Free Gift (Pick from over 100) for New eBay Plus Members


For some reason my account showed this code even though I had already used my free 30 day trial- I'm guessing it is replacing the $20 off coupon found here

So basically limiting you to what you can buy compared to the $20 off deal, although the plus side is you get an extra $10 to spend. Should work for any new sign up using a different credit card.

Some items for free-

From the comments it now looks like they aren't offering a free gift with the trial anymore, looks like they want you to sign up for $49 to get the gift now- marked expired

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  • Received this too.

    Full list of items -

    Nothing amazing in my opinion. I'd much rather $20 off of any Plus item.

  • I have the same code, but it's for $30 off your purchase, when I click on the T&C's, the page doesn't load…

  • Got an email for this too even though I'm already an eBay Plus member.

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    Another rubbish offer from eBay for their rubbish PLUS program. I used to be a big fan of eBay, but it's old tired and minimal bargins to be had.

    I've had 2 months free trial on Amazon Prime and have been extremely happy with benefits and daily bargains. Will happily go on the their annual Prime membership when trial runs out.

    • so you're saying signing up for a free 30 day trial where you get a free gift valued at around $20-30 isn't a deal?

      I agree with you there is little to no value in ebay plus, only the sign up trial bonuses like these and last months $20 off offer for free are good deals.

      • You will find most ozBargain members have already had the trial, offer is valid only for new trial.

        I'm not saying it's not a deal, I'm saying it's crap. I'm sure there will still be people creating new/fake accounts to take up this offer for a freebie for the sake of a freebie.

        • I'm not saying it's not a deal, I'm saying it's crap.

          You make no sense.

          • @Phil22:

            You make no sense.

            hes saying ebay plus getting more and more creepier, hows that make no sense?
            at the begining u could make a new account to get this welcome voucher that u can purchase anything with it,
            then they changed to 3 feedbacks account and ebay plus items only,
            now they restrict it even more to only 100 ebay plus items!

            still good to get a free item, but it's crap compare to what they had.

    • Whether Ebay Plus is crap or not has nothing to do with the deal. You get $30 for signing up to a free trial. End the free trial and you come out $30 better. Who knew getting $30 for free could be considered a ‘rubbish offer’.

      • It's $30 to spend on a fixed number of items… yay…

        • So what’s your point? It’s still a free product. You seriously can’t be that greedy, expecting them to give you $30 free on anything you want.

          • @Phil22: people are just strange, so many people hate eBay Plus, but all in all I think I came out ahead, $1 for access to all the Plus deals, actually got an airpods for $99, free returns so I can impulse buy without regrets

            • @ln28909: Same, my voucher from them was more than the cost of Plus. So even if it was completely worthless, how could you be mad? For me, I’ve claimed some absolute steals from having Plus. And some, like $9 Baseus wireless earphones and $9 cotton on duffle bag, were easy to get.

    • Why are you acting as if this is the only 'benefit' to paying for an eBay Plus subscription?

      You can't really compare eBay to Amazon, they both have their pro and cons.

  • Can you get a trial membership, redeem this for a free beer delivery, then cancel the membership before the trial is up?

    EDIT - Yep, looks like you can. Free 4-pack of Pale Ale! Nice :)

    Signed up, ordered, then cancelled subscription within 2 mins. You'll be looking for this link to cancel:

    • i was going to do so but i think all my cards are linked one way or another to my account so might not work.

      on the plus (heh) side, you reminded me to cancel my sub which is up in Dec. They tried the $30 thing, which I thought why not, only to say Ive already accepted that offer (I did last year). So thats it for me

  • The code doesn't work for me and I'm an ebay plus member…
    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

    edit: I didn't see it's for new members only…

  • Damn was just about to post this lol

  • Does not work for me as a current member, however I got a $50 voucher for sign up which is much better, so can't complain.

  • I got a trial of eBay plus on the wife’s account 3 days ago and it doesn’t work

  • Get an invalid code message when trying to check out

  • It isn't working because there's probably a hidden min spend requirement of $200 lol

  • Doesn't appear to work for existing eBay Plus members. Tried it with new card and a different paying option, no go

  • Don't have Plus, used the free trial ages ago, but the code comes up as a $30 voucher in my ebay summary - and it doesn't work, says you have to be a Plus member..I guess this is them dangling a carrot, sorry not biting..

  • From Customer Support:

    Thanks for waiting ***. I understand your goal to make redeem this offer. At the same time, as confirmed, it's normal to receive promo notification in general since we've released that. The thing is, in order for this offer to be valid, your account must have at least 3 feedback ratings/scores and more than 60 days old.

    • That makes no sense. Because they’re asking us to sigh up in order to claim the gift.

  • I told them this morning where they can put ‘yo gift’.

    Bring back plus for $1 and I’ll bite.

  • Won't join Ebay plus unless it's $1 membership fee.

  • Thanks Op…Good deal!

  • So does this replace this $20 offer?
    Because $20 to spend on anything is obviously a much better deal

  • nvm online chat says i need to have a purchase history to claim the free gift promo……

  • You could possibly use this link to sign up to Plus and receive a $20 off voucher instead of a free item. If someone tries and is successful, please let me know.

    I would also assume that this still applies:

    I understand your goal to make redeem this offer. At the same time, as confirmed, it's normal to receive promo notification in general since we've released that. The thing is, in order for this offer to be valid, your account must have at least 3 feedback ratings/scores and more than 60 days old.

  • Showed up in my promo page but at checkout had error like others that need to join to use. After I had already looked at the items.

    Maybe the promo would work on 2x $15 items, such as
    Thought of this cheap item for trimming dog paw hair -
    Possible jacked item (purchase history shows $15 previously, now $25) -
    Reasonable priced item if can't find anything (for those collecting cookbooks) -

  • Here's direct link to TOC

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    How do I delete this Sh+t coupon from my main ebay page? :)

  • To apply this code, you need to be an eBay Plus member.

    No thanks.

  • I just signed up with the free membership, ordered the free headphones listed in the OP, and cancelled my membership. Neat.

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    It's deceptive conduct by Ebay. The voucher is in my account, T&Cs won't load, but I don't have ebay plus and haven't ever used the trial offer.

    Online chat with ebay rep said "it's inviting you to sign up for ebay plus". I told them to remove it from my account, and they were unwilling or unable to do so.

    They're basically trying to get you to shop on ebay, in the belief you are getting something for free, and only when you go through checkout do you discover that you've wasted your time.

  • Typical ebay. Waste of time.


    Just an update that free gift offer and $20 voucher to spend on anything still works using free trial of eBay plus.

    Just signed up to eBay plus free trial using this link to get $20 voucher to spend on anything.

    I got the $20 voucher to spend on anything and I also got $30 off to pick one of the selected free gifts.

    Just note if you are a new member and don’t have enough purchase history you will get a message that you are not eligible for the offer after clicking the link so you won’t be eligible for the $20 off but you can still sign up for the free trial.

  • I realised today that I had this code in my account and was able to use it as intended. I picked an item from the list and got it for free.

    • Me too, got the selfie stick. close second was the gravy boat…. Did well, considering also got 50 dollar coupon for signing up to ebay plus again as well.

  • Sigh.. Only new members. They really need to give current members more deals.