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So Good Almond Milk Half Price $1.35 @ Woolworths


I went into Woolworths today and So Good Almond Milk was half price. Both the original variety and the unsweetened. So I bought 10. Date of expiry was 23/08/2021.

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  • How does this compare to almond breeze? Is it the same stuff?

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      I much prefer this. Got 3 boxes of 12.

    • Not sure I haven't tried almond breeze. Actually I'm about to try this for the first time. I was drinking Community Co Almond milk which I think cost $2.30 at IGA.

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      Almond Breeze has less ingrediants and is more natural, but So good is tastier / sweeter (more ingredients)

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      This comes with added discrimination in the form of Sanitarium being part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, so there's that.

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      This hands down. Tastes much better in coffee, I find almond breeze to be a little watery in my flat whites.

    • Almond Breeze has pseudomonas

  • Does anyone have any idea how often this is half price?

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      Regularly, I notice it about every 2 months or so

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      Maybe once a month, alternating between Coles/Woolies.

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      Literally everything is a chemical… but which of these is objectionable to you?

      Filtered Water, Cane Sugar, Almonds (2.5%), Mineral (Calcium), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Natural Flavour, Salt, Mineral Salt (Sodium Bicarbonate), Vegetable Gum (Gellan), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamins (B12, B2, B1).

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    A good day was had by all. The end.

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    Almonds (2.5%), essentially buy water. Since I realised the low percentage of almonds, I never buy them unless they are less than 50c.

  • Unfortunately, the barista So Good Almond is not on special.

    For flat whites my preference is Australias Own Barista Almond Milk

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      That is the best one but 4.50 dollars. Still the best for coffee

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    Lucky Almond Meal also on half price. Just add water, and there you go.

  • If you are into coffee, I would highly recommend the barista soy of same brand. They froth well and the taste is almost like milk. If you have acidity or IBD, this is the best option as this is made of soy protein instead of soya beans. They are really light on the stomach They are much cheaper compared to other brands at $3($2 on specials).

    • i prefer HHSB for my coffees, but rarely see any good deals

    • Came to say the same thing. The Almond Barista Blend is also great and tastes like milk, and probably froths even better.

  • 2.5% almonds, is this the usual???

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      Yes, Almond milk is not really nutritious. Its more like having a decaf. If you want nutritious milk alternative, soy milk would be the best option. They have similar nutrition profile compared to milk. I had to do quite a bit of research as I am lactose intolerant.

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        Luckily I am not lactose intolerant, I drink a pint of cow's milk every morning. I just find it odd they have the decency to call this "almond milk" while only having 2.5% almonds.

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          Haha, that I would agree as it is a devious marketing term. Having said that I wouldn't have probably mixed it with my coffee if it were called soy juice :D

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          Almonds, schmalmonds…I object to them calling it "milk".

    • yep
      flavoured ones are pretty low % and have lots of added crap like sugar or oil

  • The unsweetened almond and coconut one is my favourite! Bought a case today!

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    What’s the difference between this and the ones in the fridge?

    • I'd also like to know this. The ingredients look to be exactly the same.

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      The ones in the fridge are cold

      • And shorter shelf life ~ 3 months only

    • Marketing

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    I decided to try a move away from regular milk in my coffee. I found Oat Milk the better tasting option than this Almond milk.

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      Agreed. It even froths better, and more sustainable (less water to produce oats).

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    FYI So Good are one of the few brands that fortify their plant milks with calcium and B vitamins (B12, B1, B2). It's one of the reasons I prefer their milks over say Almond Breeze (although I prefer soy milk since it's got more going for it nutritionally).

  • What about Vitasoy? I end up buying Vitasoy more because they have more percentage of almond.

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    Pureharvest organic Almond Quench is my current favourite. It has 5% activated almonds. Their Activated Almond milk has 7% activated almonds. They are also on half price sale regularly.

    • Where is this sold? I never realised this one only had 2.5% almonds in it!

      • Colesworth but Coles online unavailable currently. Coles eBay and Amazon.

  • Thanks to this post, I now know how marketing works. Only 2.5% almonds and still called almond milk and well accepted in market as well.

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