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Hades $28.76 ($13.76 with Coupon) @ Epic Games


When you pick up rocket league you get a free $15 coupon that can be used with the game to get it at its all time lowest. Deal ends pretty soon though

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  • You can get this game for around 9 bucks IF you have a US epic account and that's without a coupon

  • I don't remember how much I paid for the game originally, pretty sure it was at, or close to, full price. But what I can tell you that it is masterful, beautiful and thrilling. A fantastic soundtrack and an captivating storyline with plenty of humour as well. Great game, no regrets paying whatever I did pay for it, whether it was 20, 30, 40, or 50 bucks :) Watched some videos on youtube about the developing team and they seem very down to earth and aren't super big either. Hopefully some of you will enjoy the game too!

  • awesome was considering this game based on the excellent reviews, now at $15 off will try it.

  • Perfect deal for me, thank you.
    Been playing RL for 5 years, and loved Bastion and played Transistor, so it seems fitting for me to use this combo and support SuperGiant.

  • Wish it's the switch version

  • Bought!
    Really enjoying this game.

  • Is there any difference if you buy from Steam or Epic?
    Maybe while considering cross saves with the Switch version that's coming later this year also?

  • Hehehe the moment i saw the coupon and it going on sale i was instantly sold on this.

    Need a full fledged version of this kind of rogue like after playing Aghanims Lab on Dota 2.

  • Watching a few videos of this, looks epicly good.

    Just bought, in your face $120 "AAA" games!!

  • Picked this up yesterday, never played this kind of game before but it's really fun!

    Thanks OP.

  • Missed out on the discount, but used my $15 voucher on this anyway to get it for $20-21.

    Great game. For a rouge-lite they've done really well to make the progression and story continuous, so it doesn't feel repetitive. The art and voiceovers for every interaction are also well done, same with the soundtrack.

    Deserves it's 'Overwhelmingly positive' rating.