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TaoTronics BH085 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - $71.99 Delivered @ Sunvalley via Amazon AU


I already have a pair of these and am getting another for watching TV. They are one of the most comfortable headphones I've had to date and the sound quality is pretty good too.

Coupon takes 20% off RRP of $89.99, bringing it down to $71.99. Same price as this deal in June, but $2 dearer than this deal in July.

USB Type-C Charging Port
Fast Charging - 45 minutes for 40 hours playback
AptX Codec
Bluetooth 5.0
CVC 8.0
Soft carry bag

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • does this support multi device connection at the same time?

    • Yes, however the connection to the second device needs to be initiated from the device itself. It won't automatically connect. Unsure if there is a workaround for this.

      Great headset for the money. Using one on a conference call while I type this.

      • For me, it connects with one mac and phone at the same time, but tried to connect a phone and tablet, didn't work!

        • Yeah I have similar experience. Definitely has Multi device support. But it's not seamless.

  • Are these on or around ear?
    EDIT: Ignore me, I see in the description it says over ear, which seems to be around.

    • over ear

    • Around ear, but they are on the small side so unless you have really small ears they probably wont sit fully inside it. But dont get me wrong, they are extremely comfortable when using them for hours, great sound quality and i find they dont get hot.

      For the money you will be hard pressed to find a better set of earphones. I've owned mine since May, use them daily and they have been faultless and look like the day i bought them.

      • Can you confirm they actually have APTX? Looking at using to watch TV and movies.

      • I have what I consider to be average sized ears and they just fit inside, but it is a comfortable fit and does not in any way feel cramped or hot.

  • Been thinking about getting one of these for months. Good price so pulled the trigger. Thanks OP.

  • How do these compare to the Kogan BT noise cancelling headphones? Been pretty happy with them but no idea if they're actually good or I'm just easily pleased.

  • No hard case, what a pity!

    • I actually find them easier to pack in a bag or backpack with the soft case, but it doesn't offer the same protection of a hard case.

      • Agree that they take up a lot less space but downside less protection.
        What these are missing compared with the bh-045, apart from a hard case, is hybrid noise cancelling, which performs a bit better, but otherwise I find these lighter and more comfortable, and the Bt has less lag.

      • +1

        The other thing about the soft case is that it makes an incredibly good screen cleaner for the laptop.

  • Thanks for the deal - been looking for a set for a while so pulled the trigger based on the excellent coupon and great Amazon reviews.

  • +2

    Just an FYI, Sunvalley told me yesterday that they have a new version of the BH085 coming out in October.
    I really wanted a pair of BH055's but they only sell them to the US, and they said the closest equivalent will be the new BH 085's

    • Will it have hybrid ANC?

      • Just got a reply. NC, but not hybrid :(
        Does have Aptx LL though at least.

        Just don't understand why only the US can buy the BH055's that has both!

        Might have to freight forward a pair.

        • Oh nice. Yeah I really want aptx LL. So might wait for them to be available.

  • +1

    Wish they made these with built in microsd for offline listening…

  • I have 5 pairs of Taotronics Headphones now and these are my favourites. Also have JVC BT on ears and HP Omens for gaming (kids not mine!) and prefer these. Phew - 7 pairs of headphones (don't mention the other cheap ones).
    Light weight and pretty good sound for TV and youtube music streaming etc. BH046's probably better ANC but these are lighter, more flexible and keep cooler.
    BTW - after sales support is really good.
    As I have mentioned before, don't need to impress anyone on the Qantas flight with a flash brand since we're not flying anymore. Nor do I get the Platinum flyer w*nk headphones loaned (since I'm not flying any more).

    • Don't suppose you have a pair of BH055's ? Want to know if it's worth getting a pair freight forwarded from the US, or just get the new 85s.

      • Afraid not. Too expensive for me so far😉

        • +1

          They are $79 US with shipping on their website using promo discount spinner thing (but again, US only). Don't get it.

          • @tunzafun001: Yep I get same cant buy in Australia even though they send me targeted emails?

  • How's is this compare BH090?

    is this the best cheapish ANC headphone in the market?

    • +2

      BH090 is around twice the weight ~500g. So, if you do not mind to have a brick over your head…
      It also offers better NR but less battery life.

  • How many years can the battery last?

    I was thinking of getting the Bose 35 but reading reviews on the battery dying after 4 years made me take a step back. If these Taos can last 5 years with frequent use (3 times a week), then it would be amazing at this price point.

    • +2

      Mine just failed this week after 6 months of use. They still worked plugged in with cord, but wireless wouldn't turn on after charging for a few hours. They have, up till now, been excellent. I spoke to Amazon and they are giving me a refund & I think i'll buy these again because they are so good.

      • Exact same issue just started occurring with mine….charging & ANC lights come on as expected but the thing just wouldn't turn ON anymore :(

        • Did you buy it from Amazon? I wonder if it is a particular fault of this product because the Amazon rep checked with the company & they refunded straight away. Maybe it's something they have happen regularly?

          • @Coastie: I spoke to Amazon and they offered a refund, but have to send back the faulty item - did you have to do that too?

            Before I go down the Amazon refund route, I've reached out to the seller (Sunvalley) to see whether I can get a replacement sent out, since I was quite happy with it initially.

            • +1

              @kacak: Yeah, it is so easy to get a refund. Print out the label they send & put the packaged headphones in the mailbox. As soon as Aus post pick it up, they scan the label and you get a refund. I highly recommend

  • whats the difference between these and the hybrid noise cancelling ones for $79

    • ANC not quite as good, but lighter and Bt5.

  • +1

    Just a question for those who own BH085, I got mine few months back, all of sudden it doesnt switch on.
    charging light works fine, ANC lights up and it works with wired too,

    • Had no issues with two pairs that my wife and I use. Rather than ask here, I'd suggest getting in touch with the seller. They are still under warranty and should be replaced if faulty.

      • no response from seller, thats why was looking for any quick fix.

    • Exactly same with mine in the past week - have you found a solution yet?

      • Amazon refunded me immediately (see my above comments). Seems like this is a fairly common problem for OzBargainers :(

        • yup.. seems refund is the only solution

    • +1

      See my comments above, I had exact same problem. I think it must be common fault. Thanks for letting me know it happened to you too, I might get a different model next time.

      • Seller (SunValley) just responded with the below steps to try, which I will now do:

        Thank you for reaching out to us. In this case, we suggest you to turn on the ANC function of the headphones to drain off the battery, recharge the headphones, unplug the headphone and power it on again to see whether that works.

        • how much time will it take to drain the battery? few days maybe!

          • @Ehty: I was just thinking the same thing - I'll give it 24-48 hours before I run out of patience!

        • Did this work?

          • @Ehty: Funny you ask - my battery just drained so now charging it up before trying to power it up!

            • @kacak: Didn’t work for me…
              Looking for alternatives now!

              • @Ehty: Same, failed for me too so I’ll be seeking a replacement from the supplier

                • @kacak: there is refund.. no replacement

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