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EKO 55" QLED 4K Frameless TV (RRP $1099) $649 + Delivery ($0 with C&C /in-Store) @ BIG W


I picked mine up this afternoon, saw the OOS previous 65" deal but that wouldn't even fit on my desk. 55" is much more reasonable, sadly the Big W in my area doesn't deliver and the sales lady didn't believe me that I could cart a 55" TV home on the bus. I did by the way.

Supposedly the TV is worth $1099 but it's only $649 for now and I paid $584.10 using my Woolworths team member card.

TV has a ton of video options like noise reduction and colour control such as: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and skin tone all at once.

Product Features:

4K Ultra HD with QLED Technology for enhanced picture quality, brightness and colour.

Frameless design providing a slim TV and removing the thick frames of standard televisions.

Android TV 9.0 OS - All the content that you love, exactly how you want it. Welcome to a smarter way to watch.

Google Play Store - With the Google Play Store for Android TV, whatever you're into, there's an app you're sure to love.

Android TV comes with your Google Assistant built in. Just press the Google Assist button on your remote control to quickly find the latest blockbuster or check the score of the big game.

Chromecast Built-In - With Android TV, you can quickly cast photos, videos, music and other content that you love from your favourite device straight to your TV.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) - Delivering a more realistic image with finer detailed levels of contrast and superior colour accuracy.

4K NETFLIX, 4K AMAZON PRIME VIDEO AND 4K YOUTUBE Pre-installed for your viewing pleasure.
NETFLIX and YOUTUBE buttons on remote for easy access.

1.07 Billion Colours

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  • Hahaha absolute pissa that you carted that shit onto a bus with you, 10/10 respect. So how's the tv quality anyhow?

    • +23 votes

      I Upvoted for the story not for the bargain

    • The story is EPIC! Bargain? Not so much for a crappy brand.

    • I recall a time my dad bought a huge floor rug at an auction house ones, it was a good 2 meters long as I had to help him get the thing home on the train, the stares were terrible.

      Another time he bought some art from the same auction house, big canvas painting of a fully nude woman.. again on the train but this time I sat in another carriage haha

    • I saw a guy get on a bus with a 2m x 2m painting, not something you see everyday.

  • The hdmi new one? For 4k hdmi ?? With consoles

    • Only expensive tvs have hdmi 2.1 atm.

        • +5 votes

          You see hdmi 2.1 is like really important for 4k hdmi otherwise trust me its not wortg buying that TV its not future proof

          You're definitely not going to see 4K/120Hz TVs for $650 anytime soon. Are you really suggesting to people there is no point buying this $650 TV because it doesn't support HDMI 2.1 for 4K 120Hz gaming? What are the alternatives? This 55" LG with HDMI 2.1 for $3,295?

  • Showing up full price for me.
    Edit wrong price listed on their site but in the catalogue.

  • jvc 40" android tv for $329 also. Might make a good bedroom tv.

    • Wondering about this too. Was going to hold out for an aldi one but might bite on this. Any opinions on JVC?

    • Hisense 40" AU $391.50 with code PIP10 would be better i guess


      • VIDAA 2.5 Smart TV Operating System

        Buyer beware.

        I have that TV. Two actually. Came with the unit, I didn't choose it. The screen is fine, but the OS is laggy. Works fine for Youtube, Netflix and Prime, but anything beyond that, and you'll be fiddling with casting from your phone (unless you already have a box).

      • PIP10 only works for EbayPlus members

  • $1,099 for me now (in VIC)

  • How does it compare to Kogan's at $589 + $40 delivery?

    Same price as this one after Zip Pay discount, btw.

    • Not sure about this one but kogan smart tv's are very slow, I know nothing about technology but bought my son one a few years ago and when I went over there it even drove me crazy. He upgraded now

      • Bought a Kogan over a year ago and it was my first and last, the colours on it where terrible and denied return.

      • I had a non-smart (dumb?) 55" Kogan for 11 years (2009-2020, got rid of it bc we moved interstate), never had any problems. Some light bleeding at the edges, but nothing that disturbed me too much. Always used it with a streaming box, so didn't notice any lags on the actual TV. The sound was bad, but I preferred surround speakers anyway.

    • I bought a Kogan 55 qled. Absolute crap. Kogan wouldn't give a refund until I raised a PayPal case.

  • I wouldn't think these qleds are bright enough for a good HDR picture, but that's just a guess

    Better to opt for a TCL if you want a good budget tv

    • The TV is wicked bright I actually had to turn some colours down. It is edge lit so you will see a slight edge halo when settings are pumped right up.

      • Is it slow to boot up and navigate the menus?

        • Boot time is 3s and the TV is up into the android home / input menu. Netflix is fine as is YouTube. Apple Music needs an Android TV app so we can listen to music with lyrics on the TV.

