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Trial eBay Plus for Instant $20 Voucher or Join eBay Plus for $50 Voucher ($49/Year)


The obvious benefit is FREE $20 for trial eBay Plus for a month (30 dyas), enjoy :)

Terms and Conditions of $20 Voucher

Voucher valid for 30 days. Eligible customers only. Ltd time only. Offer & eBay Plus T+Cs apply.

This Offer entitles you to a $20 eBay Voucher to spend on eBay if you sign up to eBay Plus for a 30 day free trial during the Promotion Period (‘Offer’).
The Offer will only be available for the period that it is advertised on ww.ebay.com.au (‘Promotion Period’) and the Voucher is only valid for 30 days from sign up.

The Offer is only available to users who have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia, and who have an appropriate purchase history (‘Eligible Users’).

If you are an Eligible User and take up the Offer, you may sign up to the Offer by:

a. clicking on the promotional banner or link found in the offer email; and b. signing up for an eBay Plus membership through the sign-up flow.
Standard eBay Plus Terms and Conditions will apply when you accept the Offer and sign up for an eBay Plus membership.

The Voucher code will be displayed at the end of the eBay Plus sign-up flow to Eligible Users who successfully take up the Offer. The code will also be sent to the user’s My eBay page.

You can only redeem this Offer one (1) time during your eBay Plus membership year.

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  • -3

    I think if you redeem the voucher you can't cancel the eBay plus correct me if wrong.

    I got $50 voucher and bought something with that voucher. few day later tried to cancel but no chance to get refund

  • This sounds too good to be true. Is it a one off $50 voucher or is one of those split vouchers that total to $50?
    I am not eligible for this deal anyway. Targeted

  • if you create a new account, make a small purchase first then sign up trial, there is still profit in your pocket or spare credit to spend on eBay after all

    • Too much effort.

      • +1

        Just another day for an OzBargainer tho.

      • no "OzBargain work" no gain lol

  • Can confirm the $50 voucher for joining eBay plus works. I did it yesterday.

    My subscription expired over a month ago but decided to sign up again from a previous deal and bam! the next page after paying gave me my $50 voucher :)

    • after paying?> hmmm so kind of gamble….

      • Yes after paying but it should work as it has worked for many people from the previous deal. But yes a gamble lol

      • From my understanding, you have to get to that page from one of the links promising the voucher. It doesn't give indication after that, but after you complete the process the voucher comes. So treat it like cashback, make sure you go from the right link and do it straight away and you should be fine.

    • Just double check. So you had ebay plus in the past and expired last month.
      Then you re-join ebay plus again and pay $49 first with the same login. After that you get $50 voucher.
      Please confirm. Thanks

      • +1

        Yes i had it for 12 months previously. Then decided not to renew. But renewed it yesterday and took the gamble of getting the $50 voucher. It worked so i am happy.

        I had to pay $49 first then the next screen showed my $50 voucher.

        Also same email and login details

        • Thanks

        • Yes worked for me and many others on here.

  • Thanks OP. I cancelled eBay Plus last month because I barely used it.

    However, I needed a bottle of Cointreau (because… lockdown), and this enabled me to grab one for free from Dan's (normally $49.95). So I have revived eBay Plus on my main account.

    Buy a bottle of Cointreau, get eBay Plus free. Nice…

  • -1

    anyone found a way to get of that "purchase history required" for the 20$ voucher?

    • +3

      Sorry, what's the reasoning for your negative vote?

  • Just want to confirm will it work if i had ebay plus in past and pay $50 now?

    • +1


  • How do I know if I’m targeted or not?

    • I'd like to know that, too.

    • not particularly targeted, $20 voucher for trial to those who already have eBay account and have made purchase(s) to be eligible, most people could meet this requirement easily. alternatively, if you want the voucher, simply make a new account, make a small amount purchase then go through this link later to get the trial sign up bonus.

  • I guess I have the same question: Tried ebay plus a year ago. How do I now know if I am "eligible"? It seems to ask me to add payment method, but I have no idea if voucher will be shown. Any idea how to check "eligible?

