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Apple TV 4K 64GB $244.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Apple TV 4K makes your favourite TV shows and movies even more amazing. Videos play in stunning detail with picture quality that’s more true to life. Enjoy content from iTunes and apps like Netflix — or use the Siri Remote to find just what you want.* You can even share photos you take on your iPhone on the big screen. 4K HDR is here. And it’s brilliant.

4K High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision and HDR10) for stunning picture quality.
Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound.
A10X Fusion chip for ultra-fast graphics and performance.
Search with your voice using the Siri Remote.
View photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on your TV.
Netflix, iTunes, Stan, tenplay, 9Now and thousands more apps in the App Store*.
Apple TV+ is included for one year when you buy an eligible Apple device.¹

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  • +4

    Why would I buy this over a Chromecast Ultra?

    • +37

      It's part of a completely different, Apple-focused, environment of apps and services.

    • +7

      This is probably more powerful, so if you have some 4k blu ray remuxes you want to watch the chromecast ultra might not be up to scratch. It kinda pushes the 4K Apple TV too, you may want to kill Infuse before watching huge 80GB movies like that. The next Apple TV is probably going to play everything no problem, until 8K blu ray remuxes are invented.

      • what do you mean by the "kill Infuse" bit?

        • -1

          Force kill the app. If you’re playing a 4k remix and it won’t scrobble or won’t play, kill the infuse app and start again.

          • @AustriaBargain: oh ok.

            On a related note, Infuse takes a good 10-15 seconds to display files/folders on the USB stick (connected to the modem). Is this normal?

            • @andresampras: What about in the library view after they been scanned? I never tried a USB stick over network.

    • +7

      Its total different system here, the chromecast is to cast media from your device to a TV. As for Apple TV, its a dedicated media streaming device with lots of built in apps (Apple TV, Netflix, Prime Video, etc… and you can also download apps/games too.

    • +12

      I have tried Chromecast, Roku etc.. This is the best set top box I've ever had. 4K looks stunning on my Samsung TV. The best part is you can have 4K HDR with 4:2:2 (Chroma subsample) only on this one with a Cat 8 ethernet cable. If you're really into quality, this is the one to go with. Also you get Dolby Atmos output with Dolby Atmos certified speakers or sound bar. Apple TV 4K is for pro users.

      • +4

        The best part is you can have 4K HDR with 4:2:2 (Chroma subsample) only on this one with a Cat 8 ethernet cable.

        This device has a regular gigabit ethernet port, can also get the same thing with Cat5

      • +3

        +1. I hate to say it but the Apple TV just works.

        Frame rate and content matching is great and works well too.

      • I used to think the Apple TV was overpriced. But I spent AUD 350 on an Nvidia Shield recently. Very happy with it though. It should be on par with the Apple TV. The AI upscaling sounds like a marketing gimmick but makes a substantial difference.

        • +5

          AFAIK Apple TV 4K does not support lossless Atmos, in that respect I think the Shield is still better. I could be wrong but when streaming HD audio, as the Apple TV 4K converts TrueHD and DTS-HD MA to LPCM the True-HD and DTS-HD indicators on your AV Receiver will not light up. This concerns only audio buffs of course.

      • My Chromecast Ultra also does 4K HDR in 4:2:2

      • Regarding 4K looking stunning with the Apple TV, could I expect much visual improvement over a Chromecast Ultra?

        My Chromecast Ultra does 4K HDR 4:2:2 at 60Hz and looks pretty good, but from your comment, I'm wondering if I'm missing out on something? My display uses HDR10, and my sound system does Dolby Digital.


    • +4

      Why would you buy apples over oranges?

      • +5

        Coz there's more fibre in apples :)

    • This even doubles up as a mini console for some super decent gameplay of some ultra optimised apps ;)

    • One hypothetical use case is if the Chromecast Ultra uses video and audio modes that you don't want it to. For example, you might want to run your display at 24Hz instead of 60Hz, or you might want to play 1080p movies at 1080p and let your display upscale to 4K instead of the Chromecast upscaling.

