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Olympus E-M1 Mk II with 12-200mm Lens + Free Olympus F/1.2 PRO Lens via Redemption - $2039.20 (RRP $5397) @ digiDIRECT eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Until the 30th of September, if you buy an Olympus E-M1 Mark II (RRP $2099, $1500 right now from digiDirect) from an authorised dealer you can redeem a free Olympus f/1.2 PRO lens (17mm, 25mm, or 45mm) with an RRP of $2099 (but they've been on sale for $999 before) until October 28th.

Combine that with the current 20% off digiDirect eBay code and purchasing the kit with the Olympus 12-200mm lens (RRP $1199, $920 right now from digiDirect) you get some insane value.

$3400 value for $2040. Even in used condition this body and two lenses would cost around $2600 if you're lucky.

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  • Sounded great, but the Body is already out of stock

  • If it was this price for the mk3!

    • Unlikely, the price is dropped only to make way for the mk3.

      Having said that Mk3 at the current pricing ($2500) is very tough sell.

      • Yeah…it's sad, but I think you have it there. These are brilliant little cameras…they are flagship models and priced accordingly, but the people who are looking at these are also looking at A7III's, Nikon Z and other bodies. I think the Oly can be a better camera than those in a lot of ways, but still the sensor size is a tough sell.

        Seems to be a lot of MkII's in stock around the place. I still think it's a good buy with these promotions, and the sensor performance would be pretty close to that in the Mk III anyway. You miss a few additional features though, like Starry As F*** for astro shooting. I'm sure most people wouldn't notice.

        • get a Sony - u won't regret, endless amount of lenses u can use with alot of support for the brand

          • @khoed792: coming from a Olympus, Nikon, and lastly Panasonic user

          • @khoed792: Yup, used to be an Olympus user (omd em5 and then em1)who then also went to fuji and now on sony A7iii…no regrets.

            This js a compelling buy at this price though for anyone who hasnt committed to a system yet. Covers all basis

  • Amazing combination of body and lenses for this price.

  • For those purchasing, make sure to update the camera's firmware to version 3.
    I haven't done it personally because I'm still waiting for my order or arrive but I hear it's a complete game changer.

    • The update basically making it a much better camera, especially in video. Latest firmware update April 2020. Olympus is a company that keep giving value to the users. Hopefully see starting 1 October new owner JIP will keep that reputation.

    • Cool thanks for the heads up. FYI I already received mine today and the body is already at firmware ver 3.0

  • Wow, what a steal!

  • Definitely a great buy!

    • Yup! But they aren't an authorised Australian Olympus seller and as such you can't redeem the free f/1.2 PRO lens.

      From the T&C: "the organisations shipment point (must be) from an Australian or New Zealand address only."

    • I would not risk buying from tobydeals (google review). and this would be a better deal anyways.


    Is this a worthwhile buy vs an A7III ?

    • At this price I'd say yes. I'd not buy it at regular Au stock price though.

    • Probably not, but it really depends on your use case. The E-M1 II is substantially cheaper, and Micro Four Thirds lenses are generally much much smaller than full-frame.

      Other things to consider are the fully articulating screen, phenomenal IBIS, pixel-shift 80MP high-res mode, DCI 4K, a super comfy grip, and the best weather sealing around.

      But if low-light performance, dynamic range, and a shallow-depth of field are your priorities then you can't beat full-frame.

      • Best weather sealing? It ain't a Pentax.

        • Sorry, best weather sealing from a brand that's at least mildly relevant

        • I kid though, in another life I'd probably shoot a K1 II

          • @Simoneister: The K1 is a beautiful camera. Just love mine. The KP is also a very capable DSLR. Very compact.

            • @Munki: Video wise it is 10 years old technology.

              • @Foma2: I bought a DSLR to take photos, not video.

                • @Munki: I see and I appreciate your opinion but I live in the 21st century.
                  Do not take it personal please but let's face it : Pentax sucks at video.
                  And if I can get a Canon camera which takes both stills and video why do I need to buy a Pentax which can take stills only (yes it takes video but it sucks) ?

                  • @Foma2: I'm not going to take it personally. I use what I use because I enjoy my gear. I bought my K1 for around $2200 (when eBay sales and our dollar were good). Full frame, 36 megapixel, excellent weather sealing, magnesium alloy body, astrotracer, pixelshift, IBIS, no AA filter…etc etc

                    How much would a Canon equivalent cost? Sure, they can do 4K video, but I could probably buy a GH5 as well with the price difference. Not that I'd want to though because I personally don't do video. So it kind of depends on what you'll be using your camera for. You might need video capabilities, in which case yeah maybe the Pentax won't be for you, but to completely dismiss their offerings because of that is quite silly.