    • click through with your logged in account, it will show you whether you are eligible or not without any hassle

      • Where does it show it? I can click through and then it says add payment method. It does not say anything else.

        • Same for me too, someone please explain where.

  • for everyone asking if they are eligible.. i did this 1 week ago and my eBay Plus had expired in July… I just had a chat person online with me and and he said i should get it and he stayed on chat till i completed my purchase and code came.

    Just get on chat and they will stay online till you subscribe to get the code.

    I never got any targeted email or promo in my account for this offer.

    • -2

      unfortunately if you used/tired eBay Plus before, you are ineligible. just make a new account, spend small amount then sign the trial, still worth the effort :)

      • not true as i said.. ymmv.. get on a chat..

      • Chat said differently to me just now.

        • what did chat say?

  • +1

    Doesn't seem like you can use the voucher for most of the major retailers like Coles. Bit of a bummer, but still signed up as I'm sure I can find a video game or electronics that I'd have bought anyway

  • Purchased an item for 1.5 AUD but still it gives the same error telling there is no purchase history.

    • Do you want too buy imaginary stuff off me, ill be happy for the free positive ratings lolz

  • +2

    Contacted help desk and this is the new story

    it's not about the amount but rather a feedback. YOu need to have at least 3 feedback to be able to sign up for ebay plus. Currently you have 2.

    Waste of time.

  • +1

    Didn't renew my ebay plus this year cause it isn't worth it and still didn't get this offer.

    They rather spend on a few stupid apple airpod that only a few people can get than giving better value for all their members.

    I already went with amazon prime and their prime shipping is easily worth the price on top of other services that comes included.

    F ebay.

  • +2

    Thanks! got the $20. Immediately went to cancel membership and was presented with $30 gift card if I choose to not cancel (and convert from trial to paid). So for those who are not sure whether to go with the $20 or $50 now, you can just go for the $20 now and then decide before the trial end, you should be presented with the $30 gift card anyway.

    • cool, and you're welcome

  • +3

    Serious issues with the eBay Plus service and eBay in general.

    My latest issue with eBay are sellers pretending they are Australian based with Australian located items but after making a purchase in AUD finding an international transaction fees applied by my bank because the seller has an overseas PayPal account. eBay said I need to check the location of each seller by going to their profile page to find out where they are located to avoid hidden fees. Nuts to that, I rather not use the platform.

    Add to that the following issues:
    - Sellers adding $1 items that are out of stock to a listing to influence the listing order for the actual item you are after. The list by lowest to highest price is essentially useless now.
    - Items falsely claimed to be in Australia
    - Poor delivery times with many sellers vs Amazon
    - The place for scalpers of presale products
    - Bots making it near impossible to land limited eBay Plus deals
    - Spam email advertising which is almost daily.

    • Selling used stuff on eBay is just as bad. sellers had to pay big fees after the sale and they have to experience people bidding and not paying often but sellers can't leave bad feedback however buyers can.

      eBay is just pure crap to be honest.

  • Anyone know when this deal expiries? Thanks

    • +1

      Same deal of $20/$50 vouchers were around June 2020 and I still have 4 left from 4 accounts and just used one around 2 weeks ago so my guess its ungoing, note all my offers were in my eBay messages not just from email advertising so suggest always check your eBay messages for deals

      I always wait too first find something too buy then activate the deal to obtain the voucher as usually you need too use the voucher in 30 days

  • +1

    Took the gamble and signed up for the free $50 voucher. I'd taken the trial before….don't remember when….probably when it was first available.

    Anyway, paid the $49 today and I didn't receive the $50 voucher. Got on chat and told them that I hadn't received a voucher when I signed up…..5 mins later they applied the voucher on my account. Pretty simple. They are probably desperate to keep everyone happy at the moment.

  • +1

    Got the voucher immediately after signing up. Even chatted with them before I signed up and they said sorry no offer is available to my account (or at all). Signed up anyway, got it.