      Chromecast doesn't give you much control over these, whereas Apple TV does. Apple TV can also match your video and audio mode to the source material.

      Personally, I would just stick with the Chromecast unless you ran into a problem that the Apple solves.

  • +3

    Theres also been rumours of new version back to Feb-20.. ive been waiting for it before purchasing but still not released!!

    • +1

      I thought they would have announce a new version during the last apple conference…

      • +4

        TV probably deserves its own conference by now, between the hardware and TV shows. I bet the new Apple TV is revealed along side the new iPhone, new iPad Pro, otherwise around March next year.

        • +1

          My guess is the appleTV + anniversary. So they have something else to talk about other than TV shows.. that few care about.

          • @Elijha: I’m still waiting for see, the one about the baby, and another one I forget.

      • Another Apple announcement in October. Iphone 12 probs

        • They might finally be announcing that brand new in screen fingerprint sensor technology…or maybe the finally figured out wireless chargers.

          • @dheywood: think my S10 has that and one of the newer Huawei phones.

            My iphone 11 pro definitely has wireless charging but it's dog shit compared to Samsung and LG's wireless charging.

        • It's possible (or even probable) that the next Apple TV will be announced alongside the next iPhones. The current model is quite outdated (since 2017) and is long overdue for an upgrade. Lately the current models have been on discount, which is usually an indicator.


          As for the next model, it will supposedly do 4K-Upscaling like the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. But to do that, it needs beefier hardware. It's likely we'll see the Apple A12Z inside, as Apple discountinues the old iPads for the new updated ones (Apple A14), so this is a cost effective place to drop this old SoC. Storage is likely to go up, now starting at 64GB base, and 128GB for higher, and reasoning for this is the new OS and updated Apps. It's been rumoured that they're going to upgrade the remote as well, to a slightly more functional one which also has Room/Device Tracking built-in to find it when it's lost. Apple is effectively killing the Apple TV 4K, and all the other versions are discontinued as well, except for the Apple TV v4 with 32GB only kept as a budget 1080p option with a slight (USD$100/AUD$150) discount. Lastly, new model price is rumoured to be the close starting at USD$180/AUD$250 for base model, and USD$250/AUD$350 for 128GB model.

    • There was also speculation that when they update it, there would be a 128GB model. A newer (faster) chip and more storage could be particularly useful for Apple Arcade.

      • +1

        Isn't it expected that the newer model would be higher spec… isn't that the point of a new model.

    • Same

  • This device goes for $279 at apple.com/au

    • +1

      and $249 like always at Officeworks 👍

      • +3

        No its not, the 32gb is always 249 and the 64gb always 269. Officeworks just came down its price for the 64gb.

      • That's correct. 64GB one is currently $249 at Officeworks

        • $279 online today at OW for the 64GB.

          • +1

            @crazyj: Yep pretty annoyed, added it to my cart last night but didn't pull the trigger. Got up this morning and it's an extra $30.

  • +3

    I am not sure about Apple TV hardware itself but airplay 2 with Samsung TVs are absolute garbage. And chrome cast has consistently have been great experience, i probably would go buy a chrome cast instead to be honest.

    • +8

      Airplay from your iphone really has nothing to do with Apple TV. Of course a dedicate chromecast will work better than the built in airplay in term of consistency. But Apple TV is another league. If you’re happy just to use casting from your mobile device to TV then Chromecast is the way to go.

    • I agree. My iPhone X and iPad have great trouble connecting to my Samsung Series 7. So it’s not as if it’s a lacklustre phone or old TV.

      I’m hoping that because native AirPlay on TVs is relatively new it’ll improve over time.

      But I have me doubts…

    • Likely the Samsung TVs that are the issue and not the Apple gear, I had issues with my Samsung TV as well, changed to a Hisense TV and the all our iOS devices from iPhone 6s plus to the latest iPhone 11 Pro max work fine

  • +1

    I have tried Chromecast, Roku etc.. This is the best set top box I've ever had. 4K looks stunning on my Samsung TV. The best part is you can have 4K HDR with 4:2:2 (Chroma subsample) only on this one with a Cat 8 ethernet cable. If you're really into quality this is the one to go with. Also you get Dolby Atmos output with Dolby Atmos certified speakers or sound bar. Apple TV 4K is for pro users only.

