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[UNiDAYS] SONIQ 65" A-Series UHD Android TV $674.10 + Delivery @ Catch


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SONIQ A-Series UHD Android TV
Model no.: G65UW40A - More details and manual
Screen: 65" / UHD TV
Pack contents:
Remote control
User manual
Perfect as a supplementary TV
Officially certified Android TV
Built-in Google Assistant
Built-in Chromecast
WiFi enabled
Access Netflix, Google and YouTube
Easily stream HD movies, videos and music from your favourite apps
Inbuilt energy efficient mode
Dimensions (approx. cm): 146.1 x 90.5 x 28.5 (with stand)
Weight (approx.): 17.4 kg
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Speakers: 2 x 10W
3 x HDMI
Optical Out
RF port

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  • Never ever ever ever buy SONIQ.

    I have one, and it reboots itself on channel 9 for no reason.

    Tech support said "i dont know how to help" .

    I suggested a contact for the dev of the Android ROM, a way to unlock the bootloader, or newer firmware for the tuner?

    He said no, buy a new one.

    The TV is perfect, other than 'random' reboots on channel 9. Could be every 30 seconds, could be hourly. Who knows?


    FFalcon are TCL's 'previous model'; youd be daft not to go for that instead.

    • You have one bad experience with a brand and write them off completely? I've only just decided to upgrade from my 42' 1080p Soniq that hasn't missed a beat in the 5 years I've owned and moved with it. I actually sold it for half of what I paid then too.

      • Absolutely.

        If it was just 1 product? That would be idiotic.

        But when their own technical support literally refuses to assist with technical issues?

        And I taught them where the chinese OEM ROM downloads were for their own product; yeah, i think ill write them off thanks.

        I dont like my odds of getting any useful info out of them if I buy again.

        They didnt even have a schematic for their own circuit board so I could check for caps and resistors that had reached end of life (something TCL, Sony, and Samsung have provided me in the past).

        So i fear, in a few years, out of warranty if it fails, they wont help me repair, they'll just say "buy a new one" like they did for my current TV.

        Super eco friendly fellas.
        Throw out kg's of ewaste for a possible 5c capacitor; logical.

        Literally nothing about the company has any pros.

        Even the cost is crap.

        FFalcon tv's (TCL's previous year panels) are on quarterly specials at JB, and their 65" 4k tv is only $598 (not today, but often).

        Writing off Soniq is easy to do.
        Whats the pros?!

      • Soniq have been good "cheap" tvs for me had two 32" nearly 10years now still working fine. just upgraded to a 65" 4k soniq $550 delivered from ow