  • is the 3x feedback thing true? i got one seller that hasnt instantly left feedback i contact them

  • Free membership so might just give it a shot. The 20 for sign up is also a good deal but I already signed up when they started those 21%off vouchers.

  • +1

    One of the requirements to be qualified for the $20 voucher if you joined eBay plus is you have at least 3 feedbacks in your account.

    — got this from ebay customer care.. dont waste ur time creating accounts …

  • +3

    For anyone looking for something to buy out of 20$ eBay voucher or in fact with the 50$ eBay voucher as well, can confirm we can buy the Woolworths gift card.

    Also we can get 50 dollar eBay voucher for paying eBay plus and using that we can buy Woolworths gift card. So logically free eBay plus membership with 50$ Woolworths gift card, by paying 49$.


    • Thanks will use one of my $20 voucher for this

      So I guees after the purchase of Woolworths gift card the eBay seller will email a voucher gift card code?

      Can one add this voucher too there Woolworths everyday card so then the gift card can be used in store?

      Your experience much appreciated 😃👍

      • +1

        Yes , I purchased Woolworths gift card with the link provided and a gift card was sent to my email. Used it in Woolworths and purchased as well. No issues with that.

        • Sorry if you could confirm much appreciated, so you used the voucher in-store, so what you provided Woolworths staff the voucher code or I guess those self check out machines might have an option too use vouchers? Thanks m8

          • @Italkdigital: Yes, its the normal wish gift card, which can be used in self checkin.

    • Does this not work with the $50 JB card from that seller? I've tried to buy one, but it's not letting me.

      • +1

        Not sure about JB Hi-fi gift card. It should work. Got the Woolworths gift card from PayPal Gifts so should be a legit one.

        • I would love to know if somebody else has been able to get a JB card. It doesn't work for me. After I apply the voucher the order total reduces to 0.

          Subtotal (1 item) AU $50.00
          Postage Free
          Vouchers/coupons -AU $50.00
          Order total AU $0.00

          However, when I click on confirm order I get an error message "Your payment didn't go through. Please check the card info and billing address or select a different payment option." I'm not sure why it's even trying to charge my card when the total is 0, but I've tried numerous cards as well as Paypal, but it only throws up that error message and won't let me complete the order. :-(

          • @jimbler: It worked for Woolworths gift card. …. Why not try contacting eBay customer support as it's a legit transaction….

            • +1

              @raj5055: Don't contact eBay, you just need to checkout with PayPal to get it to work.

              • @wekimekigugudan: But the commenter above has told he has tried PayPal and it didn't work…

                • +1

                  @raj5055: I actually just tried it again and this time it worked with Paypal. It sent me an SMS with a number to confirm my identity. For some reason this didn't happen last time I tried to go through Paypal. Not sure if my browser blocked the popup or something? Anyway, it worked this time.

    • How are you managing to even apply the voucher to your gift card purchase? Mine simply says: "This code can't be applied to some of your items".

      • I can't apply my $50 code for gift card purchases either

  • +1

    Got $50 Voucher when i signed up but the only catch is that you loose the remaining balance if you don't use the $50 fully which I think is slightly cheeky off ebay.

    For those of you who get the targeted email but upon trying to join, it throw up an error(in-eligible as there is no relevant purchase history ) Just made two purchases and tried again and it worked .

  • Will i get the $50 voucher while i don't get any email/message just by following the link? Thanks

    • That is what people are saying here, but it is a risk as you do not know if you will get it until after you have paid. I cannot comment as I did receive the email. Read all the comments above.

      • Thanks ur right, we ll never know unless we try. Ta

        • Can confirm it works via link. Got $50 voucher

  • I got the $50 voucher a while ago and just tested that it still works. However, the $49 ebay plus fee hasn't been debited from my credit card account since I signed up. Is this normal? I'm wondering maybe it'll be deducted once I redeemed the voucher? Does anyone else have the same experience?

  • Just signed up. can confirm the $50 voucher still works and got it instantly

  • anyone confirm it still works even with no invite?

    • +1

      I can confirm I received $50 voucher as previous paid member. Signed up today

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