    • +8

      Cat8 is definitely overkill for this.

      Cat5e will give you gigabit.

      • +1

        Perhaps he’s referring to “Category 8” film, using Ethernet cable. Even Fast Ethernet, 100gb/s, suffices.

        • +13

          the port on the apple tv can't handle anything above 1 GBps, so cat 5e or 6 is enough

        • +15

          Literally impossible to look better on Cat 8. This is like saying better shielding on HDMI cables gives you deeper colours. Or swapping your power cable for cleaner power can help.

        • +3

          I'm not a network specialist. I saw some difference. That's all.

          try gold unidirectional interconnect cables - you’ll hear difference - promise.

          • +1

            @AlexF: Oxygen free, monocrystaline only or get out! None of this povvo Cat8 stuff for us connoisseurs!


            • @banana365: you are falling on deaf ears. Surely they don't have tube amplifiers and $10k speakers.

              • +1

                @nuker: Yep, those speaker drivers with coils hand wound by monks in a Himalayan monastery aren't cheap!

    • My Chromecast Ultra also does 4K HDR with 4:2:2, so it's not exclusive to Apple TV

  • Will checkout the instore price tomorrow.

    • +1

      In store price is 244.98, 1c cheaper.

  • +5

    Worth holding off for a week and a half for those looking for a media player, for the announcement of the upcoming "Google Chromecast with Google TV", which will apparently support 4K / Dolby Vision / HDR / HLG, as well as Auto Low Latency Mode and Dolby Atmos etc, and retail for $50 USD (and will have a remote too!):



    • +3

      Two completely different ecosystems.

      • +1

        They said “media player”, not AppleTV specifically.

      • Not sure if ecosystems play a huge part in selecting a media player (not for me anyway), unless you're talking about having a huge existing Google Play / iTunes (or Prime / Microsoft / Fetch etc) media collection, which then dictates what device you'll need to access it (which is less of a thing now with Apple anyway, given the Apple TV+ app is becoming available on more devices)?

        The Apple TV and new Google TV ChromeCast will be sold in the same competing streaming media player market, and I'm personally more interested in their specs / playback capabilities rather than their TV and movie stores, or what phone or PC or tablet I have.

  • +1

    I think it is $249 for Officeworks (click and collect) or Harvey Norman

    • +1

      Yeah it's not much of a discount tbh

      • rrp at 279 and its what JB currently selling. I had always checked at Officeworks before and its regular price was 269. They just recently came down to 249 to compete with Harvey.

  • I loved my Apple TV, I was so annoyed when I went to get a 4K one that it 'doesn't' support YouTube in 4K, a real shame.

    Still, if you don't watch much YouTube on your TV, then not a big loss, was for me I watch a lot of YouTube and when I experienced it in 4K on my 4K screen I've had for a long time, could never go back. One day, hopefully. They're otherwise great devices.

    • +6

      with tvOS 14, the youtube app is able to play 4k, once google updates the app

      • That would be great! I've already gone and bought an Nvidia Shield TV Pro, this was a while ago now, seems it's down to VP9 which sounds possible, but not yet turned on perhaps?

        "Appreciate the details – we can't deliver 4K resolution bc ‌Apple TV‌ 4K model (5th generation) does not support VP9 at this time." - TeamYouTube via Twitter


        EDIT: According to YouTube this is a problem at Apple's end, so I suppose… It could be an App update which Apple isn't approving? Difficult to understand, but I wouldn't want to buy one right now until it does work if you're on an older Apple TV.

        • +5

          Right now, tvOS 14 supports VP9, but Google haven't submitted an updated youtube app to take advantage of it

          • @theg00s3: Thanks, not sure where all the down votes are coming from. I stand by what I've said, if YouTube at 4K is what you want to watch, you shouldn't get an Apple TV 'until' it supports 4K, it appears as though Apple is allowing this, I can't find any evidence of another app that you can use this on right now.