                    • @Munki: Ok, just for people who may read this thread.

                      Pentax has no IBIS for video only for stills.
                      Yes, they have digital IS but it does not work very well. Or better say it does not work at all.
                      Pentax K5 had sensor IBIS and what customers were asking Pentax for the last 8 years since Pentax K-01 was released in 2012.

                      Pentax has focus hunting problem in video mode.
                      Canon doesn't have that problem at all due to its wonderful dual pixel autofocus.

                      And last but not least.
                      I jumped on Pentax eco system a while ago.
                      That time video was not my priority and even Canon did not do video too well.
                      Then as the time went buy I started taking and editing video.
                      I could see that all other companies (Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc) take their business seriously and each new camera released after 2012 had better and better video shooting capabilities (within the price range of course).

                      The only company that got stuck in 20th century was Pentax.
                      I already switched to Canon (I paid for a FF body ~$1500 btw), and the only thing I need to do is to sell my Pentax gear.
                      I have been patiently waiting till Pentax would come up with a good 21st century style DSLR for 7 years by now - I reckon it is enough.
                      Yes, I am very disappointed to say the least.

    • A7III is a much better camera in almost all scenarios. The only scenario where the olympus is better is image stabilisation, and having smaller lenses. A7III will provide much better low light performance, auto focus, and overall image quality. I've switched from an Olympus M43 to an A7III and would not go back.

      Also, bear in mind that Olympus is getting out of the camera business. This camera won't be supported in the future. I wouldn't buy olympus cameras any more, even if you are interested in M43. You're better off going panasonic.

  • Now, which one of the three Pro lenses better deal?

    • They're all worth about the same and perform about the same. That is to say, amazingly well. It's really just about focal length preference.

    • Personally, I think the MFT system excels at discreet, street photography style. While you could use this format for portrait work, you don't get the same level of subject separation or background blur as you would on a full frame due to the crop factor. So the fast aperture of the lenses is more about low light capability rather than background blur when compared similar aperture lenses for full frame.

      For me, my most used focal lengths for street photography are in order 35mm, 85mm, 24mm, then 50mm. So I'd go for the 17/1.2 (full frame 34mm equivalent).

      • My GX9 is a nice looking little street camera, and was cheap as chips compared to some alternatives. The E-M5 is similarly small, and has a great retro vibe (as does the E-M10 too). Some of those Sony and Fujifilm bodies are very compact though.

        The M43 gear is also great for nature though. Really good for birds. A Nikon or Canon with a 600mm lens on it is going to get a nicer image than an E-M1 with the 300mm Pro lens on it…but nicer enough to justify the additional cost and size/weight? Toneh thinks so I guess, but there are plenty of serious bird photographers running around with an E-M1 and a 300mm lens (sometimes they also keep a larger kit), and there are some superb images coming out of this format.

        One thing the M43 camera clobbers everything else with is - image stabilisation. Seriously, the various E-M cameras have just gotten better and better - it is freakishly good.

  • Looks like the 20% off code has expired. Still a good deal but not quite as crazy good.

  • Just got in.
    I bought two- a body and this one.
    I’ll be going the 17 and 45 I think.

  • It's…back?

  • aah found this too late.

  • Restocked. Only one left.

  • This or Sony A7 III?

  • just waiting with popcorn the bad reviews when people realise they can't share videos to their smartphones and that syncing photos to the smartphone is a pain with a 2k camera…I got one camera and my goodness, I can't believe that after so many years their software is still junk

  • maaaan, missed it! This would have been a great flip, and I could've moved up to the MK3 for free, basically

    • They must be adding stock: just got one :)

    • How do you figure it would be a almost free upgrade to the mk3?

      • Sell them to fund the m3? I already have an M2

        • There are multiple other options as well, including gifting the older body to the kid who is getting photo gigs, and keeping the kit. The 45 would be a great addition to my 25mm, tighter for portraits and that 12-200 looks like a great walk around/hiking lens (Also the 45 would be a great fit for the BMPCC4K, the zoom not so much with variable FL)

          Either way I'll wait for the market to settle and decide in later october after this batch clears the market and the prices stabilise in the run up to xmas

  • The E-M1 mkII with the 12-40 2.8 is still available - just wondering if for $2300 with the bonus 1.2 lens, whether to go ahead.
    The 12-40 2.8 is a lens I would like, but I remember seeing them under $700

    • I very often see the 12-40mm f/2.8 on the used market for $500, so brand new that's a pretty decent deal, just not amazing.

