Dometic CFF45 Fridge Freezer $699 Delivered (Was $899) @ BCF


Click and collect available Auburn but limited stock elsewhere so only delivery available

The new Waeco CFF 45 Fridge Freezer combines lightweight portability with energy efficient cooling to make a fantastic fridge / freezer for camping. It features a stylish, modern design with 43.5L of internal storage - enough height to store a standard wine bottle upright. The generous insulation ensures excellent cooling performance, even in hot outdoor temperatures.

The Waeco CFF45 provides an excellent upgrade option to the CF series. With interior storage as the centre focus, this fridge freezer provides a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the interior, ensuring all food and drink are evenly cooled. The reliability and trusted performance of the Waeco CFF45 makes it an excellent choice for lovers of the great outdoors.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing


  • No stock except Auburn

  • Seems like a pretty standard price. BCF are one of those dodgy sellers who claim a higher price than its realistically sold for.
    Snowys lis the same price

  • Its' Free Shipping over $99 btw.
    And same at Snowys and Tentworld, though stock everywhere seems low.

    IMO you're better off waiting for the Anaconda sales, they are pretty frequent, and almost always include extras. When I bought my Waeco years ago it came with a free cover, chair and BBQ set. No steak knives though…

  • Pretty standard price for that fridge, they regularly run promo throwing in the cover for that price too.

  • Get anaconda to price beat by 10%. I got the same fridge and got them to price beat. Tent world had it $1 cheaper at the time.

  • Hardly a bargain, this is the very old model and is basically the Kings fridge (note Waeco do Kings fridges warranty for a reason).

    • This model was released in 2019 (possibly end of 2018). It has a dual hinge lid which is pretty nifty. You might be confusing it with the old CF series fridges?

  • Perfect for those long 5km journeys from home.

    • We used a CC32 Dometic fridge for 2 years travelling in our van across South America. So this fridge should be good for a few more than 5km trips for most people

      • We can only travel within 5km in Melb. Personally, if I'm within 5km, I'd rather just drive back home for a cold one than buy a $700 fridge to lug around. $700 can also buy a lot of cold drinks from 7-11.

        • Sorry mate I get you now I thought you were implying the fridge was too small to be worthwhile hahaha. I'm in Melbourne too hopefully soon a camp fridge makes sense and you can have beers further than 5kms away