          • @Mickice: is there much lag between channel changes? Is the android operation responsive or laggy? Had these problems in the past with cheaper tvs, but optimistic processing power has eliminated these issues nowadays.

            • @blint000: Android is fast, you click and it's there. There is only 4GB usable storage but after installing 8 streaming apps I still have 3GB free. I can't comment on Free To Air TV right now as I don't have a aerial. I would assume fast tho.

    • tcl is the way if you want cheap but good

    • You will never get actual "HDR" at this price..

      • I bought tcl 55" 4K around $700 month ago, and actually image quality is better than my previous 4-years old sony

    • I purchased 65" one 2 weeks ago, the picture quality is comparable to most of the TVs around $1500, I do not have a good tv screen to compare side by side except my laptop c940 4k, One thing I noticed is jittery picture where there is very high contrast video. Tested with our planet video on Netflix, and passing through same video from pc as well, maybe something to do with the pixel response time. The funny part is my laptop sounds better :D.

    • Can agree with you on TCL. They have been manufacturing TVs in china since the 80s CRTs. Their 1080p are pretty standard but their 4ks the last few years have been amazing. Lot better consistent quality than some of these rebrands they vary their source every time.

  • ahh still waking up I read OLED haha such excitement for a moment.

  • Frameless TV

    Seems fragile…

    • Packaging was top quality. Lots of hard foam and cardboard over the screen for protection.

  • i dont trust these brands, i went for a tcl c715 QLED 50" from tgg for $715

      • you need a Good Guys commercial acc first

      • you have linked the p715 which is the shittier version and its not QLED, dont get the c715 confused with the p715..
        yesterday the c715 (qled) it was $715 with the %10 coupon so i got it anyway, i initially was gonna spend like 2k on a proper tv with 2.1 hdmi, but than after seeing the comments about next years qd-oled and how it will change the tv game, it was worth buying something cheap and waiting till end of next year to upgrade to that technology. anyways you can get this price from powerland au all the time its their regular price, i just wanted to get it form a reputable brick and mortar store so if anything comes up i can just take it back in person. (3 years warranty icing on the cake)

  • WTF? You took it home in a bus? SOMEONE give this man an Ozbargain cap and underwear; to be worn on the outside.

  • Can you deliver for me? I'll pay for your bus ticket.

  • Cost of bus fare in title please 👌

  • Those who are worried about picture quality here is my experience after 2 weeks of use(65 inch one):
    1. First colours are balatantly trying to copy oled, very high saturation, disable all enhancement to get neutral output after that you can adjust to your need.
    2.Sound is trash.
    3. Very good brightness, I have no nits measurement but , can certainly say capable of dispalying HDR.
    4.HDR is not what you buy this TV for, Dont remember the HDR specs but it is only as good as HDR 400 ish.
    5. when you display full black screen you can see uneven light distribution , bothers me because of my ocd :D, but no any problem in picture or viewing experience.
    6. Not sure why this samsung gets such good reviews, https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-series-7-ru7100-6..., picture are night and day compared to that one. Probably better than most branded one you can get for under $1500.

    others ** startup time after unplug is about 20 seconds max, no dealys elsewhere , annoying menu sound . one of the best deas if you are gonna hookup tv box.
    make sure you get the qled ones, not the older leds.

    • What settings do you recommend? Have the 65" as well.

      • mostly turn all video enhancement off
        setting picture > advanced video > all options
        and settings > picture > select cool color profile > then adjust as per your need. Cool in there is more natural than others, probably different between panels.

    • My mum has a Samsung that has purple splotches on the screen. Told her of this deal but she just sounded salty. Buying a brand name doesn't mean anything.

  • Can use this tv instead of a monitor? i dont game much just everyday work, watching, reading etc. Well it not be blury having tv up my face plugged to pc via hdmi? Also would 65* work too?

    • I find it too big, size would be a problem instead of blurriness.

    • Imagine the Seinfeld episode where they go to the cinema and sit in the front row and get a crook neck.

    • If you can stand having a huge TV in your face, then yes connected to HDMI it should work.

    • I bought a 55 inch 4k a few days ago that serves as both a TV and a close up monitor, the pixels are too large (in my opinion) to be used comfortably from a close distance as you would on a desk.

    • +4 votes

      55" at 4K is about 80ppi which is similar in sharpness to a 27" FHD monitor (82ppi) which some people find a little too rough. If you sit farther away from it, it could be acceptable though. 65" 4K is even worse at 69ppi.

      For comparison, a 24" FHD monitor is 92ppi, 32" 4K is 138ppi, an 11" iPad is 264ppi, a Galaxy S20 is 563ppi.

  • +18 votes

    Respect for lugging it home on the bus.

