiences with freezing coffee as well, but I ration out a 1kg bag into four smaller 250g bags and zip lock everything. That way I'm not constantly bringing them into/out of the freezer.

  • How long do beans stay fresh?

    • +4

      I notice the freshness disappears after maybe 4 weeks, after that they won't be as good, but still useable for another 2 -3weeks

    • what is 'fresh' ?

  • +2

    Normally happy enough with Aldi beans but always buy a couple of kilos from these guys when on sale. Sunset is my family’s go-to as it’s a bit chocolatey and goes great with milk or soy. Will be buying some on Tuesday!

  • +2

    This doesn't have much to do with the deal, but perhaps you might get more people signing up. I have some suggestions from a (UX User Interface) perspective that might make your site a bit more user friendly. Reach out to me if you'd like to hear them.

    I found it a little bit challenging to find what is relevant to what i want to order.

  • Been loving my coffee from these guys and always grab a bag in the sales

  • $60 per kg for beans? Better be the best beans I've ever had even at 50% off

  • +1

    Purchased 2kg from the last deal and very happy. Just keep in mind delivery is really slow atm. Took a week to get to inner city Melbourne.

    • That's fast. Took me 3 weeks to inner northern suburbs (melb). Beans were going stale when I got them

  • Has anyone tried their decaf blend? Tempted to try it.

    • +2

      It’s a single origin Colombian decaf, Swiss water process. Not bad at $25/kg - bought 2kg for my wife while she was pregnant, froze them in 250g lots and it lasted the whole 9 months.
      The best tasting decaf I’ve had would be CoffeeSnobs’ Decaf WOW blend at $40/kg roasted

    • I like their decaf blend. Though it's my husband that drinks it.

    • It's chocolatey, mild acidity. We love to have it with milk.

  • How are their nespresso pods ?

    • also interested in the St Ali nespresso pods that they have on offer. I'm currently using Pod & Parcel nespresso pods and I really like them.

  • Ordered last deal and shipped on 28/08 and still on the way…

    I live in Victoria..

    • I got it within 5 days of ordering, also VIC

  • Great coffee and great service! Pretty fast shipping to qld for last order of 2kg. Best beans I have had for a long time

        • +9

          Cool. So you’re wrong.

  • Had a mix up in my previous order, they sorted the issue straight away. Great customer service.

  • still having the last batch I ordered when 50% off. Good beans but I wouldn't pay full price for them.

  • How does Inglewood compare to the Lime Blue deal the other day?

    I've been switching between these coffee deals and ALDI beans

    Using stove top / moka pot with milk everyday and aeropress black some afternoons

    • Bought some lime blue can’t wait!

  • I am still waiting for the delivery of my last 50% off order a month ago.
    Auspost delivery in VIC has experienced some serious delays.

    • +2

      Auspost warehouses in VIC has become stacks lately. New parcels are consistently getting delivered next day even on weekends while old parcels are forgotten in some deep dark corners. I am pretty sure if you order another bag this time it is going to show up before your last order.

  • +2

    Was going to get a couple of kgs of the sugar daddy, and when I checked yesterday, the kg bags were $60. They took that off and you can only order the 500g bags for $40. Disappointing.

    • Damm, I was looking forward to a few kg bags too….

      • Do you freeze them?

    • Try going to this URL and scrolling down the page past the 500g Sugar Daddy - I ordered 1kg this way.


      • Ah I did not see that. Thank you!

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