            • @conza: Yeah it could be a while, most likely in the new year I reckon, once Google has launched their new Android/ Google TV ChromeCast and taken advantage of Xmas sales with their "compatible with 4K YouTube" device.

        • YouTube and Apple use different video codecs, hence this issue. Apple has nothing against YouTube or vice versa.

        • Check Youtube's confirmation


          YouTube 4K coming soon to Apple TV

      • I’m thinking of saying along the lines of…

        “When hell freezes…”

  • Do one needs this if already have 4k smart tv?

    • +1

      Buying a box is recommended since apps will be updated in the long term. TV manufacturers give max 2 year support. Full 4K and HDR capabilities of TV if playing 4K videos through USB. Box is recommended if you are into gaming.

    • +1

      You don't. It's just better interface & user experience. Smart TV don't have every apps though. Depends what you watch.

      • Better interface & user experience? Not really, depends on the TV. You get a better user experience not having to switch to a box. Better hardware is the real reason, with underpowered TV interfaces struggling with the demands of apps. Some of the latest TVs, like Sony running Android TV, have a better interface and user experience, but you'll pay mightily for it.

  • +2

    Apple TV 4K or NVIDIA Shield Pro?

    LG OLED 4K TV. Mostly to watch movies, not much games.

    NVIDIA Shield Pro Deal

    • +2

      Really like my Nvidia Shield Pro, I paid nearly $400 and I'm still happy with it, $323 is great!

    • +6

      Advantages of Shield over Apple TV - expandable storage, local media playback, audio passthrough, superior remote, better app support (eg: Foxtel, Kodi), better Plex experience (supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, AI upscaling, has resolution switching, can run Plex server), better upscaling, supports interactive Netflix content / has up-to-date Netflix app, YouTube 4k, Dolby Vision for Amazon Prime, inbuilt ChromeCast, true 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps support etc.

      Advantage of Apple TV is the Apple TV+ app, and ???

      Had a play with an Apple TV for a few weeks recently - things I'd like to see in a software update / new model:


    • For me, the Shield's big plus is being able to run Kodi, giving me Foxtel Go, Aussie TV catchup without ads and UK TV on demand, plus a few hundred other free streaming options via addons. Android TV has a bigger choice of free apps, too, though if all you want to do is run Netflix, Stan, Apple TV+, Prime etc you might as well go the Apple TV - fewer options but cheaper and excellent quality.

    • Nvidia shield easy. Powerful and works so well. Best media player / streamer device i have used.

  • Got mine for $179 last time Myer was clearing Apple..

  • Would Ronald Wayne buy one of these?

  • +2

    Honestly I would hold off for just a bit as I'm pretty sure a new device is just on the horizon. :)

    • +1

      There hasn’t been much improvement in tvOS. I don’t think any hardware will be released this year

      • I guess we'll have to wait and see… there's lots on the horizon for Apple this year yet! :)

  • How do I find out if the Apple TV+ app is playing on 4K when playing 4K movies / series on Mac?

  • +2

    Recently got one for the old man a few weeks ago from Officeworks @ $249, specifically for Kayo but he also uses Prime/Netflix. With Kayo I found for some reason the Chromecast just couldn't keep up and always required buffering at random times, even though on the phone/iPad it was fine standalone. This includes streaming from the PC to the Chromecast. Once connected on the Apple Tv, because it effectively runs it's own app is amazing and the quality is fantastic, much better than expected. If you're already in the apple ecosystem I highly recommend the apple tv, expensive, but a quality piece of kit.

    Oh also with the recent enhancements with the airpods pro, even though I haven't tried it, apparently the spatial audio is incredible.

  • Pass, it doesn't do Atmos on Plex

  • -1

    The remote is made of glass and shatters when dropped. 75 bucks for a new one. If you have kids I'd consider other options.

    • +1

      You can get a cover for it.

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