    I have a similar story. I bought a 75" a year or so back, and didn't have a personal vehicle to get that beast home, but I figured out a way to avoid the delivery fee. Just so happens that I work for a bus company, and there was a bus bay on the highway right outside the store. So, I went to my work on a Saturday afternoon, took a bus from the yard and rolled over to the shop. The look on the sales guy's face when I told him I was going to take it home on a bus (he just assumed I was going to wait for the normal bus to come…) and then when I asked if they could help me wheel it out to the bus stop, was absolutely priceless. As was the look on my neighbours face when I rolled up in a city bus on my quiet little street and unloaded a giant TV. Good times.

    A tip of the cap to you sir.

    • LMAO! You should have recorded it and upload to YT. VIRAL.

      • Time to trade up to an 82", or larger soon? Don't forget to include a pic of the local bus routes on your online ads, so everyone can plan getting their used 75" home safely.

        Yes, and +1: Video the local bus delivery of the new one…

  • How would this compare to a TCL 55" P715 ?

  • Now why didn't we think of a bus!?… Many, many years ago I carried a full size table tennis table with my dad from the local BigW around 5kms away as they couldn't deliver for Xmas. Around 1km before home a van pulled over and saw us out of breath and rather tired so he loaded it up in his van and took it the rest of the way home.

  • What’s the best picture quality 4K tv to buy for <$1.5k

  • I purchased the earlier 65" LED (not QLED) model at the end of last year. Great tv for the price. Would happily buy Eko again. The frame, although thin, is a cheap looking matt black plastic and the legs are flimsy, so it's not impressive to look at when switched off. Something to consider if you're putting it on display in a living room.

    This whirlpool thread covers the older model, but newest posts are about this QLED version.

  • I am stuck on these TVS.

    What's the verdict between these

    EKO 55" QLED 4K Frameless TV $649
    TCL 55" P715 4K QUHD Android LED TV $742.00 (Good Guys Commercial)
    ALDI Bauhn 58" 4K Ultra HD Android TV $579 on sale tomorrow

    This is to be the 2nd TV of the house…

    • non of those, go for the tcl c715 emphasis on the C. go to ebay they selling it for 719 dollars. powerlandau store

      • What do the extra $300 on top of the Philips 50PUT6103/79 buy us, @striker5950?

        Edit: Ok, just saw your other comment: QLED vs LCD-LED. But still… Does it justify the $300 premium? This techradar article is ambivalent:

        What is QLED? Honestly? It's a bit of an enigma. Literally QLED means – or we suppose it means – quantum dot light-emitting diode. … Technically speaking, Samsung's QLED TVs are not QLED at all, well, at least in the way that we understand the term. A 'proper' quantum light-emitting diode element emits its own light – the clue is in the name – whereas Samsung's latest TVs use a separate LCD backlight (and an edge-lit backlight, at that) just like any other LED-LCD TV. So where the QLED moniker comes from, we're not sure. … Although QLED isn’t quite a revolution in TV displays, it does offer a high visual standard beyond the realm of regular LCD televisions.

        And then it says only Samsung panels are legitimately QLED—does that mean TCL and EKO QLED TVs have Samsung panels?

        For starters, QLED refers specifically to Samsung products. … QLED is a proprietary panel technology developed only for the very best Samsung TVs. That means you can’t get QLED TVs from other brands.

        • My old TV now my end room TV was a 4K Polaroid TV from almost 3 years ago. This EKO TV looks a heck of a lot sharper and playing games I am seeing more contrast and details in the colours. There are settings specifically for yellows so maybe it is a Quantum Dot panel?

        • What do the 2 negs to my comment mean?? No explanation.

      • there's a $50 off ebay deal so $669 (plus postage)

  • Picked up from the local BigW this morning.
    Screen and sound quality isn't the best as the price would suggest (low contrast ratio). Once I tweaked the setting to Movie or Vivid, quality improves significantly for my eyes. I may dial down the brightness once my home CEO judges it.

    All the apps are working smoothly, Netflix, Stan, iView, etc. transition between apps are quick so far.

    Tested Foxtel sports (i have satellite). Impressive and flawless despite the TV's 50 or 60hz refresh rate.

    On-remote mic is working well in terms of search result.
    Screwing legs was easy although needs a second pair of hands. Lightweight TV.

    Best position is about 4-5m away, straight. Clear and bright! Closer you get, imperfection is evident such as some blurriness and 'washed' colour.
    Very happy with it for what it is. If you have a small living room, I wouldn't recommend.

    Coming from an old LG 55" FHD Plasma smart TV. Previously Panasonic Plasma. Now I have 3 TVs at home, Consumerism, yay!

    • Definitely play around with the video settings, gamma and colour gain are the two I touched.
      My reds out of the box were blinding like a laser pointer, I also turned off all noise reduction settings. I don't have a TV calibrator so nothing too fancy.

  • Rocking the 65in EKO Android TV, purchased during the boxing day sale last year for $549. I have been super happy with it. Would buy this but no where left in the house to put another TV.