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Meross Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener Controller $55.24 Delivered @ Meross via Amazon AU


Description copied from the previous deal :)
Not as cheap as previous deals this year ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558266 and https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/537713 ) for $50.99 but @ $55.24 it's close and less than a coffee difference, and a good deal if you're wanting one of these for your garage.

Be Smart: Make your existing garage door smart. Remote and Voice Control, just tapping the meross /'mɪrɚs/ app from anywhere or speaking to your Alexa or Google assistant devices. To let in your family, guests or couriers through the garage door while you are cooking or not at home. No monthly fee or any other subscription fee!
Compatibility Check: Please check if your garage door model is in the compatibility list on meross /'mɪrɚs/ official web. Also you can contact us to confirm the compatibility.
Multiple Notification Modes: Stay alert by different notification modes such as garage door open/ close status, overtime notification and overnight notification to remind you close the garage door. And you can check the garage door open/ close operation records through the APP.
More Precise and Stable: It comes with a high sensitivity sensor which monitors the status of garage door more accurate and the signal stays stable. With adapter convert 110v to 5v, much safer.
Easy to Install: Installation is much easier than you may think. Pls make sure your wifi strength is acceptable near your garage door. This is the upgraded version, which has solved the interference issues our old version may cause to some garage door remotes.

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  • I have the kogan one.

    Can someone tell me how the f to not open the garage when opening the wifi blinds.

    Google, open all blinds. Garage opens….

  • thanks ordered.. pls be sure to check the total before you finalise the purchase, mine revert to normal price, and had to remove and re-add from the flash deal

  • I got one of these, work really well with my really old garage door opener, even though my garage door opener isn't listed as compatible on Meross website, highly recommend it to anyone.

  • Unfortunately 100% claimed now

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    If you want Russian hackers taking over your garage door…

    • Keep your foil hat on

      • IoT devices are a pretty significant security risk, not necessarily because of people accessing them directly but because they allow easy access to your network from the internet.

    • I'm not overly concerned about Russian hackers being able to open / close my garage door, particularly with the borders closed.
      However if they have friends in Australia, I would be more worried.

  • For future reference where is the list for compatibility

  • step 1: burglar rings Doorbell when you're not home.
    step 2: shout "Alexa/Google open garage door"
    step 3: X(

    • someone has to try it =)

    • The burgular will also need the four digit pin. I have two of these openers and they are brilliant. My son left his keys behind, phoned me and I opened the doors for him, too easy!

    • Burglar can't open the door through this method and smashes window as they really want to get in!

      There is no point to these statements every time a smart device is brought up. They are useful if you want to use them, but if you're worried about others taking advantage of them then just ignore they exist.

      Yes they have a PIN required to open the door which any security conscious person should not let others know just like your bank/credit cards. I would also bet that someone would have just as much chance of you losing your keys and then having access to everything.

      • Very true. Your home needs to be only slightly more secure than your neighbours and burglars won't bother.

        At one point we were in a block of three units. Burglar jumped the fence and broke into the other two units, but not ours. The only difference was that our house had an alarm system. A box with a blue light on the side of the house works wonders.

    • If I'm in the garage, and ask my phone to 'navigate to work', it is annoying to have the Lenovo display in the kitchen answer.

  • I use one of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000474683017.html works great for around $10-$15

  • this thing does not tell you if the garage is open or closed. I have one with sensors and one with video camera. Video camera one is ok (I bought a cheap one) but image is just good enough to see if garage is open or closed

    • I've got cameras so don't need this function.

      • if your camera can see inside the garage or can see the door - sure. But you still need to check the camera first then open or close the door from another app

    • It says it comes with a sensor that tells you if the door is open or closed.. unless I missed something here.

    • I've linked it to Google home and if I ask google "Is the garage door closed" it tells me yes or no

      • have not seen any sensors on it on the sale page. Looks like any other opener that with 2 wires and a relay that shorts them when you press the button. Happy to be proven wrong

  • you can message the seller and they can give you a code to get it for $55. i did it last month and combined it with my amex amazon offer and got this for 30 bucks.

  • I had a quick google search but it was unclear whether this integrates into home assistant. Anyone had any luck with that?

    EDIT nevermind, apparently there is an integration for i.t

  • If anyone still interested, I bought this from Ali. Delivered in a month - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32997953761.html?spm=a2g0o.p...

    Just installed and works like a charm.

  • Avaiable again: Under prime: for $50.99