    • I'd be looking at a Nikon Z5 or Z6 if I was spending 2k on a camera.

      • For just the body yeah, but this was $2300 for the body, an f/2.8 standard zoom, and an f/1.2 prime

        • True it's a good deal in terms of lens, but I'm not sold on body, other than the excellent ibis. f2.8 is equivalent to f4 on FF and f1.2 is equivalent to f2.8 on full frame so there is much more room to grow with ff, and full frame cameras in this segment have higher res evf's, better mic pre-amps and higher iso performance. So I'd still personally get a Nikon Z5 with 24-50mm kit lens for 2.2k.

  • I'm not sold on Olympus build quality, a relative had an e-m5 and the lens mount plate detached from the body, it was held on by four small screws and glue, but just ripped apart.

  • I received my E-M1 MkII body today and I immediately threw on the 12-40mm f/2.8. The camera is everything I hoped for and more. The focus speed and accuracy compared to my E-M5 MkI is insane. My E-M5 hunts like crazy trying to focus on things inside my fishtank, and there's been none of that at all with the EM1. I'm so stoked!

    • Did you receive a tax invoice or did you need to request it through their eBay store?
      Can’t wait for mine

      • No, the only bit of paper I got was a packing slip. I messaged them through eBay a couple of hours ago though so hopefully I'll have the invoice tomorrow sometime. There's no great hurry because out of the three promotional lenses I've only narrowed it down to the 17 or 25mm, so a decision still needs to be made…

        Oh yeah, I forgot to say the handling is so nice compared to the E-M5 too, not that that's saying much lol.

        • Same thing! I’m still waiting for my tax invoice.

          I am assuming that we can still enter the promo lens form after 30/9

      • Mine got delivered from Brisbane to Victoria on Monday (how's that for speed?). The tax invoice is inside the package.

  • Awesome! Mine shipped from NSW, even though I live in QLD, lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    I know it's personal preference, but have you guys decided on a lens yet?

    • I’m going the 17 and 45 (I bought two bodies one with the 12-200).
      I have a pana 25 1.7 already.

      Depends what you shoot. I mainly walk around so reckon the 17 is going to be my main shooter

      • Thank mate, I'm leaning towards the 17mm. I'm used to (and really enjoy) the Panasonic 20mm f1.7, so I think having a prime just a tiny bit wider will be perfect. I'll put the 20mm pancake up for sale along with my E-M5 mk1 body.

  • Deal well and truly gone, but I thought I'd add this bit of info for posterity, as it relates to this deal and resale prices on Olympus gear.

    eBay items 233729552867 and 233729542582, 12-100mm lens and Oly E-M1 II sold as brand new. Winning bids of $695 and $1,126.99. Total sale $1,821.99, less I'd estimate $30 postage, $198.60 sale fee, $7.70 insertion fee…leaves $1,585.69.

    If the owner of these items had purchased them as part of this deal, then they just paid $453.51 for an Olympus Pro prime lens. Not too shabby.

    If they were a clever OzBargainer, then they would have sold under an eBay promotion, and saved themselves the final value fee of almost $200, meaning the pro lens was only a bit over $250.

    All this, and I seem to have noticed a bit of a surge in 'new unused' Oly E-M1ii's and 12-100mm lenses lately. Seriously, I saw three or four such lens listings in a day - very unusual…I wonder why? ;o) No doubt this might drive the price down slightly, but it goes to show that there is still value in this Olympus gear, and resale values remain decent despite the sale of the imaging business to JIP.

    • Sold one of my two em1iis to a friend for 1000.
      So paid 500for the 1.2. Happy with that, plus my mate gets a nice camera too :)

      • $1k is a good buy on this camera. Up until this sale, I would have said that would be a very decent price for a little used E-M1 II, let alone a new one.

        Loving mine - even though I didn’t get it for as good a price as these DD deals. Now I just need to find a good deal on a battery grip for it.

    • There is also 10% voucher back upto $50 on ebay selling as well… extra $100..

  • Just a note on this seller. I paid for the item on EBay. Seller later cancelled due to out of stock. The promotion was over by the time I saw the cancellation message, so missed out on the lens deal (to buy from somewhere else). But they put in the reason as "Buyer asked to cancel the order." Annoying enough that they wasted buyers' time, but they also untruthfully blamed the buyers for the cancellation. Looking at their EBay feed backs, it seem they do that (lie) quite often.

  • received postage confirmation for the Pro Lens :)